Wales v Italy: Initial Reaction

Wales came away from the Stadio Flaminio with a 16-24 victory over their hosts, ending a bad run of results in World Cup years.

It looked as though Wales would inflict another heavy defeat on Italy after a fast start, but Italy managed to stay in the game and could actually have won it if they’d taken all their chances.

It wasn’t too pretty, with plenty of mistakes from each side, but the win keeps Wales’ slim title hopes alive, ahead of a home clash with Ireland and a trip to the Stade de France on the final weekend.

Sam Warburton continues to impress in the Welsh back row, and is growing into one of the side’s best players. If he can galvanise the rest of the team to keep raising their game, maybe a Welsh championship victory is not unthinkable.

Share your views on the game as if we were all in the pub, and we’ll bring you our thoughts, reaction, player ratings and all the rest of it in due course.

3 thoughts on “Wales v Italy: Initial Reaction

  1. Italy played well. Wales didn’t but as a Wales supporter I say a wins a win.

    The way Stoddart is playing I’m not sure if George North is getting his place on the wing back right away.

    It’s a shame the Italians do not have a kicker really. Mirco Bergamasco has controlled his volatile temper in the first 2 games but he appears to be getting close to the edge. I think a yellow card will come next game for him for sure. Not that Mike Phillips is much better in the temper department. Even Parisse was getting a bit riled up.

    All round a scrappy but exciting game.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed the game itself. Italy made it very hard for Wales and continue to show that they are like France of old in the scrappy loose stuff. Italy really need to find a good kicker.
    Some good use of width by the Welsh. Wales definitely looked like they had survived rather than won.
    The only thing that had me screaming at the TV was the appallingly biased Jonathon Davies. He completely ruined the it for me.

  3. hmmm – at 25 minutes was the try by Italy that was disallowed, with no evidence to prove either way. This came just after the try by Wales during which Parisse was very clearly blocked … and to top it off, Italy missed 10 points from the kicking tee ….. I think Wales got very lucky here … Ireland next week is going to be very, very close …… – what say?

    When Mike Phillips first came on the scene I thought he was great, such an exciting footballer – but then I thought the same about Lee Byrne too. Now all I can see is their attitude and it is awful. When Phillips stood next to the ref just repeatedly telling Parisse to F**K Off he looked like a 9 year old on a council estate and it was embarrassing – for any International Rugby player to behave like that in his country’s shirt is a disgrace, – but it just seems to be all he has left now – some serious anger issues there and he whines to the ref like Lee Byrne too – constantly. I really feel for Bergamasco, it can’t be easy to keep getting so close to these wins but you’re right … the yellow will come, and it’s France next God help ’em!!

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