Watch: Chris Ashton shouts ‘push it’ as Nick Evans kicks

It’s an incident been causing quite a stir in rugby circles this week, and now you can watch it for yourself. Saracens wing Chris Ashton can be heard shouting ‘push it’ in an attempt to put off Nick Evans as he kicks a conversion right before the half-time break in Saturday’s Aviva Premiership semi-final.

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It caused a bit of a dust-up between Harlequins and Saracens players as they went down the tunnel, but Ashton himself has largely escaped punishment, receiving nothing more than a wrap on the knuckles from Saracens and the RFU.

Do you think Ashton deserved more of a punishment? Would a ban have been appropriate? Vote in our poll and have your say in the comments section below.

Should Chris Ashton have received a ban for shouting at Nick Evans as he kicked?

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16 thoughts on “Watch: Chris Ashton shouts ‘push it’ as Nick Evans kicks

  1. Not sure that you can get banned for something like this. It’s really unsporting – and would like to see a ban. BUT, is it not dangerous territory to start banning players on the back of perceived unsporting activity.

    What you can not get away from is the fact that is was appalling and Ashton should be ashamed of himself.

  2. I know that Ashton bashing is a sport many people enjoy, but to my mind Care’s behaviour was equally unsporting. No article on him?

    1. I didn’t see the issue with Care – it was a bit of gamesmanship in the heat of the battle, when there are voices shouting all over the place. Quite clever if you ask me, and no where near in the same league as disrespecting a kicker as he runs up in silence.

      1. Sorry but can’t agree with you Jamie. Both are gamesmanship designed to give your side an unfair advantage. Would it have been the same “quite clever” if Care’s call for the ball had brought about a failure to score the winning try?

      2. Ashton’s ‘act’ was worse than Care’s to be sure, but the intent behind both is the same – to achieve an advantage through unsporting means. To my mind Care has shown himself to be just as unsporting as Ashton, just cleverer in the way he went about it.

  3. A lot of fuss over not a lot.

    Technically this is a foul. I remember a similar thing happening at a club. The kicker missed and was aloud to take the kick again.

    Evans nails it over, so not really a big issue.

  4. Ashton isn’t very bright, and this is a shame – but nothing more. Had the kicker missed, he would have probably been able to kick again – he didn’t miss … that’s it really. Meanwhile a picture of Front Rows punching each other in the face is being circulated on the Internet as the ‘reason our sport is so great’ ……

    1. Max, I think you may be a little muddled. It is not the punching that is being lauded, but the subsequent communication between the two protagonists.

    2. The reason that picture is tagged as “this is why rugby is so great” is because of the comments to each other after the game, not the act it’s self. I’m proud to be part of a sport that encourages and praises two players to leave any issues on the field and not carry it on in a slagging match after the final whistle.
      This incident on the other hand, is just unsportsmanlike and the actions of a dirty cheat.

  5. The comments are right, there’s far worse things happening in the world of rugby at the moment. Disappointing from someone as (allegedly) senior as Ashton though, and hopefully Saracens have told him he’s not to do it again…

    One of the most notable things about the atmosphere at Franklins Gardens the day before was the absolute silence during the kicks – thought my telly was broke at one point! Shame the same can’t be said for certain international stadiums these days.

  6. For me this kind of issue is in the hands of his own club. The powers that be at Sarries should discuss fines/bans etc. Maybe Mr Lancaster too will be having a quiet word?

  7. “Acts contrary to Good Sportsmanship” are punishable by a penalty.

    It is, of course, a subjective term, but it is difficult to see why this would not have been labelled as such an act.

    Therefore the ref should have awarded a penalty to Quins from the subsequent re-start.

    Like so many aspects of the pro-game, it is very important that the right tone is set because kids on a sunday morning copy what they see, and this is one such aspect of “sportsmanship” that players should learn and apply right from the outset.

  8. I hope that the reason why this has become such a big deal is because it was Ashton that did it, rugby’s most hated man.

    Maybe we could get him to do a few crooked feeds at some scrums, the outrage that would cause might actually help solve that particular problem!

    Seriously though, it wasn’t a smart move on his part, hopefully he won’t do it again.

  9. Think a ban would be harsh, backchat usually gets a penalty, how about a penalty restart?

  10. What Ashton ‘unsporting’…never….just wonder if he’ll do that dive routine again in an England shirt?

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