Watch: the 5 worst passes in rugby history

Video credit: Fox Sports Australia

6 thoughts on “Watch: the 5 worst passes in rugby history

  1. Looking to who was playing for England that day I’m surprised we still managed to score.

  2. That big forward pass where the guy forgot to touch it down is brilliant.

    If you watch it, it is almost one of those “30lb Gorilla” moments as most of the participants including the ref don’t notice initially.

  3. Didn’t Will Greenwood do the same thing once in a world cup game against South Africa?

  4. Richard Diplock’s Dec 1988 pass into touch to the 6 inch invisible player outside him.

    J.Wilkinson’s pass in the 2nd half against Wales at Twickenham in the 2008 6n-so bad he was subbed for Danni Kipper-yes the pass was that bad!

  5. last saturday in Thomond Pk, Murray’s pass to sleepy unsuspecting Keatley. Nearly took his head off!

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