Watch: Wilkinson’s World Cup winning drop goal

Ten years on, relive the moment Jonny Wilkinson won the 2003 World Cup for England.

8 thoughts on “Watch: Wilkinson’s World Cup winning drop goal

  1. Andre Watson!

    When watching Drop Goals on TV, i always look at the ref, and withthis kick he takes soooo long to signal its over. Thats what I really remember from the end of the game.

    Re-watching it again, he doesn’t actually signal its over until the ball bounces in the dead ball area. Which is usually when the ref signals for a 22m kick.

    Even know I have the feeling – for a split second – of how did he miss that!

  2. Could watch this video all day!

    On a side note slightly, I’ve just read an article on Sky Sports about what the 03 England squad are doing now and realised that Josh Lewsey only had 15 caps when when he played in the 03 final.

    Any chance we can dig up how many caps each World Cup winning XV had? Particularly England 03.

    There’s been a lot of talk about giving the current England squad the time to get caps before 2015, but are we putting too much focus on that?

  3. Jacob, from memory I think that Cohen, Robinson, Balshaw, Luger and Healey were the preferred back three back (choices) in most of the build up to the WC back then.

    From dusty memory of Healey’s autobiography, Lewsey’s late run into the squad was a result of an injury to him, and one of the reasons that he missed out.

    1. I recognise Lewsey came from nowhere a little bit on ’03; it was more a general point about how many caps a player needs before they are capable.

      Particularly when I see comments about Wade having to wait for his chance; and players needing caps before a WC etc.

      Would be very interesting to see if that is actually the case historically.

  4. Lol yupp let’s keep dwelling on that moment coz england won’t win that cup again probably in the next century … Lol ..

  5. We keep clinging to that Golden year of 2003 but 10 years have passed since then and England have failed to win anything meaningful since. Winning RWC 2003 should have been the catalyst but it was actually the end of the road.

    1. Why shouldn’t we cling to such a happy memory its not like the media bang on about how long it has been since 1966 is it? Plus this was a greater acheivement due to it being against a hostile and partisan crowd.

      I agree about the catalyst comment we’d worked up to that moment for three to four years but there was no exit strategy or ‘legacy’ to coin the Olympics.

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