Western Force team to play British and Irish Lions

ForceA relatively understrength Force team has been selected to line up against the Lions on Wednesday morning.

Around half of the first team regulars have been selected, with the Force due to play the Waratahs in Super Rugby at the weekend.

Western Force:
1. Salesi Manu
2. James Hilterbrand
3. Salesi Ma’afu
4. Toby Lynn
5. Phoenix Battye
6. Angus Cottrell
7. Matt Hodgson (c)
8. Richard Brown

9. Brett Sheehan
10. Sam Norton-Knight
11. Corey Brown
12. Chris Tuatara-Morrison
13. Ed Stubbs
14. Dane Haylett-Petty
15. Sam Christie

16. Hugh Roach
17. Sione Kolo
18. Tim Metcher
19. Ben Matwijow
20. Lachlan McCaffrey
21. Alby Mathewson
22. Nick Haining
23. Junior Rasolea

8 thoughts on “Western Force team to play British and Irish Lions

  1. This team selection has dampened my enthusiasm for the game somewhat. The Force coach clearly thinks a derby game against the Waratahs is more important than giving his players a crack at the Lions.

    The Force are near the bottom of the Super Rugby table anyway, there’s no relegation, so what does he have to lose?

    Real shame, Lions by 50+ and a bit of waste of time.

  2. This is a real shame. If I was a Force player I would much rather be getting a chance to play the Lions that I would play another Super Rugby game. It is hardly like the Force have anything to play for?

    Really unimpressed and I hope this doesn’t set a trend for the tour. We want the Lions tested against the Provincial sides.

  3. Not surprised. My guess is that Deans influenced this selection, he wants the Lions under-cooked for the tests. With so many injuries to his own squad it is his best chance to catch them under-prepared.

    1. This was my line of thinking, The Aussies will want to win the test series & knowing have competitive they are is seems by any means necessary, so fielding understrength Super Rugby sides to upset Lions preperation would seem to be a tactical decision, loose the battle to win the war if you like but there are a lot of games to come so time will tell.

  4. As a Cardiff Blues fan seeing the name Norton-Knight on any team sheet makes me veer between laughing and crying. This will be more pointless than the Baa Baa’s game.

  5. They might not be the strongest team out there, but at least they will know each other, and have something to play for – which differentiates them from the Barbarians.

    As an aside, almost half of their backs have double-barrelled names. It reads more like Surrey Schools team!

  6. Aren’t there 6 internationals in that squad?

    And Sam N-K is unrecognizable from the incompetent who appeared for the (Cardiff) Blues.

    That having been said, I’m sure that Dingo Deans doesn’t want the Lions to have faced any player whom he might field in the gold jersey. Just as well that he Welsh players in the Lions’ squad have hardly played anyone other than Wallabies over the last 12 months ;)

  7. Disappointed in the Force Selection. They are not going to qualify for Super Rugby Finals so why not give all their guys a chance to play v British and Irish Lions. A chance in a lifetime !

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