When was the last time England scored nil in a Test match?

A more detailed article will follow when I’ve had time to digest my thoughts on another dismal England performance, but if anyone knows the answer to this, please let me know.

It was England’s first World Cup defeat for 8 years, but everyone saw it coming.  Credit to South Africa – the Springboks played superbly, and the fact that England did not have one shot at goal is testament to their improved discipline.

So now we’ll be cheering on Wales to beat Australia and give us the quarter-final draw we were hoping for (assuming Samoa are dealt with!).

4 thoughts on “When was the last time England scored nil in a Test match?

  1. Summing up how bad England were in one sentence is quite a challenge, but in trying to do so I shall paraphrase that pundit of the round ball game Alan Hansen. He once said (about whom and in what match I can’t remember) – 36-nil, and they were lucky to get the nil!

  2. To answer Rob Watson. Right after the Boks pasted Scotland 40 – 0 it was reported that a fan boarding a bus outside the stadium was asked by the bus-driver what the score was, The reply, “40 – 0 and we were damn lucky to get )”

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