Who is excited about the Lions?

Every four years, the ‘old-school’ tradition of the British and Irish Lions Tour takes place, and the 2009 edition is now a day from starting.

The best players of Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland, uniting against the common enemy – the World Champions South Africa.

Emotions will run high, injuries will no doubt bring a premature end to the Tour for some, and hopefully, the high points will outweigh the low.

Everyone at The Rugby Blog is hugely excited, and judging by some of the recent comments, some of our readers are as well.

Let us know what you are looking forward to the most. Which do you think will be the high points? Will the Lions get off to a winning start tomorrow? Will we learn anything about the Test team?

5 thoughts on “Who is excited about the Lions?

  1. As my facebook status says i’m like a kid before christmas. Don’t know whether its the 97 DVD or whether it just has a better vibe than 05 but this one just feels like its going to kick off in a fashion only the Lions teams manage to muster.

    We probably won’t learn that much from the game but a comfortable win would do the job and finally get the ball rolling!

  2. I hope so they need to put a marker down and let the Boks know what coming! It seems they have bonded well so I just hope they can play well aswel.

  3. The sun is out and the Lions are on tour what more can you want , getting ready to chuck a few shrimps on the barbie (well lamb chops anyway ) a few cold beers then inside for the match -perfection.

    Ps we’ve got Wales v Canada on BBC Wales too at 8 pm as well if I can wrestle the remote of the rest of the family and get that Britains Got Talent rubbish off the screen , thank you to whoever invented sky+ or it would be a quick trip to the divorce courts I think.

  4. Very excited! Am going to the 2nd and 3rd tests. Have got packages from Rugby Is My Religion and am staying at the Valley Lodge and Metcourt Laurel hotels – anyone stayed there before?

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