Who is your player of the 2013 RBS Six Nations?


Now that the official shortlist has been announced, who has been your standout performer this Six Nations?

Who is your player of the championship for the 2013 RBS Six Nations?

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50 thoughts on “Who is your player of the 2013 RBS Six Nations?

  1. It’s a bit of a tough one. For me though, Andrea Masi has been the most consistent player of the tournament and worthy of the nod. Forever growing into a better player, he’s worked hard defensively and come up well into attack. It may be controversial to say it as everyone clearly loves Leigh Halfpenny, but I think he’s been the fullback of the tournament.

    Honourable mentions:
    Chris Robshaw has silenced the doubter in me and has played with passion and a lot less silly behaviour which had him down in my estimations previously. Tackling and ball carrying has kept him busy and I think the same can be said of Geoff Parling for England.

    Sergio Parisse has, as usual been a standout player, but I think the 8 of the tournament has to be Louis Picamoles. In a massively out of sorts French side he’s been the guy working to make things happen and deserves a better effort from his coach and squad.

    I’m not criticising Leigh Halfpenny with my above statement. His tackling and defensive work is second to none. Going into the England game I gather he’s not missed a tackle for some time. His metronomic goal kicking has also provided Wales with crcuial points on the board to win the games. My only issue is that he’s not up in the attacking line as much as he could be

  2. Of all the players one ‘stands head and sholders’ above the rest and will be the first name on any team sheet, his Nations or the Lions. The others have had their moments but He has been outstanding in every game and top of the stats. Lee Halfpenny.

  3. Parisse was awesome, but it’s like we expect him to be so nothing unusual about that.

    I love Halfpenny but I think Parisse is more important to his team, more a reflection of Italy contra Wales.

    Nice to see people talking about Parling I think his work-rate is second to non and even in the final minutes against Wales when all was lost after 76 minutes played he went on a gallop for 20 metres, he is the new Johnson for me, even though he is a modern version.

  4. Halfpenny. Not always the best attacking full back but in all of the dark early days for Wales we could always count on one thing – Lee would catch the ball, he would kick the kick and he would make the tackle. At times it felt like he was single handedly reminding this team of how good they have been and could be again if they just kept at it. First name on the Lions team sheet.

    1. first on the lions team sheet, but if it was the british irish and french lions then I’d have picamoles on my team sheet first

  5. Welsh David choosing Halfpenny. So, absolutely no partiality there then. I’m a Scot so if I were “Scottish David”, it would have to be Hogg (better attacker than Halfpenny anyway). It would be better if everyone chose the best of other countries. Otherwise it’s just a plain old numbers game – which nationality votes most.

    So, here goes: I think ronbraz hits it on the nail. La differenza between Parisse there and Parisse not there. Parisse is a class act and my player of the tournament. Picamoles mentioned in dispatches.

    PS why is BoD on the IRB list given his stamping?

    1. Nothing to do with being welsh, constantly the standout player on the park in all matches played. My opinion with no bias.

    1. Wood was unlucky to be moved out of position, if not he might have been there.

      Wood playing at 8 and the lack of a true number 8 was SL first big selection error, he should have quite the experement after the Ireland game.

      I still think SL is doing a good job but Wood suffered here.

  6. Mike Phillips. Mike Phillips. MIKE PHILLIPS!? What is he doing anywhere near a shortlist for the player of the tournament?

    Anyway, my vote would go to Halfpenny. He has been the best player in the tournament, consistently performing well. Robshaw, Hogg and Parisse also very good.

    1. According to the official six nations site he qualified for “most passes”! This short list is far too long!

  7. Farrell is on the official short list for being “the most talked about player across social media”. Ouch. Damning with faint praise.

    Let me make it clear I do think Farrell is good (but not great), it’s the criteria that is making me laugh.

  8. Players who should be considered and arent on the list:

    Matt Scott
    Jim Hmailton
    Greig Laidlaw
    Peter O’Mahony
    Wesley Fofana
    Alex Cuthbert
    Mike Brown

    Players who are on that list and shouldnt be:

    Brian O’driscoll
    Mathieu Basteraud
    Dan Biggar
    Nicholas Mas
    Mike Phillips

  9. Lee Halfpenny by a country mile..hes scored the most points and not missed a tackle..the best and the bravest player of 2013

  10. Leigh Halfpenny is solid he has to start for the Lions.

    But then Hogg has to be on the bench.

    If there is another reliable kicker on the pitch then Halfpenny steadies the ship for the first 60 minutes and when people are starting to get tired bring Hogg on to run rings around them.

  11. If the award is for the most influential player, then it’s 1/2p by some distance. But then I think of Picamoles’ performances …. I would select him in a world 15 so I’ve voted for him.

  12. Most influential player?

    Has to be Parisse by a country kilometre.

    The fact that Halfpeeny has scored so many points is actually rather irrelevant – he’s Wales’s kicker for goodness sake! And with the Scots combined with Joubert and Welsh..ah..antics(?)..no wonder he scored so many points!! His attacking flair isn’t so good – I don’t dispute his defence, taking the high balls, bravery etc etc – but he scored just the one try (and missed not a few kicks too).

    Parisse also scored a try and galvanised his team.

    Hogg, on the other hand, scored two length of the field tries and set up another. He also stopped that big bastereaud Debaty in his tracks.

    Halfpenny might have got Fofana though…I’d still have Halfpenny in the Lions. I just don’t think he is the player of the tournament.

    1. wait and see who wins it ,,,,thankfully its decided by people who actually watched the 6 nations ..

      1. Hogg cant takle?!!? Hogg cant tackle?!!?

        Are you seriously saying that?

        I suggest you go back through and watch all of Scotlands games and then decide whether he can tackle or not.

        Please dont tell me you are purely saying that because of that one miss on Fofana.

        Shocking and ridiculous statement!!

  13. I voted for Parisse BTW.

    And apologies to all Welshmen for misspelling Halfpenny in the first mention in my previous post.

    1. Dont put any money on it will you …. Halfpenny is a winger who converted to 15 ..his role is defence first ,,,thats how you win championships …

  14. actually the first name on my sheet would be adam jones. you can express preferences elsewhere, but he is the one true no brainer for me

  15. “thankfully its decided by people who actually watched the 6 nations” – presumably just Welshmen then.

    Rootie, like a lot of people I did in fact watch it, but I probably didn’t sit so close to the TV I could only see Halfpenny.

    OK, Gav, Jones it is on the team sheet but only as long as he gets a haircut.

    1. im sorry but Halfpenny will awarded with the player of the tournament later this week , im sorry if there is nt anyone good enough from England to be in a Lions test 15 ..life sucks for you ..but please dont pretend you know anything about the game if you cant see at least 8 welsh players in the 1st test side ,,,The lions are made up of the best of the best ,,,name one English player who out plyed his welsh opponent on saturday ,,ill do it for you …NONE so dont pick them in a Lions test team …they are all bottlers

      Im sorry …

      1. There are plenty of England players good enough for a Lions 15. And you won the same amount of games that England did, you just scored more points.

        Maybe we should just play a Welsh 15 against Australia for the Lions and see how they get on……….oh hang on didn’t you play them in the autumn? Oh yes and you lost just like England did!

    2. life sucks unless your welsh at the moment ,,,live with it …Cole better than Adam Jones your on drugs all of you

  16. Team of the Tournament


    1. Good choices

      The only changes I’d make are…

      Laidlaw for Phillips, who was decent against England but played with all the speed of tectonic plate movement in his other matches

      Domingo for Jenkins – again Jenkins did well in the last 2 matches but Domingo has been superlative for France

      Other than that, I’d love to see that team play a combined SH team

      1. Domingo, how could I have forgot!

        13 was tricky – BOD started well then faden, despite heroically battling on in some games. Tuilagi is still the biggest threat but came in late and didn’t hit 100%. Davis looked pretty average but got better.

        Tempted to put Scott in, he played well throughout.

  17. I think my vote has to go to Adam Jones. Once he and Gethin Jenkins hit their stride Wales became dominant in the scrum and everything else followed on from there, even a little fluency by the end of the tournament.

  18. i just joined the ~53% of people that voted for leigh halfpenny. great tournament for him. i expect a predominantly welsh and english lions team with a few scots an a token irishman – o’driscoll. he probably desserves to bow it in a better way than against italy.

    1. The Lions tour has no place for sentiment, bod should not be on the plane, never mind the squad. Realy getting angry over this misplaced sentiment.

      1. I’d have BOD there on quality – if he can regain his earlier season form. He would also be a great captain.

  19. Louis Picamoles Sergio Parisse the two best no.8s in the world at the moment. Plesure to watch them guys in action this year hard to pick between them but id have to go for parisse maybe not quite as good as picamoles this year but he is one of the best year in year out and for that reason he is my player of the tormament.

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