World Cup Diary – Rugby World Cup predictions

Below are my predictions for the World Cup matches.  Let me know what you think.  

Pool A

Winner:  South Africa 
Runner Up:  England  

I can’t see England beating South Africa unfortunately, and I’m optimistic we will beat Samoa, but not completely confident.  

Pool B
Winner:  Wales 
Runner Up:  Australia  

I think Wales will beat Australia, as they have come very close recently and Australia are looking very weak. 

Pool C

Winner:  New Zealand 
Runner Up:  Italy  

I can see Italy beating Scotland to cause a bit of an upset here.

Pool D
Winner:   Ireland 
Runner Up:  France  

Tough group to call – Argentina have a good chance, and France at home are difficult to beat.  I think Ireland will sneak it and France will go through.

– Wales v 
QF2 – New Zealand v  France 
QF3 – South Africa v  Australia
QF4 – Ireland vItaly

England will get revenge for the Six Nations defeat earlier this year, and the other results look fairly predictable.

– England v 
 New Zealand 
SF2 – South Africa v  Ireland  

The Southern Hemisphere teams will reign supreme in the semis and set up a thrilling finale.

– England v

Ireland to win the playoff, but who cares?  It’s a waste of time 

– South Africa v 
 New Zealand

New Zealand look unstoppable – the final will be close, but the All Blacks will finally claim the title.

4 thoughts on “World Cup Diary – Rugby World Cup predictions

  1. Two things – the luck of the Irish won’t extend to beating France, but IF it does then I would bet it would be France’s best chance of winning the cup by beating NZ BEFORE the final…

    Secondly I wouldn’t be so confident of any quarterfinal game (esp Eng and Wales) no matter who gets there…all 1/4 finalst are good enough to win any game on the their day…apart from Scotland…

    Final four – NZ, France (having won their group), Wales and the Boks…

  2. I feel with a full squad England MAY just squeeze past the Boks in the pool and then stuff it against Australia in the quarters. Game over. All Blacks to reign supreme tho’, can’t see another team to touch them at the moment. Not even Scotland.
    Semis NZ, OZ, SA and Ireland and not Scotland coz’ they are poo.
    We can always dream tho’ about England going all the way. Am going out to watch a couple of pool matches, probably not England, anyone else out there in September?
    By the way, what is the “scum V” forum ? Sounds unpleasant.

  3. I think your predictions are relying on quite a few upsets, for the pool winners to work out as they are. For me, England don’t have the firepower or team solidity to take SA in the pool game, nor will Wales beat Australia. NZ speak for themselves, and my one ‘upset’ would be that Italy beat Scotland to qualify 2nd in Pool C. Pool D is going to be where the interest lies, and it is close to call between France, Ireland and Argentina, particularly as the Argies have beaten both France and Ireland regularly over the past couple of years. However, home advantage for France should see them through safely (albeit with a couple of close games) and I see Ireland’s pack and dynamic backs taking through in the qualifying spots.

    So for the quarters, Australia will lose to a rejuvenated and slightly more experienced England side. NZ will walk over Ireland. SA will pummel Wales, and France will beat Italy.

    Eng-NZ semi speaks for itself – the blacks will take another rout. And SA will beat France, although I see this as a fascinating encounter.

    So to the final – NZ vs SA. To be honest I can’t see anyone beating the deific blacks but to go against the mould I’m going to have to predict that the Ifricans will pull one out of the bag. Schalk Berger to reign supreme and bully Ritchie McCaw off the ball, SA’s big centres to halt Nonu through the middle, and Habana to tame the irridescent Rockocoko / Sivivatu combination before streaking away for a couple of tries.

    Wishful…bashful…..visionary perhaps? Only time will tell.

  4. I have faith in the England side who I think will be wanting revenge over south africa and another chance at a world cup final

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