World Cup Diary – White lays down the gauntlet for Henry

Jake White has issued a warning to Graham Henry’s All Blacks, reminding them that World Cups are “won on defence, not attack.”

The Springbok B team played a solid defensive game against New Zealand at the weekend and held them out for 70 minutes.  Before White left Christchurch, he proclaimed that no team had ever won the World Cup based on attack.

Graham Henry has said in the past that he would rather not win the tournament than play defensively.  However, I cannot see the baying New Zealand supporters saying, ‘well, we didn’t win and the 20-year wait goes on, but at least we played attacking rugby’.  If New Zealand do not win the World Cup, Henry will be sacked.

White has now sown seeds of doubt in the All Blacks’ side, suggesting that if a team they described as a C-team can give them a fright, imagine what a full-strength Springbok side will be able to do.

One thought on “World Cup Diary – White lays down the gauntlet for Henry

  1. The all blacks are beginning to doubt whether they can win. A year ago, they were fearless, but now it looks like they could throw it away again.

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