Gallagher Premiership 2018/19: Round 13 Predictions

Gallagher Premiership

The Premiership returns this weekend after what seems like a very long hiatus, and with no form to go on as well as a host of international players missing, it’s going to be hard to predict the results!

The long breaks in this competition are very frustrating. Super Rugby has several faults, but this year it will continue uninterrupted every weekend right through to the finals, and maintaining that momentum helps to make it a more exciting competition.

With European Rugby, the second-string Premiership Cup and the Six Nations all going on, it’s not that easy to keep up with how things are going in the league, and even though the stakes are exactly the same, the excitement levels for this weekend compared to the opening rounds in September and October are so much lower.

I’d be interested to hear what other people think of this.

Anyway, enough ranting, here are my predictions for this weekend’s fixtures.

Gloucester v Exeter
Gloucester winning at Sandy Park essentially ended the Chiefs’ European ambitions this season, but then Exeter got their revenge at Kingsholm a week later. It’s a tough pick, but I’m leaning towards the home team to cause another upset. Gloucester by 2

Bristol v Wasps
Wasps have struggled this season, and there seem to be some off-field issues too. After a long break, I fancy Bristol to get another home win and push themselves further towards safety. Bristol by 4

Northampton v Sale
The Sharks are up to 5th, and have won the last three in a row against the Saints, but again I’m swayed by home advantage. Northampton by 7

Bath v Newcastle
The Falcons are running out of games to save themselves, but they won at the Rec last season and have won four in a row against Bath. However, this is a very different campaign to last season, and I’m going for a home win again. Bath by 5

Harlequins v Worcester
This should be another home win on the cards, given that the Warriors have managed one away win all season, and Quins are tough to beat at the Stoop. Harlequins by 8

Saracens v Leicester
Strangely, the away team has won this fixture on the last four occasions, but three of them were Saracens winning at Welford Road, and it’s hard to look past the Sarries at Allianz Park, even with all their absent internationals.

What do you think of these picks? All home wins?

10 thoughts on “Gallagher Premiership 2018/19: Round 13 Predictions

  1. I totally agree with the point about interruptions in the season. I love the premiership and wish it could have one long run. I couldn’t care less about the European fixtures and I wish they could find a way to balance everything out.

    As for the results I think Newcastle and Sale could pick up away wins but I agree with the rest.

    I noticed Robshaw is back for Quins this weekend? Is this his first game after absence or have I just missed him being back? If he’s been back earlier how has he playing? Anyone know?

  2. Picks seem reasonable with the exceptions of Exe & poss Wasps. Reckon Exeter might squeeze a revenge result & Wasps to sneak it @ home? Not that sure though. Haven’t seen team sheets. Also intetested to know what specific faults S Rugby has. Perhaps a similar list of faults in the Premiership could also be compiled. Then a comparison made, which might enable improvements to each by having these faults addressed.

    1. Predictable response, but my point was that we’ve seen in Super Rugby that it is better when it’s on every weekend.

      Do you think Super Rugby has any faults?

      1. The conference system which see some teams have an easier ride than others and Automatic qualification to K/o’s from each conference even if one of them is truly appalling (Aus) and dont deserve it.

      2. Well Hutch, I think that people could/ought to justify claims they make. Used to work in IT recruitment where I particularly found that open ?’s gleaned better info. Hence, I ? things, issues of interest. Think you were being a mite defensive in stating that I am merely predictable? If you were only reffing to continuity in SR, then that makes sense to me. Presumably if PR weren’t interrupted with other comps it might also benefit from this continuity. It seemed though, that you mentioned faults plural? Anyway, as you didn’t answer & switched the ? back to me, it seemed a bit like a J May sidestep! However, in part answering @ least, SR may have expanded too far, too soon, hence contraction. Also, some teams (Sunwolves) are not competitive, which devalues the comp. Don’t understand fin structuring, a weakness, if not a fault, but I understand that it is also cash strapped, but then so are the AB’s. May be some others I need to think on, but it’s also been good for NZ rugby as it’s v competitive & has sped the game up. Thus It’s also upskilled the game, incl mentally. Run further for longer than in Int’als, hence thinking, option taking under pressure too are improved. However, you didn’t ask about the upside. Do you have other thoughts? Also on the Prem’ship? E.g., it’s being a 2 horse race, promoted clubs given an uneven fin playing field? These are some issues which impact the game, some having potentially far reaching affects.

      3. Likewise predictable non response Hutch? Not compulsory of course, but manners. Or why bother responding in the 1st place? Not just a wind up perchance, surely?!

  3. Well Leon, I think a few NZ SR teams would agree with you. Guess system is designed to minimise travel time, costs, esp following expansion. Agree h & away fixtures, as previously, would better reflect teams’ worth in reaching the Comp’s finale. As would the 6N?

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