Gallagher Premiership 2018/19: Round 19 Predictions

Gallagher Premiership

Sorry for missing a few rounds of predictions for the Premiership, but I’m back now for the run-in.

This actually reflects my excitement in the tournament over the course of the season – following it very closely to begin with, then lose interest a little as the Six Nations and Europe take centre stage, and then pick it up again for the closing stages. It might just be me…

Anyway, here are my picks for this weekend’s Premiership matches.

Newcastle v Leicester
This is huge in the context of relegation, and although Leicester have won four of the last five against the Falcons, I think they start as underdogs at Kingston Park. They seem to be in freefall, whilst their hosts have been showing significantly better form. Newcastle by 7

Gloucester v Bath
Gloucester have won just one of these derbies since 2016, but they are having a great season and gearing up for the playoffs, whilst Bath are struggling to win away from the Rec. Gloucester by 8

Harlequins v Northampton
Quins sit in 4th place despite having lost their last three matches, but they need to turn that form around with the chasing pack closing the gap. This looks like a good opportunity to do so – the home side has won this match on the last six occasions, and I’ll be at The Stoop for this one to see a Quins victory. Harlequins by 4

Worcester v Sale
Another big relegation game, and it’s not looking good for Worcester. Their record against Sale is abysmal – one win in the last twelve – and their opponents are pushing for a place in the playoffs, and will be targeting these points. Sale by 6

Bristol v Saracens
Sarries have slipped off the pace a little to let Exeter get away at the top, but they should win this one if they are title contenders. Saracens by 13

Exeter v Wasps
This looks like a straightforward home win as Exeter continue the procession at the top of the table and Wasps continue to look fairly average. Exeter by 16

What do you think of these predictions?

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15 thoughts on “Gallagher Premiership 2018/19: Round 19 Predictions

  1. Gloucester are down to bare bones in the backline at the moment. One academy player starting and another on the bench, Banahan playing FB, Cips with a dodgy groin and Polledri covering wing again. Not great for a local derby even one at home. Am hoping for high winds and sleet for Kingsholm tomorrow to keep it forward orientated. Not sure that is going to happen! Can see Bath winning this one if they can get enough ball.

    Have also gone for a Worcester win. They are hard to beat at home, but wouldn’t be surprised if Sale win either.

      1. A lot quicker than he gets credit for, bit worried about his positioning in defence without a proper fb keeping him right. Bet Gloucester wish they still had Jonny May!

        1. Johnny May – interesting one. World class wing that most teams would want in their squad, but when he used a contract loophole to leave your club in the lurch, it does leave a somewhat sour taste in the mouth. I think that most Glaws supporters are pretty happy with Thorley, Sharples and Marshall at the moment, albeit that they are all injured!

          Johnny May did state that he wanted to swap the coaching changes of Glaws for the more settled environment of Leicester. I think that the word that I am searching for is karma. Although possibly schadenfreude might be the one. Possibly both!

    1. Perhaps Gloucester should have bought Liam Williams Staggy. Need less back cover then. He’s that good apparently. Regardless, you can’t have much faith in Gloucester’s backline if you have had to hope for wind & sleet! Despite yr jack of faith, they won anyway. Perhaps they didn’t read yr blog?

      1. I know, doubting Thomas that I am. However after 20 minutes, I thought that we were in for a hiding. Goodness Bath were good. Fortunately the game is 80 mins.

        Regarding Liam W, would love to have him at Glaws, he is that good, but we didn’t have enough joint investments to be able to tempt him!

  2. Bristol may fancy their chances if they can go head to head with Sarries for the first half. Sarries have picked an interesting starting 15 with some heavyweights occupying the bench. Interestingly though, no Farrell!!

    The most interesting game this weekend has to be Falcons vs Tigers. This should be a great battle. Not sure who will come out on top in that one, and I’m tempted to call a draw. I just hope that both sides can make a good account of themselves and that it doesn’t get too messy!?

  3. Put this on another thread but seems people are now on this thread….

    Question for those more ‘in the know’ than me, if Leicester do get relegated where does that leave the likes of Ford, Tuilagi, Youngs, May… it likely they have in their contracts the ability to terminate early if Leicester are relegated? Or would going to the Championship alter their wage cap and so no choice but to sell up those on the higher wages?

    1. Just got around to replying to that question on the other thread, but in case you don;t see it – here’s what I understand about the situation:

      Very few of Leicester’s players have relegation clauses in their contracts (as it was viewed as not being a realistic eventuality when negotiating). George Ford does, I think. However, most would face a pay cut of around 20% upon relegation and there is a loophole in there contracts which means makes it possible to leave during the negotiation of their new salary if they cannot agree terms (have to state, all this is based on a healthy dose of hearsay).

      1. I also believe that both Youngs brothers have already committed to Leicester in the eventuality of relegation.

  4. Blimey! Who’d want to make a living out of predicting results? ‘Not I’ said the little red hen. In the relegation dogfight alone, did any one have Worcester flouncing Sale, Bris likewise Sarries & the free falling Leicester turning over Newcastle?! Didn’t reckon on any of these. Nor Northampton at Quins, although Gloucs over Bath was a trickier call, especially with Staggy doing his rain & sleet dance. Who knows about the Exeter v Wasps outcome? Exeter? But don’t hold me to it.

    1. It’s a funny old game Don! As Johan Ackermann keeps saying. This league is so competitive that you only have to be marginally off your game and you will probably lose.

      1. Wasn’t it Alexi Sayle who said that, or was he talking about the world? OTOH, maybe you only have to be marginally on yr game to probably win!?

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