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New England shirt revealed

Check out the new England Canterbury rugby shirt

Canterbury have revealed the new England home and away kits for the 2014/2015 international rugby season.


The new kit, designed by Canterbury, features the iconic red rose being placed in the centre of the chest for the first time. It will be worn for the first time during the opening QBE international against New Zealand at Twickenham on November 8.


A new “alternate” kit has also been released, a traditional crimson red colour. The second-colour shirts will be worn against Samoa on November 22.

Video credit: Canterbury

6 replies on “New England shirt revealed”

*Cringe* another hammy ad. I’d only just recovered from the first World Cup offering that not even the great Charles Dance could salvage. (England supporter btw).

Why do we do it? Do other teams put out an ad when a shirt gets released?

Why have England dropped their purple and gold Praetorian Guard replica-kit?

I used to love laughing at that one ……..We are …..England,

Civis Angles Sum,

We had an empire on which the sun never set ….etc… etc….. .

Since this was published we now know that the new kit contains hundreds (if not thousands) of Victoria Cross emblems as rubber grips.

I did not know that the VC was a solely RFU preserve.

The emblem belongs to all of GB and its Commonwealth and not a team of rugby players.

This proposed kit shows arrogance of the all of the people involved with the English International Team-coaches, admin/RFU, kit designers and kit producers.

What an absolute insult to all men and women in uniform past and present and those who won the VC but never came home.

The whole batch of shirts should be pulped b 4 they go on sale and a new one used instead.

RFU/Stuart Lancaster et al ……hang your heads in shame.

I think it was a misjudgement more than anything else… there’s no way they’d mean to cause offence to servicemen and women, no matter where they’re from. They’ve since apologised – and I’m not sure why you think Stuart Lancaster would have anything to with shirt design in the first place!

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