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RWC 2019: Day 4 Update

Here is our update from Day 4 of the Rugby World Cup, which featured a Welsh victory over Georgia.

Wales 43-14 Georgia
A strong start from Wales meant that Georgia were never in this one, with 29 unanswered points and a bonus point secured before half-time. Georgia seemed to turn up in the second-half, competing as we know they can, putting Wales under much more pressure at the breakdown, stifling Wales’ attack more effectively and scoring two tries of their own.

Justin Tipuric put in a standout performance, but there are some concerns over Ken Owens who suffered a knee injury, and is obviously a key player in the Welsh pack.

My Superbru pick of Wales by 28 was almost spot on, but I took Georgia +27 on the basis that most of the opening fixtures have been closer than expected, and I was just on the wrong side of the line.

What were your highlights from Wales’ first match of the tournament?

Day 5 Preview
There’s no let up, particularly for Russia, who feature for the second time in 5 days on Tuesday.

The Russians did better than I expected against Japan, leading the game until just before half-time, but it was mainly due to Japan’s nerves and errors rather than anything Russia were able to create. It doesn’t look like they’ll string together enough phases to score many tries, but they’ll dig in and make life difficult for the opposition. They have an unchanged lineup, and I would think fatigue will be a factor, and I’m predicting Samoa by 28 on the basis that Samoa should score 4 or 5 tries and keep the Russian attack largely at bay.

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Gareth Davies can consider himself a very very lucky man as that was the most blatant intentional knock on in the first half

No, have another look, Leon. It wasn’t that he was let off – the ball went bakwards, not forwards; clearly not a knock-on (as ruled by the ref, and the TMO agreed). No, not a lucky boy at all; if you read your rule-book, it’s ok if the ball goes backweards 😉

Of course he was lucky Taliesin. 99/100 that ball goes fwd. Not a cat’s chance in hell that he intentionally knocked it back. A purely reflex action. Got away with it that’s all. Reckon Gatland will advise an action replay, rule book notwithstanding?

SO when you pass the ball its about the direction of the hands but when you slap the ball out of the air its where it lands?
That makes no sense


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