RWC 2019 Warm-ups: England v Ireland Rate the Match

Owen Farrell

What did you think of the match at Twickenham this afternoon?

How did the game compare to the last two matches against Wales? How are Ireland looking ahead of the Rugby World Cup?

What were the main talking points?

54 thoughts on “RWC 2019 Warm-ups: England v Ireland Rate the Match

  1. The difference between Heinz and Youngs was scary. Heinz is asupposed to be a novice at this level and he completely outshone Youngs.

    England never looked like losing that game, but I think the scoreline flattered us somewhat. A poor Irish lineout and weak tackling are easy fixes and I think the scoreline would have been much closer if Ireland hadn’t misfires so badly in these areas.

    Had a horrible feeling they were bringing back Mako a game too soon, and his injury is worrying.

    Ford/Farrell axis a viable plan A/B.

    I enjoyed having both Curry and Underhill on the pitch at the same time, but Wilson offers little impact from the bench, so for me Wilson starts with either Curry or Underhill on the bench at 60 mins.

    Daly is NOT a full back. That missed tackle for Aki’s try could be the difference in a WC crunch game. Worrying.

    1. Totally agree EC. Spencer and Care must be absolutely gutted to be behind Youngs in the pecking order. He has not been in form for the best part of two seasons and should have been discarded long ago. Also agree about Daly. Flaky in the tackle because of poor positioning and dubious under the high ball. I think EJ will mix and match the back row according to the opposition, but like the sheer pace that Curry and Underhill bring. Great to see Tuilagi really getting back to form. Re Ireland, they looked distinctly out of sorts and I´m not sure they just need a “quick fix”. They have two iconic half-backs, neither of whom have been playing particularly well, are missing Ringrose in the centre, and are persisting with Rory Best, who looks to have gone in the legs.

      1. As a spectacle you want every team to be at their best for the World Cup, but I’m not going to pretend that an Ireland team who have seemingly peaked too soon doesn’t draw a smile.

  2. Hard to be picky with such a huge win but……..
    Daly just cannot play at 15. Your are only as strong as your weakest link and right now, that is him.
    I still think we need another back rower in the mix and finally, if poor mako isn’t right then be ruthless and get Moon or A.N. other in.

    1. Well Acee, when I resurrected the merits of Exeter players & their potential for combos for England, I was somewhat poo poohed. However, with an Ex fr row &/or midfield, it could have given continuity within these posi’s. Even an Ex wing & 1/2 back? Joe Cocka looks gd going frontwards, but not so going rearward. Also would have covered for the injury prone MV, Tui & 3rd 1/2. Regds Daly, swap or sub for Watson, wing? However, my post was probably only seen as some sort of provocative ‘packaging’, rather than containing some substance. No skin off mine & no change gonna happen anyway.. unless aforementioned get crocked of course. What was up with Mako when he exited BTW?

      1. No info about Mako yet Don. Whatever the injury, it’s not looking good for him time wise.
        i think we were on the same page about Ewers and Armand first time around.
        For me , todays game was the most frustrating of the warm ups because we saw how well we can play when we put our minds to it but sticking with Dally at 15 just undermines the whole project. it’s like sticking a lawn mower engine in an Aston Martin.

  3. We can get on the plane to Japan in good heart but as others have said he must drop Daly and put Watson at 15.Ditto start with Heinz.Otherwise a very uplifting performance.Well done to all concerned.

  4. I’d prefer to see Watson starting at 15 and using Daly as a “finisher” with his big boot and cover for most positions in the back line.
    Very good to see the double threat of Manu and Cokanasiga causing problems for the Irish defence in attracting attention and keeping them guessing throughout the game.
    MV’s injury is a worry but I think Marler and all of the front row (especially KS) had a great game. Just need to consider wether MV should stay in the group or if another prop needs to be brought in. Depends what the injury status is I suppose.
    Other than that, I think it was a strong showing and a number of combinations worked very well including Underhill & Curry and Ford & Farrell.

  5. Good win and not to take anything away from the England performance but what happened to Ireland. I honestly expected them to show up prior to the WC but disappointing.

    3 weeks ago wales didn’t show up for 30minutes at the start and took a beating, this week Ireland didn’t show up for most the match

    Again this is not to take away from England as you can only beat what’s in front of you and they did so convincingly but I’m concerned half the NH ain’t ready for the WC yet.

    Side note appreciate you helping us keep number 1 for another week 🙂

  6. What i was most pleased with was how England turned Ireland traditional strength at the breakdown against them by employing an accurate offloading game in the forwards to keep the ball alive and playing at a fast pace. For me our fitness was exceptional and we were constantly looking the raise the tempo and keep ireland on the back foot. I agree with the concerns about Daly and still have reservations about cockas defence but all in all an encouraging performance

  7. 7/10. Seems norm rating these days. Doesn’t compare with Welsh matches. This was a blow out. Wales away @ least pretended to play. Irish chances for the WC? Minus 40 degrees, unless Schmidt can conjure up a breakdown, scrum, line out, back row & a ‘D’. Otherwise, it looks like good night Norma Jean. Ireland look shot. Missed 34 tackles (said JS)! I’d have thought he’d have stopped counting long before full time. There are things he can work on like the breakdown & tackling, but there’s little time. He needs to Brillo the rust away pronto! Thing is, what does this win really mean for England? It was 1 match, @ home & they last looked ordinary away v Wales. Some different personell, sure, but with tactics etc in place, individuals should slot in fairly seamlessly. Were England THAT good, or Ireland that bad? All England had to do was run it up the middle, the Irish either missed tackles or were too easily pulled out if position, then get it wide. Not nec a pivotal match to hang a WC future on I think. Talking pts? MV’s injury. Daly’s missed try guaranteeing tackle. Relative success of deploying x2 play makers & 7’s. Tui’s & May’s sharpness. Young’s abdication to the bean man. The score. Italy won’t win, so what’s the (future talking) point? In conclusion though, a WC confidence booster for England from a convincing performance.

  8. Would have preferred more of a test from Ireland but you can only play what is in front of you and England did that in abundance. Okay admit Ireland looked off the pace but England were relentless and some of the off loading was lovely keeping the ball alive stretching Ireland. At times it seemed like England had 20 men on the pitch. Just hope we can keep Curry/Underhill fit. They are so destructive and just seem to be everywhere causing havoc at the breakdown. Curry potential captain material in 2/3 yrs IMO.

  9. Well, you play what’s in front of you. I think Ireland are no more than room temperature without Sexton and Murray and they have both passed their sell by date.
    Not a lot to gauge about England from this one sided contest.
    Nice to see Kruis returning to form. He looks right and has that air of confidence back in his demeanour.
    No conclusions here. More from last week where we were second at the breakdown, turned over and laboured .
    If England want to do anything at the WC ( by anything ,I mean get out the group ), they have to get stronger in every subsequent game played. There is no more time for off days, we have to build momentum.

    1. Forgot. ‘Talking’ sell by, isn’t Youngs also past it? I can see (he’s still kicking) for miles & miles & miles.

      1. Not sure that’s damning enough Don. He’s terrible, I don’t often agree with Stuart Barnes but even he highlighted how poor Youngs was playing. His passing was erratic and inaccurate, box-kicks (supposedly his strength) were consistently over-kicked and sometimes into touch outside the 22. So often England were on the front foot and he managed to kill momentum single-handedly. Heinz, in contrast, was quick to the ball, accurate, kicked well. How Youngs is still first choice, and even in the squad, I don’t know.

        1. Need more Kiwis in the team Jake?! Doesn’t make sense to have a slow coach @ 1/2, particularly with massed ‘D’s’ these days & more so likely In the WC & when quick ball will especially be @ a premium. Care, @ least for variety & another in case of injury. However, Jones doesn’t see it this way, so it is what it is I’m afraid. Still, baffling.

  10. I was there!

    I agree it was a blowout and Ireland didn’t turn up but as Darth Maul says you can only play what’s in front of you, if we’d of scraped by winning by 7 or less the knives would be out, for me it was good to see tries evenly distributed between forwards and backs.

    I think there are far more positives to be taken from this than negatives and a massive question about the Irish not handling it when the pressure is on.

    A solid 8/10 for me.

  11. I said before the game that that backrow could be England’s strongest and I think the performance will give Eddie real food for thought. Daly just isn’t a 15 and needs to be replaced by Watson, he could cost us in a big game. Wonder what EJ thinks is his best midfield, Faz and Manu looked pretty good so be interesting to see whether Slade gets his place back. Overall though, a good performance.

  12. Regds talking pts, Barnes stated that Itoje ‘delivered.. a significant warning to the rest of the (rugby) world’. Jones (S, not the other one!), that ‘England exploded into life’ & Walsh; ‘Ford (was) finally motoring ahead’. All this of course, AFTER yesterday’s result. I’ve oft heard of Itoje’s w class cred, however, surely ‘his grandmother (to slightly misquote SJ), would have looked good’ v Ireland. V Retallick, MI looked slightly less so, IMHO. Walsh opined that Ford (& Farrell) was (were) fitter than Danny Cip & therefore, the PotYr’s lack of same, done for him. What Walsh didn’t explain however, was how on earth DC got his gong by dint of his being such a fat, slow, useless, lazy bastid! In fairness to S Jones though, he (actually ‘we’) did @ first ‘wonder.. how much credit to give for this massive England win, bearing in mind the paucity of the Irish opposition?’ He then, like his other 2 fellow ST’s scribes, proceeded to wax lyrical about England’s prowess etc, etc. My (talking) point is, of course, are too few, stating too much about too little? PS: Is there an echo in here? PS II: ‘It’s good to talk’, but it’s also good to string together a few consecutive results as well, especially away from home.. like in Japan? Sayonara.

  13. Jesus christ Don P has a high opinion of himself, talk about vebal diahorrea, you lose interest after sentence one……..

    1. Oh dear G skull, welcome, but I’ve never heard of you. Yr newbie criticism is ltd, general, personal & subjective. Are you a troll? If my stuff ain’t yr thing, you are allowed to ignore it. However & FYI, it contained ‘talking’ points in response to the above article. Yrs contained, well, none. Will you now disappear into the ether, or do you have something further, perhaps relevant, to state? Possibly even relating to the above piece. Go on, you can do it if you try. You know you want to. Have a nice 1.

      1. See Don P I looked at you reply, read the first bit and died a little inside and realised I had better things to do with my life……..

        1. Yeah, but you’re repeating yrself Greyskull & avoided my ?’s. Also, in fairness to myself, I can sometimes string a @ least 1 sentence together. You seem to have only seen the packaging of my post but missed its points & which contained some humour, tongue in cheek content & challenging issues that England may need to address in Japan. You, OTOH have trouble spelling, even yr moniker. Don’t know yr age, but how do you explain this?; ‘Castle Grayskull. Fortress on fictional planet Eternia, central location in the Masters of the Universe toy/comic/animation universe. Appears in 1987 live action adaptation. Grayskull, Sorceress of Castle Grayskull, also known as Teela Na’. There is more, but I didn’t want to be too unkind to a kid in naps. H days.

              1. Again got bored 10% of the way in Don P much like your partner…….

                Castle Greyskull is a nickname for Twickenham……

                1. Interesting that you’re still reading me then CGscull. Contradicting yrself? Also interesting that, on a rugby site, you’ve yet to mention, er, RUGBY. Why are you here? Never heard of Twick’s nickname. Has anyone apart from you?

                2. PS & FFS CGscull, stop repeating yrself. I’m beginning to get bored too now.. & I can’t even get to 10%! Worrying.

          1. Lucky you Don you seem to have picked up your own personal troll. I would suggest you stop feeding him

            I agree that there are still some issues but the positives outweigh the negatives.
            Ireland’s defence looked shocking but part of that was England refused to play them at their own game of throwing bodies into rucks and slow ball followed by running against an organised defence and instead employed a fast paced offloading game that Ireland couldn’t handle

            1. Yes, agree. Old enough to know better Leon. Me that is. Not sure about the troll.

              Commented on Jeykell & Hyde post, which may relate some to yr’s here?

        2. Better things? Like learning to spell? Should be ‘your reply’, shouldn’t it? And such a pity you only died a little inside.

  14. What are the rules, if any, regarding squad changes now he has made the announcement? Understand his reason for doing it early but what happens if players remain injured and don’t play at all like RM or he wants to replace personnel I.e. Young’s for Spencer? Not likely to happen but wondered if he has limited his ability to make tweaks ?

    1. The final cut-off date is September the 8th Stu, so I presume that theoretically he could make changes until then. Unfortunately he has painted himself into a corner by announcing the squad so early. He could replace an injured player, but ethically could he do the same to one out of form without losing the trust of the entire squad? Probably not.

    2. Does this help Stu? Once teams have named their final 31 man squad players can only be replaced for medical or compassionate reasons. Teams must complete the relevant paperwork and send it to World Rugby along with a medical certificate where appropriate. Once signed off the replacement is not allowed to play for 48 hours. The replacement is permanent.

  15. Thanks Andy. It is tough to make a change for him now I agree, understand why he wanted to get it announced but I do think he has unnecessarily cornered himself. Would RM be in the squad if it hadn’t already been announced? I don’t think he would and, to be honest, I think replacing him with another back row would improve our chances. Hey ho.

  16. Cheers Don P, makes you question whether naming the squad early is positive or negative? I certainly can see reasons why he did so but I would rather he played the warmups first. Interesting Marchant played against Ireland when not in the squad?

    1. Yes. Advantage of letting players know early where they stand. Then trying combos from within. If they don’t pan out though, esp bolters, can’t change mind. If injuries occur however, they can be replaced. Seens EJ’s mind was already made up.

  17. Just saw an article by BV on the AB site. He commented on how everyone (critics) was ‘pumping their tyres up’ following last Sat’s result, but ‘hammering them’ after the Welsh game. That was really my point concerning Itoje’s, Ford’s & England’s being over pumped by Barnes, Walsh & Jones. 1 swallow stuff. String of consecutive wins better going into Japan IMO. However, unless you tell the punters what they want to hear, you get new Greystoke, Lord of the Apes. Oops! There I go again.

  18. Very good win for England, Ireland pitched up in name not in force. I hope Ireland can/will shake off the cobwebs. Other than England vs Italy, do Wales & Ireland have further warm up’s??

      1. Yes, but it seems to have stiffened yr brain & enhanced yr child ego state. Ask for a refund. You’ve yet to make a rugby comment. A tip. This is not F’book.

  19. The weather conditions in Japan will be like Sat,though hopefully a bit cooler,so comparisons with matches in the 6N is pointless-It will be fast open rugby so the lack of a third specialised line out jumper is much less important when you keep the ball in play. I am not getting carried away but the Kamikaze kiddies together showed what can be achieved,when you marry Pace and heft together for 80 mins it is very difficult to defend against.As I wrote in an earlier article,England would use the big lads to stress the defence and force defenders inwards creating space outside and that’s what happened-You can only defend for so long when put under such pressure.Critics point out that fast front ball is needed to allow Ford and Farrell to work their magic-very true but preventing England getting fast ball against Underhill and Curry in running conditions is much easier said than done-those two are going to be as important as the 3 Big Boys running in waves.It may turn out that 2 of Englands best broken field runners(JJ,HS)may have to operate from the bench.Questions over Daly and Youngs remain but I suspect that we wont get any definitive answers until the France and Argentina games.
    Farrell himself seemed to be in a much happier place though nominally playing 12.It goes to the point previously that a good rugby team plays like an orchestra-The first violin is the leader and everyone follows him(Farrell)The conductor(Ford)controls the tempo-small differences in reaction times to be sure but at this level of sport fractions of seconds matter!
    EJ has got all the ingredients he could wish for-Its up to him to Bake us the Cake!.

  20. A very good win and a good confidence builder for the squad. The score did flatter us slightly, but we punished them when we had the chance.
    The Ford/Farrell axis still works and is a great option if you have Manu and Big Joe on the field together.
    Just two notes for me. I would like to see Heinz start the next test, and have Watson at 15 with big Joe on the wing. Heinz’s passing was so much better than Youngs, and Daly looks weak when being the last man standing. Curry and Underhill worked and is a very good option going forward, but I agree with others that Wilson offers more control at 6 but offers little impact off the bench.

    On Ireland I thought they were lacking leadership, but when you consider who they had on the pitch, that shouldn’t have been the case. Murray, Best, Healy, O’Mahony, Kearney, Stander etc. From an Irish perspective it is worrying that they fell apart so badly. Not the best position to be in a few weeks out from a World Cup!!

    1. I agree about starting with Heinz as he is clearly playing better than Youngs Dazza, but it really worries me that we are going to the WC with one SH who is very inexperienced at international level and one who is nowhere near the player he was some years ago. If I was Care or Spencer I would be keeping close to a phone for the next few weeks.

      1. Originally I was disappointed that Heinz had been selected ahead of Spencer, but to be honest, if we’re really only taking two, I would rather have Heinz and Spencer and leave Youngs at home.
        I just really hope that Youngs can sort himself out by the time the WC starts. His kicking has improved, but his passing is poor compared to Heinz and Spencer. I’ve seen him play worse than this, and I don’t think he was terrible against Ireland, but there is definitely something lacking in his play at the moment.


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