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RWC2019: Day 10 Update

Scotland thrashed Samoa with a bonus point win, and Pool A is looking extremely tight. Who do you think will qualify?

Scotland 34-0 Samoa
I have to confess I thought this would be more of a contest, but Scotland were in control throughout, securing an important bonus point and keeping the Samoans to nil.

It wasn’t a great game to watch, riddled with errors in wet conditions, but there were some nice moments from key players like Finn Russell and Stuart Hogg.

There were two penalty tries, both conceded by wing Ed Fidow who picked up a red card for his efforts, whilst Greig Laidlaw and Sean Maitland crossed for the other two. We were even treated to a Scottish dropped goal, the rarest of all scores, courtesy of Hogg.

Pool A RugbyWhat did you think of the game?

Every team in Pool A has played twice now and the standings are rather tight. Who do you think will go through?

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6/10. Good if you were a Scot I guess, got them back on course. Some good dabs by Russell, Hogg, as per above & Maitland. Fwds dominated. Samoa were inept. Looked almost disinterested; like they were & probably are, there to make up the numbers. Embarrassed their country for me. However, couldn’t understand the gushing of McGeechan & SCW? Could with Doyle, as he’s a d glazing salesman. Are the other 2 are commentating because it’s a former coaches’ graveyard job? Scotland got the result. The ? remains as to whether they’re convincing after 1 win against zero point opposition? Was this performance, v a side whom couldn’t score, wouldn’t score, with 2 pen tries courtesy of the ref & taking 30 minutes to register a try, a commanding effort? Will it frighten their opponents in the group? Maybe, a bit. Maybe not. I reckon they’ll have to pick it up some. The ? remains about their credibility against sterner opposition for me.


Don P spot on about the Scotland bias, although a bit extreme I agree with the comment below about Scott Hastings, I had to mute the TV everytime he spoke.

Yes Q. How could I forget Hastings? Droning on like a nun’s knickers. Must have given me PTSD. His subjective utterances were akin to a martial music film soundtrack.

Japan to beat Scotland comfortably and top the group.

Samoa have now done enough to lull Ireland into a false sense of security – scrape a losing bonus point v Japan then beat Ireland next weekend to sneak through in second place.

You heard it here first.


Yes, I like Steroidus – quite an ironic nickname really, I’m not exactly the jolly green giant…

I was mostly just doubling down on my earlier prediction that Samoa would upset Scotland, but…

Japan to beat Scotland – why not? If they can beat Ireland… Then they just have to beat Samoa to top the group. Even if they collect no bonus points, two wins gives them an unassailable total of 17 points. (2 bonus-point wins for Ireland only gets them to 16).

Admittedly, the rest of my comment above is the raving of a deluded fantasist.


Clown! That was (among) the most awful, error-ridden matches I’ve ever seen. Truly pathetic, regardless of humidity. This puts the trashing we gave Scotland in a new light. Any good side could beat them if they are that bad. Wales or England would have done the same only probably worse. Scotland have problems. Samoa played like dead beats. If Ireland don’t get 10 from the next 2 games, they should rethink their whole game.

Pool A is the also ran pool. This from an Irishman. Japan have played beyond themselves but will be genuinely walloped by South Africa. That’s my 2c.

Like they walloped them in 2015?

BTW who is “Clown!” aimed at? I don’t mind if it’s me, (if the cap fits I’ll wear it), just curious as it’s not entirely clear – almost looks like a friendly greeting.


“Samoa have now done enough to lull Ireland into a false sense of security” It fits you well.

Samoa in a QF would be a waste of a good game. Although Japan were excellent against Ireland, Wayne Barnes and his team of minions who always look after the hosts (ahem 2007 QF France Vs NZ) played as the 16th. man:

Joe Schmidt: “We were penalised for offside four times and we’ve now got the feedback that three of those were incorrect calls” from

Jesus christ I am fed up with ITV’s commentary, Scott Hastings again the worst thing behind the mike and Ugo Monye didn’t help, Samoa might as well of not been there.

Commentators are meant to be there to give impartial observation, not beat one off over one team.

On the game well done Scotland for beating a team missing a load of players, the world isn’t taking note, I hope Japan roll them.


I am glad it is not just me and my fiends who thinks the ITV commentary has been awful throughout the tournament. We even tried listening to the radio commentary but it was out of sync with the tv.

Not sure that would helped. I had to listen to the France Argentina game on radio and it was horrendous. The BBC commentators constantly went off on tangents, spouting random facts about each player instead of describing the play. I had no idea what was going on.

Separately…why are France and USA not playing today? There has been a sufficient gap for recovery surely.
This is the RWC group stages…I demand live rugby every day!

I demand a preview of the nxt day’s rugby, BEFORE the nxt day, from TRB Jake. However, last time I was advised to stop whingeing (please, mind you, so in a well mannered sort of way) & look elsewhere if I don’t like it! So brick wall time.. again? Don’t they know there’s a WC on?! Leaving aside customer service of course.

I just knew you’d come through in the end really Hutch, you divil you. Xmas early! BTW, if it’s not treading on toes, here’s the NZ side for tomorrow.
AB team, squad v Canada (caps)
1: Atu Moli (2)
2: Liam Coltman (6)
3: Angus Ta’avao (9)
4: Patrick Tuipulotu (26)
5: Scott Barrett (32)
6: Shannon Frizell (6)
7:Matt Todd (21)
8: Kieran Read – captain (123)
9: TJ Perenara (60)
10: Richie Mo’unga (13)
11: Rieko Ioane (26)
12: Sonny Bill Williams (54)
13: Jack Goodhue (9)
14: Jordie Barrett (12)
15: Beauden Barrett (79)

16: Codie Taylor (46)
17: Ofa Tuungafasi (31)
18: Nepo Laulala (21)
19: Samuel Whitelock (113)
20: Ardie Savea (40)
21: Brad Weber (2)
22: Ryan Crotty (46)
23: Ben Smith (81)
Fingers xxed!

Must be a great feeling to run out in the WC playing with ones brothers. I know the Barrett’s have gas (the back pair anyway…Scott did look a little strained running in his try v SA) but how will Jordie fair on the wing?
I imagine it’s a similar thought process to playing Ben Smith (or Daly to a lesser extent) on the wing – if you have a player that good, with enough pace, and you can’t afford to leave him out, put him on the wing.

Well S’dous, Japan could turn the Scots over I suppose & they might. However, if Townsend wants to keep his job & Scotland their challenge alive, they’ll need to win it. Think that they might just have enough to so, although you never know. Ireland have to & should win their other games. OTOH, don ‘t see Japan crashing & burning either. Will have taken belief from their Ireland win. So, IOW I don’t know. Whatever, squeaky bum time for 3 teams in Pool A from now on.

Indeed, although even with the defeat v Japan, surely Ireland are home and hosed, with only Samoa and Russia to come.

Conversely, if I may invoke Lord Keegan of Footballshire:
I tell you, I will love it if Japan beat Scotland. Love it.


Why so angry!

Anyway, the game was messy, error strewn and not particularly exciting. I am Scottish I wouldn’t say I was thrilled to watch. We won against a team who are at present not even half the team they used to be. Their discipline was disgusting, humidity aside. I was disappointed as I wanted more of a test for Scotland, as it was it was an easy victory with no real show of what Scotland should be improving on. It’s a step in the right direction, but it was resounding.

All that said, it was exactly what we needed, admittedly no more than that. It leaves Scotland in the race to be put out in the QF’s. They were rank conditions and nobody playing in that humidity are getting away cleanly and you have to play to the conditions. So the fact they played conservative instead of going full postal like we normally do which has suicide written all over it, I think it was measured. It was composed. Messy perhaps not as assured as I would like, but conceding zero on the board is great regardless of the opponent.

I know people have covered Samoa’s motivation, but I’m not convinced a team turning up to the RWC, the biggest event in the rugby calendar, with a world class coach are in the mindset they are making up the numbers. Especially when they have beaten Scotland not all that long ago. I doubt even Russia are running out thinking aw well at least we stepped on the pitch. No doubt Samoa looked lost, but I’ve no doubt that Scotlands control helped that along.

On the subject of Hastings, it’s hard to talk up a team who created nothing. The only noteworthy things to talk about from a Samoan point of view were the cards issued…Clive Woodward is the worst of all time let’s complain about boys club idiot.


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