RWC2019: Day 9 Update

Gareth Davies

Georgia 33-7 Uruguay
There was no repeat of Uruguay’s upset win over Fiji, as they went down convincingly to Georgia. They couldn’t seem to keep hold of the ball to apply any pressure to Georgia’s defence, and the result is not a huge surprise given the tight turnaround, and the fact that they have probably been celebrating since Wednesday.

Australia 25-29 Wales
An epic test match in Tokyo saw Wales beat Australia by just four points. It was one of the best games of the World Cup so far, with Wales controlling the game throughout the first half, before Australia came back at them relentlessly in the second half.

With a 15-point lead, it was Wales’ game to lose at half-time, but Michael Cheika changed the game by bringing on Matt Toomua at fly-half in place of Bernard Foley. Suddenly, Australia were playing on the front foot and Wales found it hard to cope, and the gap was closed to just one point with 20 minutes to go. It does make you question the initial team selection though.

Credit to Wales for reversing the momentum, scoring a penalty to restore a 4-point lead and then closing out the game, which should see them top the pool.

A missed kick to touch from a penalty ultimately cost the Wallabies the match, and although they did hav a chance with possession near the end, they lost the ball and Wales held on for the win.

Dan Biggar’s injury could be a concern for Wales, with Rhys Patchell standing in for most of the game after he departed the field.

What did you think of the match?

As an England fan, which team would you rather play in the quarter-finals?

21 thoughts on “RWC2019: Day 9 Update

  1. I never thought I’d get so passionate about the result of a Wales game!
    Hooper should have had a ten minute breather and Australia’s second try move contained two forward passes to my eyes, one from Toomua and one from Pocock.
    i thought Wales weathered the Wallabies second half storm brilliantly and the best team won but by a margin that was justly slender.
    On this showing, England would have to go up by at least ten to fifteen per cent all over the pitch to stop either of these sides dumping us out of the tournament.

      1. I would add that there isn’t anything in that Wales performance that we haven’t seen before. Very little imagination in attack other than throw it wide after a few phases, yet good solid defence for large parts of the game. Good, but not impenetrable. When Toomua came on, he took the ball to the line and Wales couldn’t cope. Australia made it passed the gain line at ease in the second half and if not for handling errors they would have scored more.

    1. Don´t agree Acee. I think we simply need a scrum half who gets the ball away quickly and accurately from the base of the scrum to enable his 10 to play flat in order to beat both of these teams. Unfortunately Youngs is not that man. In support of this thought, Scotland looked a much better team when the rapid passing Horne replaced Laidlaw.

  2. Agreed Acee, I would rather have played Aus in the next round and I think we will have to improve significantly to beat a Wales side that were excellent in attack and defence at different times.

  3. Just getting my breath back, nails bitten up to the elbows. Had visions of Wales blowing it in the last few minutes as so often in the past against the Aussies, but thankfully held on. I think the ref bottled it a bit, two definite yellows, what is it with French refs & Wales ? .
    Thought Wainright was outstanding, a ready made replacement for AWJ for the next ten years. Group definitely not decided yet, Fiji will be tough ….

  4. Boy, TRB has upped it’s game. Well done! Match details posted before I could start my cappacino! I thought it was a game of 2 1/2’s. Srry. Wales had possession in the 1st (60/40 I think?). Oz in the 2nd, although Wales had enough late on to thwart them. The last ‘missed’ touch didn’t help Oz, but couldn’t state that it was crucial. Wales defended pretty well, so who knows what outcome had it gone out? For me, Oz ought to have gone for the line out instead of going for that last pen. Drilled it, but were still adrift & HAD to score again to win it. ‘Plenty of time’ (how often have I heard this most used lie in history?), said a pub Okker. With, what was it, between 10-15 left? Tosh! Within the context of the game they needed more than that. In the end, left themselves a mountain with minutes left. A commonly mistaken opinion in, er, my opinion. Don’t know what others think. Iis it me, or do these Fr refs get their qualifications from Wheatabix packets? Probably wouldn’t have altered the result, but some decisions were so inconsistent, I wondered if Poite is somewhere on a dysfunctional spectrum.

  5. Am I the only person who thought Patchell should have seen yellow for a high tackle on Kerevi instead of Kerevi conceding a penalty for a leading forearm? It looked identical to the Francis penalty/citing from the England game to me. Just me? Yes? I’ll get my coat

    1. I’m with you there , tackler goes high , Kerevi carrying with intent and is dealing with what is presented to him by the tackler… Could have been a penalty both ways and negating each other. One thing for sure is that these endless reviews and seemingly subjective (at times) interpretation of the law is getting tedious. I have no doubt that some of the knock out rounds will be littered with contentious calls, which will be a huge shame

    2. I agree with you 100% Ten Ton Donut. I don’t usually care for Hooper’s aggressive tone with referees, but he was entirely in the right here:
      “Are we not allowed to run at people now?” and “that was just terrible tackle technique [by Patchell]”. Spot on.

    3. Completely agree. I was shouting at the TV. It was idiotic. How can WR (rightly) go on about tracking low and then penalised the ball carrier for being tracked round the upper chest. Thought Hooper hit the nail on the head when talking to the ref about it.

  6. My my this Welsh team are dogged and hard to beat! If you were a Welsh fan though would you be more delighted with surviving that 2nd half battering or concerned how you let Australia back into the game when they simply lifted the tempo?

  7. Bit of an aside here. The ITV commentary team were going nuts, raving about Dan Biggar’s “brave” tackle on Kerevi down the wing. Yes he stopped a promising attack, but at the same time he took himself out of the remainder of the game with a failed HIA. I am absolutely sure he could have made this tackle with his head on the correct side.

    In my opinion, the TV commentators should have been pointing out the dangerous technique and how Biggar jeopardised his team’s chances and put himself at unnecessary risk of injury. (I’m paying Biggar a compliment here, albeit a backhanded one, in that he was having a brilliant game up to that point).

    Celebrating this kind of dangerous tackle sends the wrong message to kids (and other amateur players) watching.

    1. The commentary in general for the game was pretty poor imo. The commentators were overly excited by a pretty routine opening drop goal, and baying for yellow cards for Australia challenges whilst dismissing appeals against questionable Welsh challenges. I know it’s a home nation playing but it was a bit embarrassing at times.

      1. Yeah, I was disappointed with Flatman in particular, who’s usually quite neutral and balanced. He *really* doesn’t like Australia.

        1. Agree. If Flatman stopped being an attention seeking comedianon on fast fwd it might help as well. If I want that I can go to Jonglers or The Grey Horse in Kingston.

      1. “Attempted to grasp the player”, which is all he needs to do. It was a dangerous tackle in terms of his own self-preservation: put your head on the wrong side, get concussed, miss the rest of the game. Wales coped fine without him and held on for the win, which is great, but I don’t think sacrificing his own well-being unnecessarily and leaving his team short of its key playmaker is something to celebrate.

  8. I thought Jonathan Davies was the most partisan rugby commentator around until Shane Williams came along…

    Flatman is usually really insightful but yes, I think the popularity of his podcast has maybe adversely effected his game-time analysis.

    1. Yep. I still am a big fan of “Flats”, but he seems a lot more interested in comedy than rugby analysis – actually he’s good at both, but needs to prioritise the rugby stuff a bit more, in my opinion.

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