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RWC2019: Ireland v New Zealand Rate the Match

What did you think of today’s quarter-final match between Ireland and New Zealand?

What did you think of today’s quarter-final match between Ireland and New Zealand?

What were the main talking points? Was it a fair result?

Tell us what you thought of the game in the comments below, and we’ll put together some reaction and analysis in due course.

30 replies on “RWC2019: Ireland v New Zealand Rate the Match”

Speaking as an English man that was scary.
Ireland are maybe not quite as good as we thought but even so, the AB’s were just relentless.
Having said that , Schmidt can be proud of what he and the players have done for Irish Rugby.
Well done too Rory Best. A great servant and a damn good player and captain.


Yes NZ looked very good and England will have to up their game again to match them. Ireland were poor NZ were clinical


Ireland were poor because NZ made them poor. Unlike Aus, their cohesive, rapid defence when sometimes not in possession, mainly nullified Ireland. When in possession, NZ’s speed, accuracy & relentless pressure reduced the No.1 side going into the WC, to being mostly ineffectual.


Sure whatever makes you feel less nervous about next week.
Englands defence soaked up the early pressure from Australia who have a far more dynamic attack than ireland. Then we turned the screw to score 2 good tries (whatever your view on intercepts you have got to admit that after slade pinched it there was still a lot of work to do). We lost focus at the beginning of the 2nd half which is a worry but righted it fairly quickly

It’s good that overrated players like Sexton (what a bottler), Murray, Carbury (a truly mediocre player), and overall just a lack of athleticism and preparedness has caught up with Ireland. You have to have the athleticism, play good attacking rugby and do the basics with ease and play with intent and belief to beat the AB’s. Ireland are none of those things. Reality has bitten. A fresh slate is needed.

You can’t blame Schmidt for their poor performance, and shortcomings but you can blame him for not really playing a good hand. He should have at least emptied his bench and removed the players not performing, put Larmour on instead of Kearney etc. But regardless. New Zealand were far superior. They schooled Ireland.

Ireland were beaten by half time.


Bit harsh on the greatest half back pairing Ireland has ever seen and Carberry is the future of the team so while your disappointed with your teams performance this RWC i think you need to calm down


“greatest half back pairing” To be the greatest half back pairing, you have to get results on the biggest stage when it matters. Ireland will do the same thing they always do. They will put in some good showings in the 6 nations and maybe even bag a championship. Then they will stop evolving and by the time the next world cup comes around, they will be beaten up again. This is a good lesson for Ireland. To see how you evolve and push your game going into a wold cup and give younger players a chance, instead of backing older players. One good thing is all these fair weather fans – the kind of deluded arrogant people who write negative articles about the Haka and the All Blacks play at the breakdown – they will f*** off to something else like field hockey.

And to the Irish fans who were just like them today disrespecting the Haka by singing over it, you know who you are just like editors Ewan MacKenna and that other former loser no. 8 Ireland have that writes for the independent and criticises the AB’s: Let this hammering remind you of our place. As yet we have never got to one single semi final. Know your place. And show some respect.


Grassroots overhaul like the Scots perhaps Biggles? It wasn’t the bench. It was the skills that were lacking, when the got any ball. Suffocated, again like the Scots v Japan. Also kicked pointlessly at times, funnily enough, like you know who.

Sexton named player if the year, Murray, a great scrum half that any team would love, Ireland were fairly bad the all blacks were amazing. When you finish your armchair analysis and start supporting your local and club teams come back to me???

The real player of the year that counts is player of the year in a world cup year. Other years are not at the same level, not even close. And a poster above mentioned Carberry as the future. That donkey wouldn’t get on the Italy team. But believe the hype all you want so spent overrated players get picked over fresh new ones, and an outdated system is used. See what results that yields. It’s not the result. It’s the manner of it. Scotland would have done better than that. They wouldn’t have caught a ball in touch and turned a penalty for into one against, used a show and go and then run into a AB player in an attacking movement (Sexton), players colliding into each other. The real quality shows itself in a world cup knock out game and Ireland were at least a tier below New Zealand. In footballing terms, it was like Barcelona vs Wrexham town.

Only caught the last 30 minutes. From what I saw, New Zealand looked awesome, but Ireland were playing like amateurs – were they more competitive earlier in the game?

I loved the Ireland crowd at the end. The noise and appreciation for Rory Best was amazing. What a send-off. Crowd sounded like they’d just won the tournament!


Unfortunately the Irish were pretty passive in attack and defence. Sexton’s kicking was poor throughout, I lost count of the number of penalties that failed to make touch.


“were they more competitive earlier in the game?”
They were as competitive as Samoa were against us with 14 men. And that’s not an exaggeration.


Stunning AB team effort. With one major difference Beauden Barratt. As a Saffer It hurts that with all of the good rugby players we have produced BB is the most accomplished rugby footballer I have seen, at 76 I think I’ve seen a few. If the ‘Boks meet the AB in the final BB is going to be the difference .


Well, plenty quick, accurate ball when in possession may have been another major diff, likewise cohesive, rapid defence. BB didn’t score all 7 tries, or tackle all attackers on his own.

The ABs we’re very clinical however Ireland were extremely disappointing with their backs play looking extremely dated with very little running off the ball and being over reliant on static loop based moves which were suffocated with ease. Stockdale had mare and the basic technical skills were lacking.

Also, Nigel Owens constant over explanation of every decision is really becoming annoying

He’s still the best referee on the circuit, but I have to agree he’s getting a bit too insistent on explaining the minutiae of his decision-making. Would rather he made the call and got on with the game a bit more. But this is nit-picking really, and I’d have to consider if maybe spending that little bit of extra time explaining to the players is what allows him to run positive, flowing games.

Any one else think that Stockdale is defensively v poor, take away Irelands defensive pressure and he is no longer getting the intercepts that made him top try scorer in last years 6N. It sadly does seem that Ireland peaked a year early, wheels came of the bus when england turned up for the opening game of the 6N.

Or have other teams worked Ireland out? Nr same team beat NZ in Dublin & prior in Chicago. Much tosh spouted about those 2/3 Irish wins IMO. Esp as they’re rendered seemingly pointless, now that it’s 2 each in recent times. Overall, 29 to 2 seems more relevant record. ‘Peaking too soon’ is nebulous perception. A week or 6 mths can be a long time in rugby. Peaking is perceived as usually coinciding with winning. Therefore, does 1 WC loss must conversely mean that the reverse is true? Or have the AB’s been peaking for past decade or so? We’ll have to wait & see for a bit.


New Zealand followed the exact same formula to stomp Ireland. It was that bit more ruthless from the AB’s but the same result. Ireland’s game or lack thereof at this level has been thoroughly exposed. My worry is that the incoming coach seems to be instrumental in that style of play.

Very fair comments about peaking Don, I agree it is a vague term but to put it in lay terms that perhaps better support my thinking: Some nations seem to have made use of their respective resources and player pool in order to maximise their potential at the World Cup.
More specifically on Stockdale, I cannot remember if it was NZ first or second try where he tackles the scrum half illegally, giving away the penalty and then realising him anyway to make the score. When England put 60 on ireland a few weeks back, Stockdale imo had flown out of the line making poor defensive reads. Although whether its always the case that when a team is on the back foot, its inevitable that some brilliant players can be made to look foolish.
I am however excited to see what changes Faz Snr will make, this Ireland team will need a fairly significant rebuild, if only due to their reliance on very experienced heads such as Best, Kearney and perhaps even O’Mahoney and Sexton. Would be interested if any Irish rugby fans can give me some thoughts on personnel changes they see coming


Agree that Ireland have been found out. They have been stuck in a time warp for 3 years while the world around them has moved on. Schmidt can be blamed for that. The players they have are the best available but needed some new ideas to inject a bit of energy

Bollocks. How do you a/c for the fact that Ireland went into the WC as No.1, won the 6N last yr & beat NZ within the last 3 yr time warp? More than England did on all 3 counts? I know Eng beat then in Dub, but these things happen.. like Aus v NZ 1st up.


Ireland finished 3rd this year because they were found out. Wales won the 6N and racked up a lot of rankings points in the process. Ireland went in to the RWC as no1 off the back of two victories against Wales in the warm up games which can only be taken so seriously especially seeing as one of them was 2nd team v 2nd team

Doesn’t make sense. Just because Ire didn’t fare well in the 6N, didn’t nec mean that they could be entirely written off. I mean Eng only drew v Scotland & weren’t too clever in the away warm ups. Too much bias Leon.

I honestly don’t think i can say too much about Ireland’s performance in this one. The All Blacks were so good Ireland were snuffed out within 20 minutes and looked out of it for the rest of the game. All Blacks stopped them getting any kind of momentum and when on the attack were ruthless and clinical. A near perfect performance. Faced with that performance I don’t know what they could have done. Even a 9 out of 10 performance would have had them looking totally outclassed.


Fair play to NZ. They were fantastic. On this evidence, they must be 7 point favourites over England.

Their analysis in how to strangle the Irish attack was clinical as was the execution. This is why they are and have been the best team in the world for it seems like forever. If anyone manages to beat them, you can guarantee that they will learn from it and come back and dominate the areas that they were second best in and thrash that same team the next time out. Has happened time and again. Annoyingly you just have to sit back and admire the ruthlessness. Anyway here’s hoping for a miracle next weekend!

This Ireland team were there for the taking, and NZ took their spirit and soul away within 20mins and the game was over from there on. Simple. I said in a prior thread somewhere that I ‘hoped’ Ireland could have one big performance to at least compete for 60mins but my head was telling me they just didn’t even have that in them. NZ clearly saw their vulnerability and carried out a 20min autopsy. Ireland shell shocked and never recovered.

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