RWC2019: Japan v South Africa Rate the Match

Lood de Jager

What did you think of today’s quarter-final match between Japan and South Africa?

What were the main talking points? Was it a fair result?

Tell us what you thought of the game in the comments below, and we’ll put together some reaction and analysis in due course.

15 thoughts on “RWC2019: Japan v South Africa Rate the Match

  1. Well, despite the best efforts of the players and officials,the Japanese dream of World domination is finally over.
    Wayne Barnes had a stinker.

  2. The Books did what they were supposed to do: They took their time and they didn’t fold. They trusted in their game plan and were patient. Pollard, Mapimpi, and de Klerk all had solid games.
    That game as close for a long period but I SA didn’t panic.

  3. When I saw the ‘Bok team sheet I knew what to expect. The team carried out the coaches instructions to the letter, not always to expectations but job done. Next week I expect a totally different game. The Wales pack will not be bullied as the Japanese were. I am in awe of their running and passing game. I hope the Japanese coach stays with the team, can only get better.

  4. Loved watching the first half, but nearly fell asleep in the second as the Boks sucked the life out of the Japanese. Fair play to the Boks as they had a game plan and executed it. Will miss watching the most exciting team in world rugby though.

    1. It may not have been pretty but the game plan was spot on had England been playing them I would have expected something similar

    2. I noticed something the Boks did that really hampered the Japanese attack. They didn’t just defend very well, they made sure to take the offloading arm in the tackle. A good few times the Japanese would have been in off the offload but for these precise tackles. Won them the game really.

  5. As attractive as the Japanese style is, they came undone by lacking a plan b. Once SA weathered the storm, their power play stifled the flair of Japan and that was game over.

  6. I am a little disappointed as we kept kicking possession away. If you kick the ball to the all blacks they will punish you.
    The Boks had a better front row and dominated in the scrums and line outs. Why did we not kick every ball out in there 22 and used our lines outs to win back the ball and just push over for a try.

  7. The Boks have a problem.There is a genuine lack of skilful midfield centre paring. Crash ball is in my opinion as an attacking tactic in rugby outdated.

    I know that rush defense eliminates most attacking play but watch Danie Gerber on Youtube against the Irish.A refreshing exception
    in a boring Bok backline is Kolbe.

    Should the Boks advance to the final they will be
    hard pressed to beat the losing semi finalist.

  8. Let me rewrite this, because as it stands in does not make any sense.

    Should the Boks advance to the final they will be
    hard pressed to beat the winner of the NZ-England semi final.

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