RWC2019: Wales v France Rate the Match

Liam Williams

What did you think of today’s quarter-final match between Wales and France?

What were the main talking points? Was it a fair result?

Tell us what you thought of the game in the comments below, and we’ll put together some reaction and analysis in due course.

44 thoughts on “RWC2019: Wales v France Rate the Match

  1. TMO absolute bottle job! Ball blatantly went forward in the rip. What is the point of having a TMO if they cannot get the call right in such a big game and defining moment! Nothing against Wales but i feel for the French

    1. Understand your confusion, Darth, but it didn’t apparently go forward. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that a) the referee might have been a lot closer than you were (were you in fact in the ground? Or in Japan even?); and b) the TMO might possibly – and I put this tentatively – have more experience and better judgement than you? Only asking, like, you know.

  2. Talk about getting out of jail.
    Wales were dire and France played their one decent game of this comp.
    I just can’t believe how meek and mild the welsh were for large parts of this game, even with a man advantage.

      1. France only got + 6 on Wales in 2011 when Sam Warburton got sent off. Teams change tactics to reduce the momentum of a game when they go down to 14.

        It’s all karma anyway. Warburton probably only deserved yellow in 2011 in my opinion but unfortunately the IRB made spear tackles a priority in 2009, they then doubled down in 2010 with zero tolerance suggesting it should lean towards red and in 2011, they made it clear that it should be red. But the French made the most of it back then and might have swayed the ref even they knew well that punishment had only been realistic since 2009/10 and they’d seen tackles like that plenty of times before. Karma has now come back on them.

  3. Totally agree that France were robbed there; that ball clearly went forward in the rip but as soon as the grounding pic was shown they brushed over it and focused on grounding as was easy. France deserved a win for the effort in that last 30 mins; Wales were really poor today

    1. Agreed. Even without fifteen men they were still the better side. The Welsh team looked like they were more concerned with not losing the game rather than trying to win it. France are bang average and have been for 18 months but Wales made them look good today.

    2. Understand your confusion, Stu, but it didn’t apparently go forward at all. I could be wrong, but it seems to me that a) the referee might have been a lot closer than you were (were you in fact in the ground? Or in Japan even?); and b) the TMO might possibly – and I put this tentatively – have more experience and better judgement than you? Only asking, like, you know. Seriously, if you were only watching on tele, you have to realise the angles can be very misleading. So you are wrong, though I understand your frustration. Wales were terrible; but they won’t be that bad again, especially if they get to play England in thef final!

  4. Looked marginally forward but how did France let it get to that point where they’re putting it in the hands of the tmo?!
    Vahamahina with an unacceptable elbow strike, Wainwright was making a nuisance of himself and Seb lost it. He cost France the game. Before that they had Wales pegged back and were making the gain line at will. Towards the end, they had a successful scrum without the 8 and then just couldn’t control the subsequent one. Two missed kicks in the first half proved costly. Vakatawa can feel hard done by, he was brilliant. Parkes couldn’t handle him.
    Wales can breathe a sigh of relief. They were very lucky. No real sign of any plan of attack, kept kicking it to France after unsuccessful forward carries and struggled to contain the counter. They didn’t win the collisions and were consistently knocked back by the French defence. France made the gain line and should’ve been out of reach by halftime.
    Gareth Thomas claiming we haven’t seen the best of Wales, we have all been waiting a while now. I can’t see them beating the winner of QF 4, but knowing them they’ll creep through.

  5. Just a point about the yellow card for Moriarty: Fickou saw him coming and to my eyes began to lower his body position, making a “high” tackle inevitable. As important as it is to reduce the danger of serious head injuries i don’t think this law change has or will address that issue. Refs already need eyes in their arses given the speed of the modern game. Too much is being asked of them. added to which, you can’t turn a sporting contest into a measurable science.
    If World Rugby don’t brighten up the game will end up like Wendy ball.

    1. I thought Moriaty started high with a swinging arm and didn’t make an attempt to tackle low. Think yellow is correct.

      1. Jake if you watched the SA/Jpn game you will have seen De klerk (five feet seven) being tackled by a Japan lock ( six feet six?), How in hell can that be construed as a deliberate high tackle, which it was? Maybe anyone over six foot should be directed to tackle only if they are on their knees? If this carries on a LOT of games are going to finish with 12 or 13 players a side. It’s bloody ridiculous.

          1. No, I’m making a general point about the new tackling laws and how bloody hard it is , in a game where extremely tall men tackle quite short ones, how hard it is to interpret and implement them.But, you knew that Jake didn’t you?

            1. Fickou is as tall, if not taller, than Moriaty. The height argument I can understand when its lock vs. scrum half but not in these situations. He was done for pace, couldn’t recover properly and had to make an illegal high tackle.
              I agree some high tackles are too contentious but this was clear. Many thought it should have been red due to force, recklessness and low/zero mitigating circumstances.

    2. All fair and true; but Moriarty does worry me. He can be clumsy, nd gets a bit of the old Red Mist sometimes. Keep calm boy, keep calm.

  6. That was easily the worst Wales performance I’ve seen in years. Absolute garbage. The strip was definitely forward at the end but I don’t have much sympathy for France because they blew so many chances all game. On occasion their tactics were just crazy. The defensive lapse for Wainwrights try was unforgivable and the red card… I just can’t fathom how stupid they were sometimes. A definite case of France losing a game rather than Wales winning it.

    Based on the games this weekend a NZ v SA final looks inevitable.

  7. I thought Wales weren’t bad. French were rubbish. A country of 3 million with 4 rubbish teams in a crap league vs a country with 70 million and 14 teams and one of the best leagues. Gatland deserves a Sainthood. How on earth can France be so inept and lack any adventure? They need a New Zealand coach.

    1. As Eddie Jones said last year, ‘It’s a champion team that can play bad and still win’ Wales just seem to keep winning, just about the only thing they get right. What a crap side!

  8. Personally I have no sympathy for France, true they were the better team and should have won, but so what ? karma for 2011 if you ask me. The fact is Wales put in their worst performance for some time, France played their best for some time, yet Wales go through, just shows that the Welsh have got into the habit of finding a way to win in most circumstances & thats a good trait to have, I think the loss of JD before the game & Navidi early on certainly had an impact too.
    One thing is certain, they will need to play far far better to beat SA next week.
    BTW the TMO judged correctly imo, the ball flew straight up in the air, no certainty it went forward so the try was good.

    1. I think people need to look at the knock on rules, the rip was fine forward or not.

      However wales were poor no doubt but found a win, I hope we can address issues ahead of the SA game but I see this as a stumbling block on route to final.

    2. Karma? I thought that was some kind if Indian sex book? Wales didn’t find a way to win, Fr found a way to lose! Vanilla harm-a, or whatever his name is, done for them. Should be sent on 1 of those grounded Boeing jets to exile on Devil’s Island!

      1. Vahaamahina is his name. Not surprised an arrogant Kiwi wouldn’t even bother to Google it.
        He’s due to have an operation which will have him out of action for months. He had planned to retire from international rugby after this world cup. He’s been punished enough I think. It’s gutting for a player to get their team knocked out of a world cup, but as I said before it’s karma – the French had it coming.

        Wales did find a way to win because they .. won.

        They were still behind France who tried to kill the momentum of the game once they went down to 14. Actually, I think if France continued to play positively, they could have won that. Wales were tired and not creating anything. I translated the French comments from people after the match. They mostly said: “It was red. Reflex my ass. We played really well!. The Welsh brought nothing” stuff like that.

        Wales need to get it together or they will be playing the Brexit playoff instead of going for the grand prize. That is if NZ can even beat that solid English team.

        1. It’s called tongue in cheek Biggles boy. Obviously went over yr head. Hard to know just where you’re coming from sometimes. 1st you state that Vahaamahina (take yr word for that) has been punished enough & that he must be gutted. Then you state that the French had it coming & it was Karma. Except Vahaamahina presumably? Sure NZ will do their best to beat a solid English team, just like they did a solid Irish team.

    3. Agreed based on the angles available there was no CLEAR evidence that the ball went forward. Therefore the on field decision stands and the try is good
      However there is talk of other angles having been available but not used by the TMO which would be a bit scandalous if true

  9. Wales will have to massively up their game to beat the Bokks but it’s within them. They looked jaded while France looked at the races. The rested teams have looked better – France, England and New Zealand. Australia, Ireland and Wales all looked tired and weary especially Ireland, who were atrocious and have been more or less found out at this level.

      1. Boks Bokke you know what I mean. Bit surprised a enZer or whatver you called yourself last time would use the “Paddy” slur. I don’t think you’re a new Zealander/ Kiwi. I think I know what you really are.

  10. Wales looked very jaded I thought. One easy Ntamack conversion and penalty kicked and it was exit time against team self destruction. How many times did France completely lose the plot, from the sublime to les ridiculous…
    On the other hand, as laboured as the SA win was at times, it was never in doubt was it. You get the feeling Wales are riding their luck at the moment, the same just over the crest vertigo that you got watching Eng just before the record winning streak tumbled.
    SA v WAL….two bullies after school in the woods. SA can’t wait for the bell to go…..

  11. Welshman giving his thoughts…

    France had their best game of the tournament overall. Obviously moments of lunacy are damaging them, but i thought they were far better than they were against Argentina/Tonga.

    Clear red card. Lots of lambasting Wales for not putting away a team of 14. We were 9 points down at that point i was still convinced we weren’t going to do it. Did France do a better job of putting away a 14 man Wales in 2011? No.

    Game management from Wales was worrying. It’s sticking to the plan and not deviating, even when the plan isn’t working. France were dominating territory (and possession) and we couldn’t get out of our half, and yet we continued to keep the ball in play! Kick it off the field! gain the territory! Forcing France to take lineouts could lead to possession in the French half! (Stolen lineout, French knock-on etc.).

    I thought Peyper was equally bad for both sides. Thought France got away with murder at the breakdown, while i was surprised we got the rub of the green with the rip decision.

    Looking forward to SA, i think Wales would probably prefer SA. We struggle with teams who play at pace – Fiji, France, Aus (2nd half) Japan could’ve been a nightmare.
    SA and Wales are two similar teams, play in the same way, with SA probably being slightly better at it across the park. That doesn’t matter in knock out rugby though, it’s all about what happens on the day and Wales, yet again, have shown that they can comfortably be second best and still win.
    It’s not going to be pretty and if you’re anything other than Welsh or SA, you’re likely going to be bored to tears.

    Prediction – SA by 7.

    1. Personally think that SA probably just have the better players but Wales have a better mindset, so think that it is going to be mighty close. On the basis of the quarter finals I would say SA to edge it but it really wouldn’t surprise me if Wales won.

  12. So. Anyone know what Wainwright said to Vaahamaina? He must have said something, right? Or was he squeezing his bollocks out of view? Because Vaahamaina, big gnarly mofo that he is, has never struck me as the sort of mindless thug to both headlock and elbow a bloke so blatantly.

    Thought Wainwright had a decent game overall, and would actually declare him man-of-the-match for winding the bloke up enough to wear his elbow.

    1. “Or was he squeezing his bollocks out of view? ”
      That’s what I thought too, pinching or gouging off camera to provoke that. Or maybe ..just maybe…he’s French and he was the self destruct button!!

  13. I feel people are being short-sighted and a little ignorant. NZ and England looked better, yes. France flew out the gate, Yes.

    Between frances prior game and the QF, wales played Fiji and Uruguay. So yes, Wales were slow out the game and not up to pace of a fresh team.

    Next week we’re all in the same boat and Wales with match SA. Whether we win or not (I think we will). I think a lot more credit needs to go to Wales given they kept working to 80mins despite playing on half a lung. Speaks volumes to there fitness levels.

    1. It certainly does speak to their fitness levels ifthey are playing on half a lung after a 7 day turn around

    1. I saw the picture and assumed it was photoshopped. BBC is not as credible a news source as it used to be, but for this to appear on their site would suggest it is real. If it is, that’s as crazy and ill-judged as Vaahamina’s actions…


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