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RWC2019: Wales v New Zealand Rate the Match

What did you think of the Bronze final match between Wales and New Zealand, which ended with a comfortable win for the All Blacks?

What did you think of the Bronze final match between Wales and New Zealand, which ended with a comfortable win for the All Blacks?

What were the main talking points? Which players are now set for retirement?

Tell us what you thought of the game in the comments below, and we’ll put together some reaction and analysis in due course.

12 replies on “RWC2019: Wales v New Zealand Rate the Match”

Scoreline flattered the AB’s a bit. They were clinical but Wales were in this match until the end of the first half and very unlucky to concede just before the break. Lots to look forward to with Wales for the future. Amos with pretty decent at full back.

Ireland only really got consolation tries whereas Wales were in the mix and playing some great rugby. Be proud Wales. You put up a good fight.

Went pretty much how i thought in terms of the result, but it’s so frustrating to see us attack with ambition this week, but not last week.

I know it’s all a bit “if my granny had balls she’d be my gramps” but you can’t help think we may have had enough to take care of SA if we’d approached that game in a similar vein. I could be wrong, of course.

Today. massively tired in defence, missed first up tackles must be tracking somewhere between 50-60% today. Not going to get anywhere against NZ with a stat like that.

on to the main event tomorrow…


Certainly think Wales should’ve played a more expansive style last week. The couple of times they did get it wide they troubled Nkosi on the wing.

Maybe it was because it was the 3rd 4th and as you say there were quite a few missed tackles from Wales and knock ons form the AB’s. Injuries cost them I feel. Without injuries, I think Wales would have done far better. But that’s part of what it takes at this level. How strong your team is by game 7 if you can get that far.


Well done to both teams for playing another good game of rugby. I watched the All Black press conference, and I applaud the class they showed not just on, but also off the field. They always had more to lose having been the world champs and competition favourites. Responding with dignity in defeat always requires a lot of character, and they have no shortage of that.


7/10. For tries alone. Agree with Bigglesworth. The score line did flatter the Ab’s a bit. They should have won by (a bit) more! Needed to tighten defence a little. Wales played with purpose, intent, guts. Dunno possession stats, but Wales likely needed bigger share. Talking pts. Apart from Wales being down a few, would it have changed outcome? Maybe. Prob unlikely. NZ team change around. Cane, Coles in. Should have started, been on sooner last time? I reckon. Changed result? Maybe. Made it harder for Eng. Hansen misread. Barrett, Mounga worked ok? Yep, think so. SBW, Crotty, B Smith, Ioane make a diff? Maybe. Scored a few. Whitelock out? Dunno why. Will these latter 5 & Coles be out, quit? Probably, possibly? Rest + a few rebuild. Think so, with eye on Nov. Dunno about Welsh retirements. Others here better qualified on this one. Lastly, likely a diff type of game tomorrow? You bet.. I think.

Don P agreeing with me. That performance must have healed you a bit. They were close to their best I thought. You were never going to walk all over Wales.

The All Blacks looked refreshed ,putting the English nightmare behind them,Wales in comparison
should glimpses of what could have been but never materialised.

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