Six Nations 2019: England v Scotland Rate the Match

Owen Farrell

Let us know what you thought of today’s match at Twickenham.

What were the main talking points? Who played well? What do you think of England’s campaign overall?

Give the match a rating out of 10 and then share your thoughts in the comments below.

Rate the Match: England v Scotland

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90 thoughts on “Six Nations 2019: England v Scotland Rate the Match

  1. I can’t understand any England fan giving this more than a generous four tbh.
    That was bloody embarrassing and tells me we are as far from being genuine WC contenders as it is possible for a tier one nation to be.
    Congratulations Scotland. You are a credit to your nation and yourselves. Had the roles been reversed, I seriously doubt we would have come back like that.
    Eddie, what the F—k are you telling the players at half time?
    I’m apoplectic. Best i don’t say anything else until the red mist evaporates.

    1. Gave it an eight – an amazing game of rugby with some fantastic tries. If I was a neutral I might have given it a 10. My disappointment in England dropped it by two.

    2. We can discuss/argue about this game till the sun comes up, but the fact is we ended up being happy to get a draw!!!!!!
      This has been a tournament to forget for all involved and I’m absolutely positive that all of the Southern Hemisphere teams will be pissing themslelves laughing after watching it

      1. GW, the SH were possibly just pissing themselves after the 1st 1/2 of the England game, but maybe with laughter after the 2nd?

  2. In a word – shocking!

    In pretty much every sense of the word. Scotland shocking in the first half, England shocking in the second. A shock result, a shock come back.

    Well played Scotland for coming back from 31 points down.

    We aren’t going to win the RWC with Farrell and Youngs at half backs – that’s for sure.

    We aren’t going to win it with EJ as coach either. Left it far too long to replace Farrell – AGAIN.

    Going to have to mull over this one. Great game for the neutral. Probably both English and Scottish supporters rather disappointed come the end.

    1. I agree Staggy, absolutely astounded at how badly we played in the 2nd half (again). What on earth is going on in the dressing room and why can’t we close out games when we are clearly ahead. EJ does not seem to understand the English psychie and Farrell is not a leader. I also think we had the wrong bench for such a tight game.
      Oh, what could have been

      1. Would have to disagree here Dave. The bench saved us. What I can’t understand is Jones unwillingness to change things earlier. Scotland emptied their bench and swung the momentum. We waited until the 70th and 76th minute to bring on Ford and Spencer respectively. Far too late to win the game but they manage to salvage it. They brought on tempo and Ford did well to get the team moving forward. I’ll eat some humble pie and say Teo gave us the go forward we needed too.
        Jones nearly lost it for us (again), the subs saved it for us.

    2. I agree Staggy, absolutely astounded at how badly we played in the 2nd half (again). What on earth is going on in the dressing room and why can’t we close out games when we are clearly ahead. EJ does not seem to understand the English psychie and Farrell is not a leader. I also think we had the wrong bench for such a tight game.

      I gave it a 6 because I am English and gutted, but agree from a neutral perspective this would have scored higher.

      Oh, what could have been

  3. We are flat track bullies. When all is going well, it’s try a minute time and orff we go to win the jolly old worldie but as soon as the opposition show any kind of resistance and take the game to us,we to a man, shit ourselves and run around like headless chickens.
    Too late now to get a new coach in but springtime in japan could turn out to be Eddie’s swansong.
    Where IS the gumption, the leadership and guile? Why do we panic? Where do we go from here?

  4. Well the phrase ‘from the sublime to the ridiculous ‘ sums up our performance today. so furious I had to walk out of the room yelling obscenities on several occasions so missed some of the horror show. That’s 2 second halves when we were on top that Farrell has melted down and he can’t be captain. Why the hell was Dan nothing to offer Cole brought on so early? His lumbering around definitely helped Scotland and Daly had an awful second half and it was his mistakes kicking long which gave Scotland a foothold in the game. Youngs lost it in the second half and like the Wales game we needed to change the half backs much earlier. Given our godawful defence we really should have had Joe on the bench to come on and run.through the opposition. Today also showed what Brown brings as solidity at the back when today they just ran through the back 3. We should have easily won that game yet just completely lost shape. Our problems at scrum half are entirely of Eddie’s making and his substitution policy has become awful..

    1. Eddie was so good at the start of his tenure because he chopped and changed when he saw things were working. Burrell was pulled 20 minutes into the Australia test. Now he can see Youngs and Farrell are struggling yet persists until the dying minutes. Should’ve pulled them both around 55.
      Youngs in particular was dreadful, his slow service and persistence in kicking was infuriating. Twickenham crowd rightly or wrongly began to boo him and cheered when he went off. Daly also kicked away possession far too much. We were cruising when we had the ball, giving it back to Russell and the back 3 of Scotland is what caused our problems.

  5. It should also be remembered that we had few injuries while Scotland had a ton and we were playing at home.
    There is a strange complacency which creeps into Farrell’s game and then when things go wrong he is a gift to the opposition. Same with Youngs.

  6. I’m going to get a shed load off Sarries fans but i’m going to say this anyway: basically, Farrell is a dummy. He’s an easily programmable sheep. Listen to the way he bumbles through the pre and post game press conferences, all “errs” and “well, t’lads played alright” and I’m a bloody Northerner saying this! It’s totally embarrassing to hear and watch and it speaks volumes about the callow nature of his character. captain doesn’t have to be Olivier but he does need to inspire, to cajole, to speak with authority and clarity and keep a clear head. He also has to spot when a player is wobbling or needs a reminder of his job. Farrell is one of the first ones to lose his cool when things start going belly up! Anyhoo, |I’m not here just to bash Faz, the whole bloody lot should be shot for that shambles but as others are saying, he’s not a captain . simple as. God, i’m angry!

    1. Me too Acee. Part of the problem is that both Farrell and Youngs are pretty stupid. So they can play within certain parameters but can’t think on their feet. Watching Youngs who.had put almost everything.through the hand in the first half uselessly box kick everything away in the second was a form of torture. Our bench was so poor with Shields being worse than Wilson, Cole utterly useless, ditto Hughes, no Joe who is a game changer, only Ford made a difference. Ford gets a lot of stick but he is much more intelligent than Farrell and reads the game better.
      Eddie really needs a good verbal kicking for his inability to make the right changes while bringing on players who made us a lot worse.
      Still we saw arguably the best half back partnership anywhere descend into farce with the world player of the year have a nightmare.
      Think this 6 nations.has been a good one for the southern hemisphere with Irelan in freefall and England vulnerable. It should also not be forgotten that Wales should have lost to France so I reckon the Southern hemisphere will be fancying their chances.

      1. Totally agree with all of that Bolter. Well said.
        i can’t wait for the Ed ‘n’ Faz show after this,Should be a corker!!

    1. Ok Acee, srry I’m late. My mobile battery ran out! I’ll try & keep this diatribe less than enormous. My POV is a bit different though from some others here. Too much needn’t nec be read into this 1 game, just as it ought not too have been for the Ireland game. The retro criticism of Jones & Farrell now seems to have obscured cracks that already existed, but were covered up by the long winning streak. Perhaps these manifested themselves today.. in the 2nd 1/2. Ditto in the Wales game. When under pressure, Youngs esp & Farrell kicked it, when they ought to have retained & ran it. Instead of having Cipriani as an option who could have done so, Jones & some here too, misread requirements for this eventually. Also, England need Hartley back.. as captain & decision maker more than they need George @ hooker. Farrell & those shoulder charges! Hello. Why such an unpressedented turn around today? Well, the Scots tightened up big on ‘D’ & stopped England @ breakdown. So England reverted to type, under pressure.. & kicked it. This helped bring Scotland back into it with more possession. Russell, worked some magic, bringing team mates, like Johnson, into it & who ran through various defenders, including the, again exposed, Daly. Epitomised another issue for England. Wonder if Mike Brown would have stopped that 1? Could have won the thing. Anyway, the ? is, will Jones recognise his issues & if so will he & how will he fix them?

      1. Don you make a good point about the breakdown which I’d forgotten about in my despondency. Scotland did indeed slow down our ball at the breakdown in the second half and I think that this is where most of our problems stemmed from. As usual no one on the pitch recognised this and did anything about it.

      1. maybe diatribe was the wrong word. I was just trying to welcome you to the party! Great comments as ever Don. keep ’em coming.

  7. These people are paid a fortune to perform and that was an abject performance which starts with Jones.His track record is littered with failure.We will do nothing in Japan and he should then be terminated.Having heard him speak he is a knowall that doesn’t know all.The whole lot should be ashamed and apologise to the nation

  8. Gave it a 9 but mightily relieved that we crossed at the last minute.

    I will jump onto Farrell before DP does. He postures leadership but doesn’t deliver it. Fair play to the guy, he shouldered responsibility for the two momentum moments (Macinally’s charge down and Russell’s intercept) but his leadership is wooden and inflexible. He seems to have an iron grip on the team. We need someone elsewhere in the team to rip up what’s not working (or at least see the momentum shift and adapt), a mighty pack leader would spring to mind – where from at this stage I do not know. Underhill seems to be made of leadership material in the long run but injuries are a worry and too short notice for the World Cup. Makes me think Hartley will have a big role to play despite simultaneously thinking George has grown into the team throughout the tournament.

    Cracking game of rugby though, frazzled nerves !!!

      1. Glad we are on the same page Aceee

        For the sake of this comment and these posts I also want to add that he almost got himself a yellow card – that shoulder charge could have gone either way AGAIN.

        His leadership stinks and I first remember writing about it after he berated Cipriani for kicking through instead of chasing himself for the winning score vs SA. He is dictatorial.

  9. I admit I didn’t bother watching the game after seeing Wales had won. What happened? Were Scotland that good?

    1. TTD I just spat my drink out laughing when I read your comment. If you really didn’t watch it, the answer can be summed up as a game of two halves. Fly halves and 40 minute halves.

    2. Where to start TTD? It was literally, a game of two quite distinct and from an English point of view, monumentally depressing halves. We were 31- 7 up and absolutely cruising at HT. twenty minutes into the second period, Scotland were level and threatening to run away with it. By the 65th minute they were ahead and we were absolutely shambolic. I stopped watching at that point,lest the TV went through window! The comments on here pretty much sum up how thoroughly we plumbed the depths of ineptitude from one to fifteen. Japan? Forget it.

  10. Thought we were great for the first 30 mins and then abject for the rest. We just went into free fall and I can’t understand why. Aside from the leadership question with Farrell, I don’t think we would have drawn that game if Ford hadn’t replaced him. He seemed devoid of ideas in 2nd half and we noticeably improved when Ford came on. Hughes added nothing, we need a real lock on the bench and I must say BV looks nowhere near his best still. Very worrying how we imploded in that game… EJ has some real work to do and I’m not sure he is the right guy to do it at all.

    1. Stuart, I have to say that I was thinking the same about BV. Curry has been our best back row this tournament and Wilson second.

  11. Congratulations Scotland on a great second half. I’m afraid it’s egg on your face Eddie after your press comments but there are positives to take from the first half.

    1. But there aren’t any positives. The whole point is that for the second time in this 6N , we went like a train for forty then collapsed. What positives can we draw from playing well in halves? I shudder to think what might have happened if Scotland had not been so dire in the first period.
      There is something seriously amiss here. Jones and his team are taking us nowhere.
      Trying to put a positive spin on it is EXACTLY what Jones will do. Not having a go at you CJ, just totally peed off.

  12. So yet again I am asking why Hughes when we could have Morgan? Does Cole bring anything? Why not Armand say on the bench? Eddie has totally single handedly screwed our scrum half situation. Why is our bench so rubbish when at the beginning of his tenure it was our strength? Ditto Eddie’s ineptitude when it comes to making replacements… His only early replacement was Dan Cole for Sinkler ffs!! Why!!??
    Is Eddie in coaching terms actually a flat track bully and a bit of a chancer/moron?
    Our half back situation is really worrying now. Watching Youngs brainlessly box kick everything away in the second half was like Chinese water torture. He and Faz implode in the most amazing fashion I have to say…it’s a special kind of talent.

      1. We are a different side with Mako and Maro and Lawes. Both the Wales game and this one our half backs have pretty much single handedly thrown the game and both times Eddie failed to react. If they had come off earlier could have been a different story. But the bench was all wrong with no one except Ford bringing anything and that’s on Eddie.

        1. We may be a different side with those three in the squad Bolter, but it would still leave the major problems unaddressed. These imv are as follows: 1. We won’t win anything with Youngs and Farrell as half-backs. 2. Billy V is a long way short of top form at 8 and EJ shows no sign of selecting an effective back up instead of Hughes. 3. Daly, for all his running skills is not a full back and needs replacing by Brown. 4. (and most important) there is no on field leadership whatsoever. Can you see Wynn-Jones allowing a Wales team to fall apart like that?) Don’t want Hartley back, but we seem to be extremely short of intelligent leadership. Maybe Launch, who does a good job at club level, or Kruis who seems to be clued up? Finally, the defensive coach needs to take a look at the Wales game. Turgid and unexciting it may have been, but Sean Edwards has them drilled to a t and their fitness levels are extremely high. England looked good defensively earlier in the season, but the alignment this time once Scotland got on the front foot was dreadful.

  13. 10/10 for emotions felt, and edge of the seat excitement in places and some fantastic rugby from both sides. Significantly lower if i was rating based on some of the awful decisions (player decision making not referee).

    If I were a Scotland fan (half English half Welsh) I would be delighted, as that was a significantly decimated team, but a big performance from half time onwards. Must have been one hell of a halftime team talk.

    As an England fan that was the usual mixture of fantastic mixed with atrocious. I don’t think any other team in World Rugby is as prone to totally falling apart and idiotically incapacble if changing a failing game plan/adapting to an opposition growing in confidence and ability.

    Young’s really has to go for us to have a chance, his decision making and passing is so below international standard it is ridiculous. And that box kicking is $hite. Farrell is a great player who shouldn’t be captain. And Dan Cole just is no longer international standard.

    1. FCOL Ed, what’s ‘gr8’ about Farrell. Kicking inappropriately, throwing an intercept, getting charged, no arms, late tackle, lack of ability to change tactical, er, tack, meaningless after match sound bites apart, yes, I suppose he is gr8 really.

      1. You like him about as much as I like Hartley Don. My concerns about him are threefold. Firstly, he is not playing with his former confidence. I have always thought of him as unflappable, but he has been fractious and unreliable this season. Second, he plays what he has told, not what is in front of him and lacks the flexibility and awareness to take things by the scruff of the neck like Finn Russell, Biggar or Cips. Thirdly, he is a red card waiting to happen. Whatever, I can’t see him getting dropped, and with Robson and Care still injured we are probably stuck with Youngs as well.

        1. But apart from all that Andy, things must be looking up.. mustn’t they? Harley’s ancient history is just that. You know he’s been clean under Jones for over 3 yrs. Old grudges @ all that. Hartley relates to refs & leads by e.g. Whether he, or anyone else, (Launch? But he won’t start if the infallible Itoje & Kruis are fit) is allowed to use his initiative under the control freak is another matter. May need a player rebellion? In any event, it’s surely obvious that Farrell is a busted flush in his captain’s role. Someone has to do it, but does anyone else have the gumption to stare Jones down? That may be the real ?

          1. Agree that they have to have the gumption to stare Jones down but I feel they also need to have the gumption to stare Farrell down too – that’s the kind of leader he is. He has inserted himself into this role by posturing , those are the hardest types to push aside.

            1. Agree with a lot of this. Farrell is a very questionable player. Under pressure he tends to put the blinkers on and turn into Mr One Man Army and inevitably stifle the whole team. I’ve never ever considered him a decent captain and am frankly amazed he’s still got the gig.

              I also rate Hartley, brilliant in the set, decent around the park and his leadership is excellent. Jamie George is probably slightly ahead of him performance wise but we need his leadership. As far as I’m concerned his past indiscretions are exactly that. The past. Even half of those were much ado about nothing. We have always missed Hartley when he hasn’t been about. Think back to Tom Youngs screwing up the scrum in the world cup under Lancaster.

  14. Well, reading all the above comments, I can see that we are all pissed off.
    Looking from a global sporting point of view, you have a world beating team, that plays inspiring rugby, that can then capitulate, to an under strength team, when the opposition starts to play.

    All that says to me is, failed management, failed tactical management, failed emotional management.
    I find it really hard to stomach. Disappointed does not go any where close to describe how I feel.
    You can’t destroy a team in the first 30 minutes and then roll over like a puppy. Not wanting to
    denegrate puppies but talk about unacceptable.
    If professional rugby players can succumb so easily to a second half comeback from a depleted team, in there own back yard, then shame on them, shame on them.
    I think because Eddy went on a long winning streak, we were all beguiled.
    Jones goes now, if he can’t bring the best out of the players, he has to go.
    We are 9 months from a WC and I would welcome a change.

    1. Agree about the winning run Sharpy. i said a while ago that it eventually turned into an albatross that hampered team development and sad to say now, I think it enabled Ed to hide his failings for a long period of time.
      Would a change of coach work? It’s not going to happen. The suits are as culpable (again) as any of the players or Jones are. They handed him a bloody extension until 2020 if my memory serves!
      I wonder what the players really think? Surely they can see how inept such pathetic performances are making them appear? I would be crawling up the wall after a display like that if I earned my living as a pro player.
      i think we are all bemused,bruised and bewildered and rightly so.
      maybe Ed will ‘fess up and fall on his sword but I doubt he has the humility or grace tbh.

    2. Well Sharpy, I’m not so sure about the ‘world beating’ bit. England can come out of the blocks alright, but you are right about their ability to fall away in the later stages of games. If the oppo ‘start to play’, it must mean that they have the ball to play with. Therefore, there must be a breakdown @ the breakdown issue to be sorted. Also, whereas prev England’s defence stood up, as per Ireland (was the winner IMO), it’s now falling over? Why? Misalignment? Being out of position? Whatever, it too must be addressed. Additionally & perhaps even more worryingly, but more potentially, readily fixable, is & as has been identified here, the decision to kick it & keep kicking it when under pressure, whereas ball retention & it’s subsequent appropriate use, are what is so obviously required. The really concerning thing for England is the utter lack of ability to recognise & understand how to sort this latter issue out! In mean, if you have a fire, you’d normally use an extinguisher to put it out, not squirt paraffin on to the flames. Already been done to death I know, but Jones, the 1/2’s & captain Farrell are as culpable as hell with this cluster****! A radical solution would be to replace, or IOW, cut out the cancer, pronto of course, esp in the case of Jones. The buck & all that. However the 2 problems here are, who to replace him with (Baxter? Would he? Is he, anyone else available?) & the will, or stomach, of the RFU to do so.. before the horse has bolted. A perplexing dilemma, esp as Eddie, post match, stated that it’s (falling over in the 2nd 1/2) a mental thing. That they can/will bring people in to fix it!? The thing is, he wasn’t clear on whose mentality required fixing, his, or his team’s? Assumed he meant not his!? Oh dear!

  15. Honestly, this match was weird, but basically Scotland didn’t show up in the first half, then when they did in the second, England couldn’t immediately respond.

    1st half – England played 9/10, Scotland played 4/10 = 31-7

    2nd half – England played 7/10, Scotland played 9/10 = also 31-7

    Quick analysis of the tries:
    England 1 – Grigg lines up BV quite lately, Scottish backtracking drift does alright, but Nowell steps 3 Sco players (very difficult to stop although arguably Grigg overuns his defensive support line?)
    England 2 – always a try
    England 3 – Genge creates this; weak Scottish tackling tbh. That offload to Sinkler though – great to see England with confidence to do this, and not playing closed rugby. Scramble defence still not enough
    England 4 – horrible defensive communication from Scotland – yes pressured by quick tap but NZ would have called a drift/hold, can’t remember who bites on Farrell but should’ve called drift!
    Scotland 1 – read by McInally. A hooker outpacing 2 backs though – come on!
    Scotland 2 – Russell fixes Launchbury, creating space on the inside. Kruis does well on the covering tackle but Scotland make England scramble. They go wide to Graham, who shouldn’t score – steps Nowell (ok thats fine) but Tuilagi is expecting Graham to back himself on the touch, so leaves the inside open, Graham gets through
    Scotland 3 – BV shows his speed limit. Tracks back well and can see the space he should be covering, but doesn’t have that last gear to accelerate into to cover Price’s inside (although it was a sneaky pass and a great line by 8)
    Scotland 4 – Scotland are going forward in the maul, shows balance of intensity swinging towards Scotland. Ball comes out of maul, England defend narrow so early set call and Russell floats it into the 13 channel. From there its a 1-on-1 with Daly, who is too far behind to catch up – BUT I do think the lack of even a proper committed tackle shows that the Engs heads are dropping
    Scotland 5 – Farrell doesn’t play what’s in front of him coupled with Russell reading the options well. Sees English forward pod so shoots out, gifts Farrell the space behind to run in but its been a difficult couple of mins for him and he gives the pass which is intercepted (see the Scotland/Ireland game)
    Scotland 6 – Tuilagi bites, Russell gets beautiful pass out. But I count 5 missed tackle opportunities on Johnson. EJ will not be pleased
    England 5 – it was coming one way or another. Important to salvage some dignity, but not much…

    There was also that non-try by BY, who I was a bit disappointed with (although I know many will disagree with me on this next bit) – he knew he knocked it on, his first reaction when his teammates congratulated him was a shake of the head. I wish he had been honest to the ref – ok so they are professionals and are paid to win, but honesty is one thing that draws people to the game – why draw the line at not accepting diving, when acting like you scored is just as ethically questionable? Anyway thats my take, and that teeny touch, or Laidlaw’s missed pen, are all could’ve, would’ve, should’ves.

  16. Gor bimey Marco. A longer diatribe than mine. Took the heat off, thanks, but you missed Sinckler’s run (after which Launch eventually scored I think), when he didn’t even look for a support runner (there was 1 to his left). Basic stuff. Can win games!

    1. Yup, a bit of verbal diarrhoea but had no one to spout at on Sat (other than the mrs).

      And true re Sinkler – better decision making could’ve made an easier try, but the act itself provided enough momentum/chaos to prevent an effective scramble defence

  17. Horrid second half from England,simply cannot deal with pressure from the opposition. I have been a supporter of Farrell but he has been well exposed in this 6N as one dimensional and unable to rally the troops. That said others around him need to step up and i didn’t see any of that in the Wales or 2nd half of Scotland. Youngs needs to be dropped immediately. Hughes, Cole and Shields for me have no place in the wider squad there is better options available and they need to be brought in for the pre WC games….although its prob too late to make a sugnificant difference. There is something mentally amiss with this team. This 6N has been underwhelming as prior it was being billed to be the most competitive ever given the form of the four home nations pre tournament (forget France and Italy). Instead we had a dessimated Scottish team, an Ireland side a shadow of what they were in 2018 and an English team who implode under pressure. Well done Wales but without being ‘sour grapes’ the quality of the competiton they faced has not been great…..summed up by the awful Irish performance yesterday.

  18. I knew we would go out of the last world cup in the group stage and told everybody i knew that because of farrells lack of running game and his poor distribution alongside a slow back row we would lose against wales and australia and we did. when jones took the helm from lancaster i was optomistic ‘very unusual for me’ but his selection and tactics are have let the nations rugby team and fans down badly its time to cut our losses and bring a new guy in before the world cup that will start george ford or danny cipriani at 10 and drop farrell from the squad completely! England need to stop the aimless kicking game as the england forwards must be sick and tired of winning ball for the half backs to throw away cheaply, our opposition must love the fact that they know they are going to be able to rely on a steady stream of ball even if the england forwards are dominating. England have so many young players that we do not have an old head on the field to manage the game when we are not going well, cipriani for farrell would solve this i feel. There are of course other issues the team has like billy not pulling his considerable weight, but i feel that if eddie jones and owen farrell were not around the group and we would at least have a chance of improving.

  19. I don’t think having an old head on the field will solve our issues Colin. Age doesn’t always equal the required experience as shown by the likes of Robshaw and Hartley in the past who have both been in games where England have melted. The issue England have had for some years now is our core of so called ‘experienced’ players cannot seem to turn a bad game around. Yesterday we had Youngs, Farrell, Launch and BV. All well experienced at international level. None of them demonstrated the on field leadership we seem to be so lacking. We then also have Daly, Nowell, Kruis, George, Sinkler…all have pulled on a Lions shirt yet collectively just seem to be turning around expecting someone else to fix the on field decline. A lot of blame being laid at Farrells feet but this team need to take a good look around at each other. IMO throughout this 6N it has been Curry and Wilson that seem to be the ones showing the most desire to try and turn the game around and they are the least experienced at this level!!!

    1. If farrell is making the decision at 10 how does hartly or anybody else being on the field help…farrell seems unable to manage the game effectively especially in the close or hard fort games….youngs is not helping ‘aimless kicking againt wales and scotland’ and i have always admired youngs but alas it looks times for a change…farrell is clearly a sheep that does what he is told and does not have the skills or inclination to be able to switch from the pre match plan when required!!! I agree yesterday he was not alone in being poor however i do hold farrell at least partly responsible for our implosion in the last world cup and in the games since when in tight situations he does not have solutions imo.

      1. Yes agree Farrell does have to take a large percent of the blame but our so called experienced players are also lacking leadership and nous…many of them part of the same crowd from Lancaster era where we had the same issues. A captain needs generals around him. Martin Johnson had many, Sam Warburton had AW Jones, Halfpenny, Biggar, Jenkins. In fact Warburton makes no qualms about admitting that often it would be AWJ or Biggar leading the changing room even though he was captain.

  20. It was a witless English performance once we got to 31-0. To go on and only just avoid defeat due to a last minute try was an embarrassment. Giving up that kind of advantage, at home against an understrength Scotland with one 6N win, was abject.
    The failure was a collective one, though its plain there are worrying and it seems deep rooted issues around the starting half backs and onfield leadership, which seems to be completely absent when the going gets even mildly difficult.
    Jones has to take a large part of the blame. Goodness knows what he says at h/t as losing leads and stalling in the 2nd half has become a trend now. We buckle far too easily under pressure, lose shape and composure, while making elementary errors.
    There’s plenty of talent in this team. We’ve played the best attacking rugby in the 6N and scored some cracking tries resulting in 184 points across the 5 games. Against that we’ve had three 2nd meltdowns, missed more tackles than is acceptable, conceded ground out wide far too easily and seen good positions squandered.
    Winning things usually involves having a low error count, resilience, consistency and discipline.
    We arent really delivering on these core attributes.

  21. England have a pack capable of competing againat anybody at the wc and we have outside backs capable too. Our Achilles heel is our half backs and our tactics. We have to address this like fast or its a disappointing wc for us again i think.

  22. It is always the top two inches that decide close physically even battles and we do not have the intelligence in the half backs with our current selection.

  23. Some random thoughts. Pablito’s v quiet. Has L Warwick disappeared? AlexD has disappeared. What would jones (Stephen) make of yesterday? Suggest bringing in Dave Attwood, more gnarled vets, more abrasive attitude, state ‘it’s all about winning’? Yes, all that should work. Was Gustard the only one who had any foresight?

    1. Could Gustard stomach working “for” Eddie? i remember an anecdote about some of the Japan players hiding when EJ was around because he was so draconian with them!
      Just watched the post match interview with EJ and Faz. Same old bolox.

    2. I am around but away on business Don so no time. Don’t worry though my thoughts will appear in due course!

      1. Goodo Pablito, but you mustn’t let work interfere with rugby too much. Got to get yr priorities sorted! Yr country needs you.

  24. Well I am still angry today! Unfortunately having spent quite a lot of the second half charging out of the room yelling obscenities I missed a fair amount. But I do remember that my first furious barrage of obscenities directed at Eddie was when Cole came on early. There have to be big question marks about Eddie’s decisions. We had a truly horrible bench who were in no way finishers more designed to finish off England fans by precipitating cardiac arrest watching them. I said before we should have Morgan not Hughes and Cold should be retired from international rugby. Why no lock cover again? Shields is not an impact player and there are way better options in the premiership ie Armand.
    Sorry to keep repeating myself but the half back situation is a disaster with Eddie giving no time to.the young scrum halves. Who is going to be captain if not Faz? I don’t see how you can play Hartley.when George has been so good . Eddie said he was filthy with himself for not changing the half backs in Cardiff but he left it far too late again when Youngs resembled nothing more than a rubbish box kicking robot and Faz had come unwired. The mistakes they make under pressure are so elementary.that it really beggars belief.

  25. Ironic isn’t it that the player who saved Eddie’s bacon has been dumped on the scrap heap? We are crying out for players with natural instincts as opposed to malfunctioning robots, or at least to balance them when things go wrong. It’s also very bizarre how little trust Eddie puts in Ford given that he was our starting fly half for 3 years of his tenure. He could have moved Faz back to 12 in both matches once things started to go wrong…F&F plus Manu would have been worth trying.

    1. Also talking about malfunctioning robots that’s a pretty good description of Eddie as a coach regarding many decisions. A robotic coach helps make for a robotic team.

  26. 8/10 for a Scot/Neutral, 5/10 for me as an England fan.

    We paid for arrogance after half time thinking the game was won and taking our foot off the gas, do not think it was Scottish heart all the way.

    For me again Eddie to blame, should of made changes earlier and Farrell for me is no where near Captain material, totally lost his head and George steadied the ship but all to late.

    Eddie please drop Nathan Hughes and introduce some game changes on the bench, a lot has been said about Big Joe’s defence but with 20 minutes to go, off the bench with no back line cover, unleash a potential game changer.

  27. Whilst I agree that EJ should have changed this up earlier, this set of players really need to take a long hard look in the mirror. Maybe they are simply not as good as we think/hoped? Sublime when the opposition is not in the game but put under any kind if real pressure and most of them melt! How much of this is coaching to blame though or just players not being able to handle it? The reason i ask is look at Ireland….2018 people talking like they were already in the WC final yet same set of players this 6N seem a shadow of last year…so does this mean Schmidt has suddenly coached them to be like this? Their performance against Wales looked like a team who had not played together yet this was pretty much the same personnel who never looked like losing a game prior to 6N????

    1. The reason the ABs are the best team in the world and have been for ages is that they are able to play with the pressure of expectation. Although having said that that same pressure has led to some terrible chokes in the world cup. On the whole Northern hemisphere sides don’t deal with the pressure of being favourites and prefer to be underdogs. I am not ruling Ireland out because with the favourites tag removed they will probably become dangerous again. By the same metric it wouldn’t surprise me if Wales underperform. Also the drop in performance from Sexton and especially Murray has spooked the whole side. Just as an aside, am I the only one who thought Angus Gardner had a rubbish homer refereeing performance?! Really didn’t help Ireland’s confidence early on.

      1. No, you are not the only one Bolter. There were times when Gardner might just as well have given Wynn-Jones the whistlt. He is masterly at getting refs to see the game from his point of view. Farrell could learn a lot from him.

      2. Bolter, that’s 1 reason regarding the AB’s position in rugby. There are others, like the Union controlling the game & players, S Rugby, discipline & a mindset to innovate, seeking to score tries from wherever on the field-because they’re worth more points. The choking thing is now discredited by their WC record. Unless the NH have also choked in all but 1 WC?

    2. Great point about the quality of the players DM.
      It set me wondering if there are players out there who are simply being over looked due to received wisdom? There are posters on here who watch far more rugby than I do and I wonder what they think:Is what we are told are the best 23/38 or what ever players in the GP really so? Makes me wonder.

    3. Agree that Ireland gave surprised adversely in this 6N & I’m uncertain as to why. However, v Wales there was only a try a piece. Anscombe kicked everything, with the pen count killing Ireland off.

  28. Was that a bad dream? Mucked sent me a text Sunday Morning with that question.
    Sadly no.
    If we’d won that game, I’d be thinking that England ( despite not winning the competition) have showed the most dynamic rugby during this tournament.
    Now I don’t know what to think.
    However EJ, post match said that they “think they know what the problem is”-Hilarious
    I’ve heard more enlightened comments coming from politicians with reference to Brexit. ( and that’s saying something)
    Just like this country doesn’t know its political future, we don’t know what English rugby will bring to the table when the shirt is pulled on

  29. Morgan Wootten…” it’s often said you learn more form losing than winning”

    He’s clearly not watched England play rugby then. The SA tour implosions did nothing to stop the 2nd half against Wales and that game did nothing to stop the 2nd half against Scotland. EJ’s reference to the 2015 WC is just bunkum. Has he forgotten the 2016 Aus series win, built on outstanding defence?

    Faz has proven himself when he has been given an armchair ride behind a dominant pack. But the cracks are getting wider and wider when under pressure. The charged down kick was really poor vision. 31-0 up,closing on half time, a slow delivery from Young’s; just take it back into the big lads and retain possession. Again the interception pass, Russell had left a huge gap to get to the ball, indeed he did exactly the same when Ford came on and that gap allowed forward momentum that eventually lead to the equalising try. A TCUP moment perfectly executed by Ford and so lacking it seems in Faz.

    There’s 4 games left before the WC, 2 against Wales,one against Ireland and the other against Italy….are there any England supporters actually looking forward to them with any optimism? I think mines truly waning….

  30. Interesting how a lot of us armchair experts were calling for Farrell to play 10 instead of Ford only a few months ago. Cips is still the classiest 10 we have Inc, but still won’t get the call.

  31. I still can’t fathom how that happened. Just have to say fair play to the Scots, they deserved the win IMO. That being said, I’m not going to be typically English and over react.
    What does this Six Nations show us about England in cold facts compared to the other Northern Hemisphere teams… we have the best collection of individual players, we have the best strength in depth, we play the most exciting attacking rugby, we have solved our ever present back row and centre selection dilemma. However, we are the most mentally fragile, we have the fewest on field leaders, we make the poorest decisions under pressure and we have an aggressive but leaky defence. Essentially, all the core ingredients are there for a world beating team. We just need to sort out the bit between the ears and we will be formidable. Not all doom and gloom! If we can’t sort it out before the World Cup then most of these players will be around in four years time and we will probably have Gatland and Edwards coaching us by then which should do the trick!

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