Six Nations 2020: England v Wales Rate the Match

What did you think of this afternoon’s match at Twickenham?

Who played well? What were the main talking points?

What will England think of this year’s Six Nations campaign?

203 thoughts on “Six Nations 2020: England v Wales Rate the Match

  1. A Triple Crown in the bag, so they can’t have been all that bad after all (by definition). Not WC conquering standard but then they didn’t need to be – it was that lesser known championship called the 6Ns!
    The physicality and monster hits were pretty impressive whilst Youngs managed to get back up to speed (just a shame he wasn’t at the very beginning and in the WC final)

    1. Who’conquered’ in the World Cup? South Africa, that’s who! England aren’t really impressive; no decent side would have let Wales back to a 3-point margin, having dominted them for large parts of the match. Three more minutes and England might have lost that game. Glaring psychological and concentration issues; no wonder EJ doesn’t enjoy coaching!
      As for Wales, it’s a pretty simple issue; they need a front-row. It’s a sad situation to see Wales struggle against a pack that was minced by SA (Wales themselves having achieved parity with that same Springbok pack in the semis).
      England, though, have in the end, been the strongest side in this disrupted 6N; the wheels came off for France yesterday, and Wales, Ireland, France all coming to terms with new management. England have stability, which is a huge advantage.

  2. Great start to the game from both sides. Such intensity, such pace.
    England looked great going forward, but Wales pressured on defense.
    Tuilagi, Daly, Watson all looked v good.
    Ben o Keefe showing he isn’t up to reffing at this standard, anyway.
    I know impartial but what a BS red card. So much mitigation but anyway.glad the contest wasn’t spoilt by the TMO.

    1. Jake is this not a typically subjective ‘English’ comment about a SH referee? He looked pretty level headed & tolerant to me, especially whist warning yr petulant skipper (yet again) when he lost it after being side swiped by his own (Itoje) in that early breakdown. Are you basing yr comment on Tui’s red? It seems so. That being the case, suerly you need to remind yrself about the tackle rule. No arms, head high spring to mind (& sight). What if it had been the same tackle on an English player by a Welshman? Tui has previous of being less than cerebral. King hitting Ashton before a cast of 1000’s, jumping into the harbour etc, so perhaps you oughtn’t to be surprised by another of his mindless indiscretions. The tackle rule is there to protect players & is not to be suspended just because yr favourite PI bosh merchant unnecessarily lost control when the heat in the kitchen got too much. Besides being illegal & unnecessary, it was dumb (worth a card in itself?) & put England under undue pressure near the death.

      1. Don’t think I’d mentioned O’Keefe’s nationality Don, but we can always count on your to play the SH victim.
        You are right to point out the tackle laws, Ben could’ve done with your lecture because he failed to card Owens for a blatant swinging arm on Youngs and then Parkes who seemed to jumped in to Manu at head height. A very balance refereeing performance in deed.
        And a mention re PI…does anyone have bingo on their Don bingo sheets?

        1. Please Jake. You’re ‘sounding’ like a whingeing Pom. As if you were unaware. Besides, It’s no skin off mine is it? Factually, Tui was carded after TMO review, Parkes wasn’t. Bingo card or no bingo card. Anyway, I don’t play bingo. As the PI ref was for the benefit of Mr. Kite, or that other well known high flyer Apex D, you needed be such a defence coach.

          1. Jake, please dont make me agree with Don… Thought the ref had a decent game. Tuilagis red was just one of those that could have gone any way. Thought it was a yellow myself as North was falling at the time, but marginal.

            1. It was red to me. The rules are if its deemed a shoulder charge ( no arms) and there is contact to head or neck it’s a red. No mitigation in those circumstances. It doesn’t matter if the player is falling at all. That only matters if its deemed a high tackle.

              1. I would have gone yellow. There is actually mitigation applicable to shoulder charges, so North dropping height as a result of the covering tackle should have been taken into considering.

  3. That referee shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a pitch again. Why wasn’t Parkes carded for head on head if Manu is a red. Pathetic refereeing and making a ‘hard’ decision when the result of the match is known. Don’t think Owens threw the ball in straight once either. Much like Skeen, a busy body who likes his voice heard above the rugby.

    Great to beat the Welsh.

    1. Launching oneself into a tackle, head height, is reckless at best. How this wasn’t even referred by the TMO really makes one question their compatency.

          1. Don’t need to Jake. You do it for me. Do you actually re-read yr own comments sometimes? Are you & SJ twins? Please, stop shooting the messenger, it’s tiresome.

              1. Well, it is Sunday SJ. Perhaps you & Jake can read Staggy’s comment & take yr own advice. According to the law it was, is & until the tackle law is changed, it will still be a red, tiresome or not. You need to get over it. Still, looking on the bright side, thank God yr side didn’t lose eh!

                  1. I thought Parkes should have seen yellow but I wouldn’t have been shocked by a red. He tried to wrap his arms so it was a high tackle not a shoulder charge. So it’s a yellow, red if deemed a high degree of danger.

                    1. Interesting(; refs shouldn’t really by a player’s reputation, but I’m afraid it happens. You is known as a violent player, whereas Parkes, though physical, is not a dirty player.

                    2. Sorry TTD, predictive text prevails again! Should say “Tui is” not “you is”. I may be Welsh but I’m not that illiterate;)

      1. Jake’s comments was a propos an equally vicious and illegal tackle on Tui by Parkes. Watch the game on replay Sun 11.25pm (you might pick it up)
        Consistent refereeing is what people want. The ref didn’t provide it. The crowd, SCW, and North himself looked and sounded like they thought Tui’s ‘foul’ should have been less……i.e a yellow with which I would concur.
        Parkes got nothing which was strange and by the letter of the law he could have seen a red too (a card that is though he must have seen red too to commit the foul)

        1. I will check out a Parkes replay. However, as you point out, by ‘the letter of the law’ Tui’s red was just that. No arms, head high. TMO reviewed. It’s irrelevant what, you SCW, the crowd (did you ask each of the 80k individually? You must have got around quicker than Father Xmas!) or Uncle Tom Cobley & all THINK. To cherry pick one isolated incident in respect of the ref is not indicative of his performance. Yr take on this issue, as with others too, is subjective & unscientific. Perhaps that’s why you’re not a ref. I agree with you though about the letter of the law. Bet Tui doesn’t. Maybe raiding the Pacific backfired on this occasion. Would a ‘suppressed’ English player have kept his indigenous cool in such circumstances? Some red food for thought?

          1. When it came to ‘big’ decisions, yes, England didn’t get the rub of the draw or the ref. Parkes could have ‘gone’ either permanently or at least for 10 with half an hour left to play at least (probably longer….i’ll have to watch at 11.25 too) That would have changed the game wouldn’t it? Wales down to 14 with half the game left. The Parkes hit was when Tui got a second cut to his head from their head to head collision. Being Tui, he got up, dusted himself down and got on with it.
            You could hear the crowd, all the English ones at any rate, they thought the decision was over the top! Nor was there any malice/intent as all concurred in the commentary box afterwards.
            At any rate all us Englishmen are having a party. Time to celebrate! Have one on me!

            1. I’ll watch for the moths flying out of yr wallet then shall I? Seems like you were relying on the ref to win you the game. OIOW, pull yr fat out of the (home) fire? All if’s & but’s. Celebrate a nr run thing.. or drown yr sorrows? ‘Righted the ship’ again I suppose?

              1. Absolutely. A win is a win. As a Kiwi you wouldn’t get the England v Wales rivalry. How could you! I’m happy to win by 1 against Wales and Welshmen are happy to do so against us.
                Pints of Spitfire all round!

                1. Stating on be1/2,of others again. Can ‘t help yrself can you? Credibility thing. All unscientific of course, as usual. Have you ever actually been to the original Cardiff Arms Park?

                    1. Why did England win? Didn’t think you were old enough judging by yr comments. Me? Depends on which occasion you mean. I went numerous times over the yrs. You?

      1. Reply to second answer above this:
        The ‘your not old enough’ insult. Wow: I haven’t heard that one used since I was six! Does that answer it for you!
        Why they won you ask?
        Answ: They were the better team on the day.

        1. Surely you ARE only 6? Meant ‘Why, did England win’? Not ‘Why did England win’? But thought you would have worked that out, but if you’re only 6, obviously not. Anyway, as I’ve experienced a few atmospheres at International UK & Fr stadia down the yrs, I got a vague notion of various rivalries, so yr contention to the contrary is, as usual, fake.

          1. Sorry mate, I’m not responsible for your grammatical errors. Try writing properly and excise the text talk and acronym rubbish you seem to communicate in. We might then get it 1st time. You seriously expect us to de-code your cr*p all the time do you?

            1. Well, actually it wasn’t a grammatical error, my grammar was fine. It was a typo ommission of a coma. In any event you’ve reverted entirely to predictable & hypocritical type by NOT ‘taking about rugby’ as you once advised me to do. Couldn’t make it up could you. Better off sticking to CAP, but anyway I’ve given yr life enough meaning & attention for now & you’re boring the socks off me. As Acee states, do ‘keep up’, it’s time to move on, or haven’t you noticed a couple of other new blog topics which require yr drivel. You’re behind the 8 ball again AD, as usual. Make yr way through the dust others have already left there. BYW, ‘heard’ from Hutch yet? Has he done yr dirty work for you? Lazy sod & I expect you can’t find yr ‘research’ on yr own can you? Must be a tad difficult finding the unknown I guess. How are you & that laughing hyena getting along? See you on the other side when you eventually decide to play catch up. Tat, tah.

                1. And you’re sounding a bit defensive and/or scared that the administrator might just come up with something that makes you out to be a total fraud. Whoops

                2. I’m not yr friend dipstick. What grammar FFS? Speak in the English you go on & on like a nun’s knickers about will you? Is where you took yr ‘sabbatical’?

  4. More concerning than the red card was the make up of our back row (again). On quite a few occasions we had backs against forwards at the b/down as Wilson and co were slow to cover the ground and be in the right place at the right time.
    Add in more thickology from Faz and Manu and it was a decidedly mixed day at HQ. In Manu’s defence, it was not malicious just impetuous but dim nonetheless. Nice to see him and North remind us that for all the creeping commerciality and other nonsense , the spirit of sportsmanship isn’t quite dead.
    Come on scotland!!

    1. I think, credit to Wales, they were playing the ball away from the breakdown very quickly and recycling well. Maybe this highlights a deficiency for England at the breakdown, not slowing it down enough, but think the backrow still performed well. Curry and lawes got a couple of crucial turnovers in the game to stop Wales.
      Farrell seemed to be full shit housery but let’s not pretend like he was the only one. This fixture was full of it, and the player or team who bites first is the one who loses out.
      Manu decision still baffles me, there is enough mitigation there re height, falling to downgrade it to a yellow but oh well. The consistency is the most frustrating thing. Once again Juncker seemingly happy to ping England for any possible infringement but misses two clear, cardable high tackles from Wales, v similar to v Ireland. I still don’t know why a TMO is making the final decision.

      1. Alun -Wyn has had a VERY uncharacteristic sense of humour failure too, re Joe Marler and his wandering hands. Great player, bit of a girlie!

        1. Loves dishing it out, couldn’t keep himself away from Sinkler last year. When on thr losing side though, he’s quick to play the blame game – see post matches after France and England.

        2. Oh yes, it’s absolutely hilarious grabbing someone’s testicles; HOW we all laughed. Oh, he’s a one that Marler isn’t he, ho-ho.ho.

  5. Engaging game of high, at times almost frenetic tempo, with Wales giving it a real lash, if predictably & unproductively, mostly through their ball carriers. England, pragmatic as ever, absorbed the Initial Welsh onslaught. They then, with their own upped tempo, did much the same & also went to heaven with the ball. Again, this was much as Wales had also done. Both teams over cooked this latter & ltd part of their game IMO. Why is that teams seem to only ‘trust’ their backs when the horse has almost bolted? Wales only really gave it air when England had put comfortable daylight between the sides. England, again predictably, ‘took the points’ with Farrell’s boot. Safety 1st? You bet. Well, it looked hard to argue against this penalty policy with England well ahead at one point. However, with Tui off & the Welsh back in it with some out of the blue points, England were likely regretting that they had been so conservative when could really have put it all to bed with one more try earlier on. In the end, England got home with a whopping 3 to spare, but frankly, they ought to have put 2 more scores on Wales. Shades of Scotland last yr? Whom played well? According to a couple here, not the ref. Some sour grapes?Some stress due to an unexpectedly narrow scoreline? Tui’s red? Seems likely, at least in part. Ironic that the maligned Youngs got the MOTM award? Probably. England’s loose fwds, looked good at times & Watson was lively (shades of JJ?). Tight 5 & espicially the scrum were sound. Tui ‘bashed’ it (& a Welshman) up. Williams & Halfpenny mostly looked accomplished. The Welsh back row were also industrious, AW-J likewise. Biggar too. The Welsh scrum held up at times, but got little change out of England. The two ‘talking points’? The reds? One given, one not apparantly. Tui & Parkes respectively. Need to review the latter, but disappointing that some argue the unarguable with the former’s card. High & no arms. End of. Rules is rules.. or not it seems. What of England’s 6N? On paper, job done.. almost. Ship righted after France? Might it have been more convincing if the last two results had been away. Satisfactory at best for me, but sadly unprogressive as well. England seem to have become somewhat regressive with their mirroring of SA’s 6/2 WC team split. This, along with some well documented oddly irrational picks & ommissions, potentially leave England looking somewhat & unnecessarily vulnerable to me. Jury in or out on Ed? Mmm. Can I get back to you on that one please?

  6. Another ‘talking point’. Why portocol wasn’t immediately observed When J May got his head knock. He only later went off, not to return. This incident raised 2 points. 1, player safety which we hear so much about. Who was responsible for potentially putting a player in brain damage danger? Why was procedure ignored? 2, why did it take so long to ascertain that May was ‘fit’ to carry on? As time wasting is an issue these days, May should have been cleared, or not, to play within a couple of minutes. If he was groggy for 5 minutes, surely this was a no brainer (NPI). He should have gone straight down the tunnel.

    1. What procedure are you refering to Don? Genuine question.
      May wasn’t knocked unconscious so isn’t obliged to leave the field. Unlike North v France, who was clearly out for the count, May was fully conscious and looked to be fully aware of his surroundings. Only later when flagged by the pitch side doctors did he leave for a HIA.

      1. Is it not mandatory to have a HIA test following a head knock? Does a player have to be unconscious? As May lay prone for some time & if he wasn’t injured, why didn’t he stay on? Or why was he prostrate for so long? Why was he flagged off? Had he had a head knock perchance? He must be glad you’re not a parent of his.

        1. I would agree that player safety was poor in this game. Tuilagi was carded for making contact with North’s head, so why wasn’t North sent off for a check up?! This is a guy with concussiok history! Would the decision have been different if it wasn’t in the final 10 with no fresh legs to replace him?
          Id need to rewatch but was AWJ down with a head/neck injury deep into the second half as well? With Jake Ball injured, it would’ve meant having no locks on the pitch. I hope this had nothing to do with the decision for him to play on.

  7. England were dominant for most of the match and should have won by more. Penalties and indiscipline let the Welsh back in time and time again, but of the outcome there was never really any doubt.
    EJ has provided stability and some progress since the WC (many would have liked more progress). Some players have been found: Earl, Thorley, Stuart and Dunn and others brought back: Devoto and Ewells.
    His selection policy continues to drive people mad but then you can’t really disagree with the 75% win rate and a home record that grows and grows.
    An Englishman supporting England on an English blog.

    1. Are you English by any chance? Bet you’ve got a Union Jack toilet seat. Don’t forget to pull it up before you puke into yr dunny after re-reading yr usual tribal, subjective drivel. LOL. Nxt year yr tougher games will mostly be AWAY!

      1. Mate its everywhere. Don’t forget the car mirror pennant, the duvet cover, stripes on the lawn (alas all green), MG’s got the Jack on it too!

        1. So what is it then? ‘Union’ is an English word & to the best of my knowledge, so is ‘Jack’, or at least an English name. As yr navy, in the days of yore, had UJ’s on their ships, is it perhaps a Russian, not an English, symbol of Empire? BTW, when are you going to take yr own advice & break out into rugby ‘talk’ again? You’re going off the rails as usual, with trivia & irrelevance yr watchwords. Ho, hum. As tedious as that rugby red card has become, innit? Oops, sincerely hope that the preceding sentence’s last ‘word’ is English?!

          1. I’m not getting into a battle Don. Just trying to lighten the mood a bit. For the record the Union flag is only called “Jack” when flown from the mast of a RN vessel.

            1. Srry Acee. Misread yr name as AlexD! Still bleary from prev night’s viewing of Vancouver 7’s. Retract my statement which was reserved for him.

          2. Don for your education the UJ encompasses the union of Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. The flag of Wales does not feature in it because at the time of the UJ’s creation in 1606 Wales and England were already one. A chap called James 1st ordered it created.

            Ergo to fly the UJ is nor NATIONALIST as you clearly believe. The English flag is the flag of St. George (a red cross on a white background)

            However, also for your information the word ‘nationalism’ can be interpreted in two ways.
            1. the slightly woke and silly idea that it appertains to the BNP and EDL which back in the 70’s and 80’s may have been the case but no more – both those idiotic parties have little following and NO POWER in parliament!)
            2. Plane old patriotism (which Americans do very well)

            Here Endeth the lesson.

            A question for you: If NZers are patriotic why not Englishmen?

            1. What lesson & why are you telling me all this stuff? Shouldn’t you direct it to someone who is interested ? Maybe EJ for instance? Sure he’d be riveted.

              1. Your words and I quote:
                “So what is it then? ‘Union’ is an English word & to the best of my knowledge, so is ‘Jack’, or at least an English name. As yr navy, in the days of yore, had UJ’s on their ships, is it perhaps a Russian, not an English, symbol of Empire? BTW, when are you going to take yr own advice & break out into rugby ‘talk’ again? You’re going off the rails as usual, with trivia & irrelevance yr watchwords. Ho, hum. As tedious as that rugby red card has become, innit? Oops, sincerely hope that the preceding sentence’s last ‘word’ is English?!”

                Because you didn’t know and were making false assumptions. That’s why. I school you all the time on here DP. You need a holiday from this site!

                1. So you can cut & paste. So what & why? I have already read my stuff as I wrote it dummy. What false assumptions? School yrself AD. You need to after yr ‘righting the ship’ fake news gaff, that’s for sure. Take a hol from the site? What, do a runner like you did last yr? When’s yr nxt sabbatical due? I was (as others were) here before you were a twinkle in the milkman’s eye Jnr Johnny come lately, therefore I must be more ‘English’ than you. Was it the heat in the kitchen last time?

                  1. Oh go and cry off somewhere else Donny! Now the heat has come on YOU for a change you don’t like the heat in the kitchen.

      1. You won’t last much longer on here chum. You’re already on your 1st Strike i recall from Hutch.
        You ought to be on your BEST behaviour mate.

              1. Thanks for the translation of this jibberish. Try not to use it in the first place would be my advice. The English language doesn’t need reducing to teenager textspeak.

  8. Wow Don P….did you get stood up last night or suffer brewers droop? I usually enjoy your (sometimes) credible opinion but your comments above suggest some real hate towards your adopted homeland assuming you live in old Blighty….or maybe Wales given the tone of your comments?? Keep banging on about only a 3 point margin….over the many years I have been watching rugby there has been plenty of games where NZ have ended winning with a narrow margin, but as a viewer you always knew the damage was done and the narrow win did not reflect the fact they were the better team by a respectable margin…..and they still had 15 men on the pitch.

    Look back at the France game….England came within one try of a draw, yet every English fan will admit we were well beaten and two JM moments of magic only masked the shite performance. Yes Wales came within 3 points but the truth is 15 v 15 they were second best.

    Have England progressed…not in my opinion but apart from France what teams have? Are England world beaters…not yet…are they a bad side….no. Can they progress under EJ? I am not convinced.

    But we beat Wales so for now it’s time to enjoy some nice red on a Sunday….but not until 12noon

    1. Think you ought to re-read my main post DM. Do you disagree with most of it? The 3 pt stuff is aimed at the resident tribalist. Nevertheless, if you’re honest with yrself, were you over the moon with this result at home? And all this blaming the ref. Bit of an excuse wasn’t it? England had plenty of the game. Pity some of YR comments were also personal & subjective, but I don’t think that you hate ME. The answer is ‘no’ & ‘no’ BTW. Regds.

      1. WOW Don you really are bitter about the boys in white! I’m not blaming the ref, why would I, we won….so what was the excuse you mention for? Do we need an excuse to win? First I have heard of that.

        Was I over the moon – no and I didn’t say i was. Was I happy with the performance…yes as we won and until we were down to 13 men the score was 33-16 and game over. Is there areas for improvement – yes, and I am dissapointed that we again left a bonus point out in the yard. Trust me DP I am a realist and I am fully aware this England side has much to improve on, but that is no different to all teams IMO.

        I think you are just jealous that Marler got to tickle big Alun’s winkie and you didn’t….and that is not a personal or subjective comment….

        1. DM, ironic that you mentioned credibility. What reason do I have to be bitter at the result of a match between 2 teams, neither of which I support? A general trend by a few here IS to have blamed the ref. As a ‘realist’ surely you can’t fail to acknowledge this. Regds the ‘bitter’ comment, it increasingly seems to be pots & kettles based. As disappointing as yr AW-J comment, which when the red (sorry) mist has cleared, you must also see as a tad unworthy. Enjoy yr celeb.

          1. But blaming the ref for what Don? I cannot see anyone blaming the ref, I only see comments dissagreeing with some of his decisions – which people are entitled to. England won, so I see no blame unless as I commented before that you can blame a ref for winning!? As for you being bitter – that’s what I cannot understand. Your comments seem to belittle the win, stink of ‘get a grip guys’ etc etc. Just no need – unless either a) you love to have a dig at England or b) you have a welsh passport, or french or whatever other country is playing England on a said week. Although I suspect you hid your NZ passport on the 26th of October 2019……

            1. FFS DM are YOU a troll? Are you related to Alex D? Are you losing the plot, or just being deliberately obtuse? Why persist with yr rhetorical bs? But under sufferance to yr pointless ? anyway, how about the cards? Why are you splitting hairs? I thought you had more intelligence fella & you seem to have developed a chip. Don’t you believe in freedom of expression for all (well AD excepted naturally)? Not ALL disagreed with my views which I state as I wasn’t especially impressed with England’s performance & some opinions expressed here which seemed like excuses to me, that’s all. And BTW, I recently renewed my passport FYI. Some disappointing stuff DM.

          2. You’ve admitted on here publicly that you support Wales. Admittedly a long time ago – back in 2018 probably. Just to refresh the memories and bring any newbies up to date on here!
            You have 2 x teams Don
            1. NZ
            2. Wales (especially when they play England no doubt)

            1. Produce evidence or it’s yr usual bollocks, humbug, gibberish, jibber-jabber, gobbledygook, claptrap; i.e., the hypocritical stating of nonsense which lacks substance or congruence & is of rapid communication which is difficult (impossible in yr case) to understand or comprehend. PS I know you secretly support Japan. I have no evidence whatsoever for this statement, but we all know it’s true.

              1. I’d have to ask Hutch for it. I don’t expect him to get involved; he’ll have better things to do, but here goes:

                Dear Hutch

                could you trawl up Don P’s admission on here from 2018 that he supports Wales as his proxy team?

                There we go. Officially done, asked and sent.

                1. Why don’t you wipe yr own bottom fella? There should still be the odd toilet roll left in a supermarket nr you. Or will you also ask Hutch to go & buy it on yr be1/2? Isn’t it a little like asking yr mother to do it for you? Bit pathetic. Actually a lot!

                    1. Stop being lazy & whining to the headmaster sonny! Might think you’re a grass again otherwise. Produce yr own research.. if there actually is any.

    2. Darthmaul. don’t forget, this is an ENGLISH site, no others welcome. We don’t want balance here. That’s why Alex D is a BAD BOY. He questions English supremacy over the whole world since the beginning of time. Vive l’Engleterre.

        1. March 11, 2020 at 9:14 pm Alex D Quote.
          ‘Thanks for the translation of this jibberish. Try not to use it in the first place would be my advice. The English language doesn’t need reducing to teenager textspeak.’ Ditto.

          1. But was it English, like mish mash which is an English, but not a French or colonial expression? Or are you making a dog’s dinner of & mangling the English lingo? Rhetorical question really isn’t it?

  9. Didn’t help you by more than 3.. at home. Better buy more UJ gear, or a new coach, or a new ship.. mate. 1 loss, 2 marginal wins, 1 average win (whom doesn’t beat Ireland these days?), 2 at home & that 75%’s progress.. or spin? Reality? England scraped the bottom of the (presumably UJ) barrel. Still never in doubt after the event. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve won by by more, but didn’t. If only it hadn’t been for the pesky Welsh, spoiling the cake walk like that. Giraffe time.

    1. Answer to second answer above:
      You wouldn’t know what good research was unless it hit you in the face. You’ve been out-researched and out-trumped consistently.
      I think is more your cuppa. Hop along to it!

      1. But AD I like it here. I find yr bs hilarious. E.g. ‘You wouldn’t know what good research was unless it hit you in the face. You’ve been out-researched and out-trumped consistently’. Priceless! Where is this stuff then? You’ve produced er, nothing!? You’ve actually asked Hutch to do so for you?! And doubtless on some dubious wild goose chase? Do you actually know what a fact is? Why would I hop along to 365, as you must have, when I can have a cuppa here & watch you making a laughing stock of yrself. Thanks for the pint of Spitfire BTW, although I think an Old Peculiar trumps you. Suits you sir, suits you! Get outta here!

  10. It was another curates egg performance from England. Very good in parts, 3 good tries, some excellent defence, sound set piece and some outstanding individual performances. But…..losing the 2nd half again, having 2 players carded, discipline eroding and an inability to push home an obvious advantage that we had at 33-16 left a somewhat anticlimactic feeling.

    1. Unfortunately Steve it’s a common theme in many team sports that once a team gets so far ahead they can go into cruise control and take the foot off the gas, and then the other team goes into the opposite mental state and pushes on as have nothing to lose apart from pride…without getting too deep this is a human fault. I’m not making excuses for England, more just an observation of sport in general. Its the teams that can ‘fix’ this mental fault that separate themselves as the elite – but its not easy as you are dealing with the wiring of the brain!

      And….let’s not forget it was still 33-16 until the 75th minute and England were down to 13 so lets cut them a little slack (and I am not excusing the yellow or red cafd BTW).

      Dr Darth Maul

  11. Strange old game to watch. Scoreline didn’t reflect the run of the game, but that does happen. Main point for me is that Farrell shouldn’t be captain, as he cant seem to influence a ref, and he is just so petulant at times. I was relieved the tmo didn’t call his shoulder barge on Biggar when chasing after a kick. Would have been another unnecessary penalty. Also I’m not sure what he brings at 12 either other than kicking.

    1. Agree he should not be Captain Staggy – as for playing at 12, unfortunately I don’t feel we have a better option right now. 12/13 is an area where England do need to start seeing some fresh talent…personally I’d like to see Ford or Faz/Manu/Slade given a few games but the question is will Manu/Slade ever be fit or fully fit at the same time – hence the need to see some new faces coming through.

      Fordor Farrell at 10 – well both bring different qualities. Ford is more the wizard kid and has grown a lot in game management and confidence of recent. However his kicking from hand has been a bit off IMO and I would rather have Farrell kicking off the tee in a tight game where 3 points could make the different in the 78th minute for example.

      1. Sadly Tompkins was probably a good option up until his Welsh selection. Agreed Farrells goal kicking is outstanding, but I’d have him at FH.

        1. And bench Ford? Very brave staggy. Think the two work very well together but the pairing does have its shortcomings.
          We had Ford, Farrell, Daly and Slade together yesterday and it helped England gain territory having multiple cultured boots on the field all at once.

          1. I know what you mean but the only carry of significance that I can remember from Farrell in this tournament was when he ended up getting a dead leg on Saturday. I would quite like a bit more from my 12. Not sure I have the alternative answer at the moment though.

    2. He pushed him flat over. He was tracking in front of the nearest chasing English player (Farrell) intentionally to buy time. Faz had every right (hence he wasn’t, I repeat wasn’t, carded)

      1. Alex, never said that he would be carded, just that it should have been a penalty (and another stupid needless one at that) against Farrell. Yes Biggar was running back and probably was running some interference (like every other player on the pitch when in that situation) but it was a full on and unnecessary shoulder charge, which in my opinion was petulant and could have meant a Welsh penalty. Just another example of Farrell’s stupidity when the red mist descends which it does too often.

        1. On that one I’ll disagree. In that situation the chasing player has every right to do just that: push the crafty sod face first into the turf
          I would agree that the petulant push on North (?) near the English try line was stupid and back-fired.
          But pushing that crafty Biggar/Buggar over…..personally I’d have done the same.

  12. England winners & deservedly so but once again Eddie Jones shows what an odious contemptable little man he is, the 16 vs 13 remark was out of order, can you imagine any of the other head coaches coming out with it ? I doubt it very much but Jones has shown his lack of class once again, insinuating that the Ref was biased and/or a cheat. I sincerely hope that O’Keefe complains to the Board & Jones is taken to task. Would not be surprised to see Marler on the naughty step either for his little fiddle with AWJ’s goolies !.

    1. Don P is the rugbyblogs biggest troll. I stopped partaking in these blogs as any comment, be it on the back row or style of play would be brought back to Danny Cipriani.
      Seemingly he has let this issue go but now jumping down the throat of anyone who dare join in on this forum.

    2. Really boring to hear the same few contributors sniping mindlessly at each other here, as usual. England deserved to win but Wales played all the rugby. The comment from Stravinsky is SO apposite. Eddie is really lacking in class. The derogatory comments about the ref. Smacked of Mourinho on a bad day, snide and indefensible. Marlers sneaky attempt to evoke a punch in the chops from AWJ was equally snide. How Tipuric didn’t get MOM escapes me.

    3. Really boring to hear the same few contributors sniping mindlessly at each other here, as usual. England deserved to win but Wales played all the rugby. The comment from Stesco is SO apposite. Eddie is really lacking in class. The derogatory comments about the ref. Smacked of Mourinho on a bad day, snide and indefensible. Marlers sneaky attempt to evoke a punch in the chops from AWJ was equally snide. How Tipuric didn’t get MOM escapes me.

    4. Mmm. Deemed an act of frivolity by some, but as it was caught on camera, wonder if the goolies will come home to roost. Doubt it, unless AW-J officially complains, which I also doubt. Heard of the elderly sometimes having ‘senior’ moments, but was this one of Marler’s more ‘junior’ moments? Some here have opined that AW-J (& Biggar) ought to have their gobs taped. However, if the former had actually complained to the ref at the time about his fondling & asked for a TV replay, I wonder what the outcome would have been. As it was probably not the sort of action that one would normally perpetrate on a stranger in public, due to its potentially disadvantageous consequences, why would a player similarly risk admonishment? For a good wheeze? Well, as the next squeeze might backfire with a ban, perhaps JM could take up the safer, if equally peculiar habit, of self administered pocket billiards instead.

      1. The converse of all that Don, is that , had wales won AWJ would not have given a toss ( no pun intended) about Marler’s attempted wind up.
        He and Ed are cut from the same cloth.

        1. Yes, I’ve seen a few negative comments here about AW-J Acee, also to a lesser extent Biggar. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a vested interest in England’s fortunes, or those of Wales for that matter, despite a few contrary accusations from some, but I never particularly noticed AW-J’s unduly getting into refs’ ears. At least not more than any other captain & which is presumably part of their jd’s. I looked out for this behaviour from AW-J on Sat, have to confess, I didn’t see any as particularly superfluous. Maybe it’s me, but what was yr take on this issue yesterday?

          1. I think AWJ tries to project a certain aura Don, the wise,principled elder statesman who is above chicanery and manipulation.
            Although he didn’t seem to dish out the verbals during the game yesterday,he made sure that Marler may now get a ban for unsporting conduct with his haughty post match remarks. He’s a great player but a lousy ambassador for the game in my opinion.

            1. Maybe you pay him more heed then? Anyway, regarding Marler, as today’s Observer has a pic of his nether regions’ activity, it appears the cat’s out of the bag anyway. Not sure that he did himself or England any favours maybe.

                1. Exactly, Jones simpering “poor me” act at the post match PC was sick making.
                  He’s a big man who doesn’t know how to be the bigger man…………

    5. I seem to recall AWJ and Pivac both planed the ref for Wales’ loss to France, just two weeks ago. The words might not be as barbed but it showed a complete lack of grace in defeat. At least when England loss Eddie compliments and praises the oppo, something Pivac couldn’t do.

      1. Reply to Acee (second above):
        “PC” was an explanation to mine which I thought you’s misinterpreted as ‘press conference’.
        My meaning was the other one.

          1. How are your military equipment studies going during this Covid-19 down-time?
            One giant-sized ratte seems to have vanished from TRB!

  13. When thinking about the game the overriding thing to me is Eddie Jones’ post match comments. He is totally class less and is an embarrassment to the game. The game has always been about actions not words, apparently he missed that learning.

    1. Most Aussies I know and have met aren’t bothered with ‘class’ and that’s both types of it. My only concern is the rugby and EJ has done us alright so far. Thanks Eddie from an Englishman

      1. There are c.18m Aussies in er, Australia. How many have you actually met? Did you shout them all pints of Spitfire? Which types of class don’t you have? Both? Why are you settling for Eddie’s doing alright & do you actually think he reads TRB? He might do you know, but I wonder if he too thinks yr thanks are cringeworthy & a tad peculiar? Are these the burning rugby issues of the day? Yikes!

  14. Question for Don P:
    Did you catch the re-play at 11.25 pm?
    You saw the Parkes tackle on Tui?
    Arm around the neck, jumped on his back rather than tackled him and made head on head contact as indeed did Tui on North!

    1. Not yet, but it’s on my Catch up 10 yr plan. However, isn’t the ref always right? He was according to you when SBW was redded v the Lions. Same rules still apply now presumably?

        1. Correct! But you didn’t respond to the pith of my post. Are you too in out and out denial? I expect you’ll avoid this question like you do every other one. Bit gutless though isn’t it?

          1. Never said it wasn’t a red. Just called for consistency. Thought you were a man of detail and accuracy!
            Barking up the wrong tree-fern mate!

            1. Did you state that it was though? Quite a different thing. Hares & hounds spring to mind. Evasive as ever. What’s new? Well, returning to rugby for a change I suppose. Took yr own advice at last. Congrats.

  15. Rather than ban anyone from site, can we just ban Don and Alex posting to each other? It would be in everyone’s interest, especially theirs.

    1. I gave up replying to Don some time ago and now mostly don’t even read his comments. It’s a shame as when he isn’t being anti English or pro NZ, he can actually come up with some intelligent comments. It’s definitely a loss to this forum that he carries on as he does. Makes me pine for the days of Brighty….

      1. Staggy, I had intended suggesting that you come down from your moral high horse as your criticisms are somewhat lazy and general to be worth a response, especially in view of some anti-ref comments here and EJ’s ’16 men’ utterances and something about it works both ways.

        However, I saw a news item this morning on a Jo Kelly who had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She has since married, has a toddler and went on to run a marathon. She appeared on TV to meet the German stem cell donor who saved her life. They met for the first time in 8 years, although they had corresponded. She said that she didn’t know what to say, but she did know that she would cry. She did. She also presented him with her with her marathon medal. I have to state that it was a most moving moment. I shed a few myself.

        I mention this only as it puts this rugby stuff into perspective, including mine and into the shade. Anyway, I guess we’re not all that we may seem. You may not read this as per your previous comment and as you’re entitled; or you might. Of course you also entitled to ignore me. Regards.

        1. I just wrote a long rebuttal of your comments, but do you know, life is too short. I have deleted it so I don’t have to engage any further.
          You are entitled to your opinions. Please stop making everything personal though.

    1. Just to confirm Hutch:
      That’s strike 2 for Don P so I understand.
      That serves as Strike 1 for myself

      How many strikes are there in total before the necessary is done? Everyone needs to know the rules on here.
      Only then will it be a better place and people (myself included) know the limitations within which ALL, and I mean ALL (whomever and from wherever they hail), have to abide.

      1. Mate, Is there a translation readily available for the acronyms given?
        If not I might S on your P.
        * translation available on request!

  16. Was going to post a considered appraisal of the game on here, but until the children stop squabbling in the playground there does not seem to be much point. Pathetic that a rugby blog about a game we all love but have different opinions about can descend into such a trough. As depressing as watching the England captain behaving like a spiteful, petulant five year old and the Welsh captain bleating like a ravished sheep after the game in an effort to get Marler suspended.

    1. Marler has been sited. Caught by a cast if a 1000 TV cameras, pics in papers etc & therefore hoisted by his own petard. Presumably unlike the siting commissioner, you seem to know about bleating, ravished sheep? Bit worrying. But do you ever re-read yr stuff? It’s little short of an obsessive, one man, anti AW-J campaign. What did YOU write about a spiteful, petulant 5 yr old!? And could this not also apply to Marler? He’s let his country down (again)! You 2 should get along like a house on fire. Imagine if the Marler-AW-J situation had been reversed. Never heard the end of it would we? Balance & objectivity out the window on this one? You bet. Could you take yr own implied advice & knock it off? Yes please.

      1. Why don’t you just piss off Don. You could pick a fight in an empty room, and whatever opinions someone else holds you take a contrary view. Had enough of your domination of this blog. Off to pastures new and hopefully some less vitriolic and more comprehensible exploration of the issues of the day from people who write English.
        To those of you still poking up with him, good luck in the future.

  17. As a matter of curiosity what is the view held by you here on whether or not Eddie Jones should face sanctions for his post match comments following England’s win over Wales. The comments have been perceived to be inflammatory with respect to the referee and in particular his red card on Tuilagi. People such as Andy Goode among others are calling for sanctions, thoughts ?

    1. He should be rapped on the knuckles. No more. My view is entirely in line with Piers Morgan on the bollocks-gate issue (why I posted it). Level heads required rather than over-dramatising it and feeding a fire!
      I guess you’d go down the ‘guns out’ route!

      1. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of EJ but I wouldn’t say I’d go down “the guns out” route. I’m interested in the opinions on the matter as I think that it got buried beneath the Marler incident and there’s not been much discussion on it.

  18. Further to my last comment, the Eddie J referee furore has rather taken on the same tarnished hue as the state of free speech in this country. It should be fine to say whatever the bejezus one wants to say, bar fraudulent fire or anything that incites violence, when it comes to a post-match opinion of a game.
    A coach lampooning a referee’s decision……oh deary me the world’s might end and EJ needs to be lynched and strung up from a cottonwood tree with a rope. Pathetic! Two professionals should be able to disagree, even use deflamatory language and get over it afterwards with a handshake and a pint. This virtue-signalling, SJW, snowflake cr*p is boring and flawed. Having it out is the healthy way; closing down speech, de-platforming and having a me-time moment is entirely frivolous. I’m going to but heads with one individual on here and its entirely predictable from the get-go.

        1. Think about it, or look up Sepp’s comments on ‘handshakes’. Don’t you ever watch TV news? Jeez! Now get to bed, it’s way past yr shut eye time bullet!

          1. That’s where you go wrong, by assuming everyone knows all the same quirky news snippets that tickled your fancy and memory. You have to ‘remind’ your audience by giving them a quick précis now and again.

    1. Surely you mean harpooning? Or ’16 men’ sour grapes? Is ‘Rubbish’ not as imprecise as yr rant? What was rubbish? The tackle rule (you know, no arms, no head contact) or the ref’s application of it? Unless you & the intemperate Jones are advocating head shots of course. Oddly you seemed not to in SBW’s case though. More hares & hounds stuff? These poor 4 legged creatures must be getting as knackered as they are confused by yr flip flopping.

      1. That entire paragraph is a mess (it switches subject matter about five times and should therefore be paragraphed accordingly)
        They’re kind of short-hand sentences and trying to follow their gist is nigh on impossible. I realise your English down under is some kind of hybrid but you should have improved it by now. How many years is it now?

  19. Ronan O’Gara on one of the Irish podcasts (I forget which one, but hey people can do their own browsing) said that his reaction to bollocks-gate would be to do nothing. Two others on the panel were more safely in line with PC and tut-tutted whilst approving swingeing sanctions! Getting sucked into this overly moralistic, big brother, PC slap-down thing IS THE PROBLEM. O’Gara is a laid back and balanced kind of guy and most importantly with NOTHING to gain (he is a coach) by climbing on some secular band-wagon that states we must all get the pugil sticks out, terminate an individual’s employment because that person said the ‘wrong’ thing. Debate!

  20. Are you advocating that males should go around grabbing each other by the balls in public? Try it, then debate it’s merits with the magistrate before he puts you & yr piss head mate Piers Morgan on the sex offenders’ register! Perhaps we & RO’G can then all come & visit you both in Wormwood Scrubs? Maybe this peculiar notion requires a little more thought. Unless you’d like to wear a uniform of vertical black & white stripes of course?

    1. Watch it again and my attitude is the same: “Anyone can come up to me and try it: I just can’t guarantee the outcome!” Perfectly pragmatic and doesn’t involve any ‘woke’, attention-seeking over reaction involving 99 others.
      I can guess that your reaction is the drama-a-minute one!

          1. Makes sense? Piers Morgan? The TV chat show host? Is he the best you can do? A former (recovering?) alckie? From memory, the closest he ever got to rugby was as the disastrous Spin doctor for SCW’s Lions wasn’t it? Please. Surely, Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck would have more cred. ‘Woke’ up you big snowflake! Or did you mean ‘Snowwhite’, of the 7 dwarfs? Translation indeed!

            1. Spelt: alky actually!
              You don’t have to be a player to have an opinion on the subject. He’s clearly watched it and understands the general gist of how it is played (probably met players on the programme and certainly will have met them at media functions etc)
              The only requirement here DP is the possession of a cock and balls and as far as I know Mr Morgan qualifies in that sphere. If you have information that says otherwise lucky you!
              The spin doctor for the Lions was Alasdair Campbell. Come on mate…..research isn’t your forté, is it? I’ve said it before.
              I know your predilection is for the acronym, the text-speak and the wise-crack for some sort of ‘cool’ brevity no doubt coupled with a certain linguistic laziness but nothing beats proper research! Its becoming a trend.

  21. Hutch, you are going to lose your readers at this rate. I started following this site a number of years ago when looking for a blog that had an interesting range of opinion, normally expressed in a non confrontational and informed way. If I wanted jingoistic tub thumping I would read the daily mail or telegraph comments. I’m sorry, but what is going on here is just ridiculous. You will end up with only two posters and nobody else at this rate.

    1. It’s ridiculous. I’ve got a few problems to sort out, there’s some sort of hack that redirects some people to spam and these two idiots are turning people away.

      Also facing a lot of business disruption with all the sport cancellation.

      Planning a site revamp to fix that hopefully and then a fresh start, with one or two people banned from posting nonsense.

      1. Great. Anything to get DP off and BTW if that includes me then no worries. That was the calculated plan to get rid of this idiot and if that involves then so be it (necessary collateral damage but to be honest he should have been ejected after the 1st strike post-world cup) . It will have been a case of willing self-sacrifice to clean up this site. The axe is in your hands, literally!

      2. Sad that it’;s come to that Hutch. This is a great site. I can be a chippy sod at times and I hope I haven’t contributed to your decision.
        I hope things work out and TRB can continue in some way,
        Thanks for all the hard work.

    2. I have to say that I find Alex D’s jingoistic tub thumping nauseating. All this rubbish about Englishness is bad enough but he keeps trying to elide his own fact-lite views with those of the majority here on the basis of nationality. I really can’t stand reading it.

        1. Sorry Bolter, nothing personal but we ALL need to stop this now. We’ve all moved away from talking Rugby and it’s surrounding issues and slidden into a pseudo political sixth form debating society.
          Sadly C19 means we haven’t got any upcoming games to focus on so the best thing to do imo , would be to drop “Marler gate” now and try to come up with a list of talking points that deal solely with the game , both domestic and overseas and try to get our sense of perspective, respect and sense of humour back. A s i said, nothing against you at all, just hope we can all try and put the brakes on the sniping nonsense and concentrate on the game that brings us to this site in the first place.

          1. Acee I wasn’t going to.say anything else. I have ignored Alex D’s jingoistic clap trap for ages and said nothing. This was just the once. What I was partly trying to point out is that although he spends all his time trying to get Hutch to ban Don he is every bit as bad.
            I really wasn’t going to say anything more partly.because he seems to.want to provoke people and life really is too short.
            So you needn’t worry that I am going to get dragged into the war. This was my last and only word on the subject. Happy to explain to you as I respect you.

            1. Thanks Bolter, I appreciate that. Now , if we can just get certain others to show the same manners and restraint……….!

      1. Tough. I never chose to make it ‘an ENGLISH-CENTRIC ONLY site’. However, it now says it on the tin, as they say!
        As a matter of principle I am not prepared to have my Englishness rammed down my throat by (to ironically borrow your own words) a “tub-thumping” Kiwi. It has been common practise on this site to wave a kind of white surrender flag that has allowed numerous other Englishmen on this site to be bullied and scared off by one individual (all have quietly gone after initially protesting)
        Simply put, I will not be insulted, pushed around or bullied on a site culturally designed for ME in favour of some entity who takes advantage of British ‘special treatment’ accorded by PC. As my own cultural rugby space; it couldn’t be made up, could it? Note well that it was never my choice to convert this site to encompass exclusive Englishness, besides I was on here in the days of Brighty when it was more of a pro-Welsh site! I could draw up a list the length of my arm of people ‘chased away’ by one current user of this blog. I’d love to hear you deny it!

        1. I am also going to remind all those on here that I was the first to defend DP on here in the post-WC TRB furore when he was publicly lambasted after the semi-final! I was the first to say “call for a stop to it” due to the British sense of fair play! Hutch was SECOND after me (Not a criticism but an accolade)! You would have thought that sentiment might have been returned in spades but it rather paints and re-affirms the existence of a certain anti-English sentiment that people like me have had enough of in 2020 (we had by 2016). Don’t be fooled (as it seems some have) by its insidious nature!

            1. YOU: “If we agree on it?”
              ME: How would that work?
              Hutch and the administrator’s would have to draw up a behaviour code that everyone agreed to commensurate with a penalty code (e.g 2 x strikes and your out) I think DP already has two! Me, merely my first such has been the patience I have extended with the sh*t posted on here by one puny person. If that was done, absolutely, we could all continue in clover!
              Alternatively I ‘die on my sword’ and rid this site of an individual who it will have now taken THREE strikes (including the final axe blow) to achieve it! You can thank me in absentia!

              My sole remaining question, a big one, is:

              It could have been entirely prevented or headed off.

              I’ve noted three years of vitriol on this blog and counting…………………………………………….!

  22. Been away and came back to see 190+ comments thinking there must be some good chat and sharing of opinions on here but no its just Alex and Don being EQUALLY pathetic.
    p.s. dont fell the need to reply im not interested

  23. Hutch, I entirely endorse Leon´s comment. There are a number of good posters on here (Bolter, Acee, TTD, Leon, JK and Pablito spring to mind) who are clearly sick to death of Don and Alex. You risk losing your entire blog if something is not done, Personally, I shall look in occasionally to see if they are still acting like children and if they are I will not be participating any further. Shame, because this used to be fun and being under lockdown for the next few weeks it would have been a good time to explore some proper issues affecting the game.

    1. Ironically we now have nothing to talk about as rugby is cancelled for the foreseeable future. If I’m not careful, I’m going to pine for the days of you and Don going at it toe to toe (and I’m not even in self isolation yet…). Am beginning to realise just how much interest I have/had in rugby.

  24. I’ve been mulling over the (putative) tour to Jpn and who may be selected. Anyone want to chip in with their ideas? It would give us a something Rugby focused to do and get us away from the squabbling. We may even give super Ed food for thought!

    1. I think that we need TRB to do a post on this as it takes me 5 minutes to scroll down this far (laughing emoji). How about a team of the 6N so far or a B&I Lions prediction. Anything to help our sanity.

    2. Japan is the next best opportunity to play and field some of Eddie’s new talent e.g. Thorley, a fit again Cokanasiga, Devoto, Earl, Dombrandt, Willis, Spenser etc etc.
      I would chuck in J Woodward but then it ain’t up to me!
      Amor will have had longer by then to develop a new attacking threat that was pretty lacking in the 6Ns.

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