Six Nations 2020: Italy v England Postponed

Tom Curry

England’s final match of the Six Nations has been postponed due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy.

All sports fixtures in Italy had been ordered to be played behind closed doors with no spectators allowed, and this is how various Serie A football matches will be played this weekend, but that option was apparently rejected.

Over 20,000 England fans were due to travel to Rome for the game, which has been postponed ‘indefinitely’, but it’s unlikely to be played for several months.

This follows the postponement of Italy’s match against Ireland, due to be played this weekend, and there are doubts over Ireland’s match with France too.

There are implications for the world rankings too, with the draw for the next Rugby World Cup set to take place at the end of this year, with every country seeking a top 4 seeding.

This extraordinary Rugby season continues…!

3 thoughts on “Six Nations 2020: Italy v England Postponed

  1. I can’t help but think we are seeing a huge overreaction to the Corona virus issue, not just in sport but in general.

    1. I think the reason people are worried is that the flu kills 0.1% of the people it infects and Coronavirus kills 2.3%. The only reason the death toll of Corona hasn’t sky rocketed is that it isn’t as widespread as flu but as it spreads the death toll will rise. It mainly impacts the old and the sickly


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