Six Nations 2020: Scotland v England Rate the Match


What did you think of the Calcutta Cup match today at Murrayfield?

What were the main talking points? Which players performed well?

What needs to change in the two-week break before the next round?

125 thoughts on “Six Nations 2020: Scotland v England Rate the Match

  1. England right the ship again! A close game in atrocious conditions. A good team does not go to rat-sh*t overnight as some of the post-France commentators seemed to assert and even perhaps wish! Eddie has shown the same strengths and weaknesses as he did say 12-18 months ago but the strengths remain in surplus over the weakness deficit! That is visible for all to see with his win/loss ratio.
    The reactions to England defeats are becoming AB-like i.e on top of the world and then armageddon or the end of the world. Some mean or is it modal response would be preferred.

    1. Are you serious Alex? That was one of the worst international games I have seen in sixty years riddled with errors and with no hint of enterprise or an ability to change tactics. Absolute crap.

      1. Agree with your last sentence….”Absolute crap”!
        I would, however, dare anyone to have played any better rugby in those conditions. We can all remember playing in similar conditions and the way forward was up the jumper. Call it route 1 rugby but route anything else was out the window.
        Quality: 0
        Result: 10/10

        1. AD, how can you state that England ‘right the ship’ & then ‘absolute crap’? Surely this is, er, ‘absolute crap’, contradictory. Makes no sense at all. You’re in danger as having as much credibility as Will Carling did after sniffing out Lady Di! Get a grip man!

        2. AD, the teams listed above England in the rankings? France perhaps? And why do you compare what you did when you played rugby (did you really?) with the international game of yesterday? A small gap In class maybe?

          1. Methods of how to win in the rain have not changed in 100 years and I doubt will do so for another 100. The weather that hit Murrayfield was part of Storm Ciara (80 mile per hour winds) so yes up the jumper or route 1.

            1. Jumper indeed. English Leopard unable to change its spots? Hence a 75% loss rate v NZ, whom also play in the rain. Only better, as unincumbered by such a rigid mind set as yrs I venture. Need to jettison yr fear of playing all court instead of being limited by it.

        1. Yes. That’s what a back line’s for Jake, when in poession. Rain is just an excuse not to. Stand closer together.. & try some pre-planned variations. Until England learn to do this they will struggle at the v highest level & to become the ‘best team in the world’.

          1. I don’t know Don. I’d be surprised if any team is that ballsy to throw it around in those conditions. Territory was key.
            Backed England to secure the win personally, didn’t expect it to be an old fashioned slogfest.

            1. There’s no need to chuck every ball around Jake, but nor is there to kick it 47 times surely! Vary it up some, be more versatile, unpredictable. I mean whom expects a team to run it in the wind, rain. Needs preparation, practice & execution, if sparingly, but appropriately when opportunities are created. Same principles still apply in doing so.

        2. Jake how can you say they played the conditions well? They stuffed the ball straight into touch between the 22s on at least six occasions, didn’t take the Scots on up front, failed to capitalise on superior strength in the tight and did not retain possession. A shortage of leadership, enterprise and basic skills. Italy showed today that France are a very long way from being world beaters, and our performance did nothing to make me think we will beat Ireland. Conditions may have been dreadful, but the lack of pragmatism from England was dire. Just kept hoping Dean Richards would crawl on at half time and explain how to play in the wind and rain.

          1. Have to agree Andy. I was surprised at how often the azzuri got over the French 22 and how much more porous the French defence looked than last week.
            To me , it read like France were “up” for the England game but lacked the same intensity while Italy actually were more precise than we were. I would certainly have liked to have seen the same levels of intensity and bloody mindedness from us as the Italians displayed.

        1. Alex D of course Andy. It inadvertently slipped down the list, that’s all. ‘Woke’ is apparently not an expression referring to a previous & recent state of sleep. Rather it’s a slang term for bias of black US origins I believe. I don’t know what it’s got to do with rugby however. Hope this clarifies.

  2. A win is a win especially away.I agree with Farrell attitude was very much better.I thought Curry was MOM playing a flankers game from no 8!Is there a better flanker in the world right now?
    Neither side adapted very well to conditions but our pack won it.Next 2 games at home will indicate whether we are a world class side-or not.

    1. H’quin, Charles Ollivon? Gregory Alldritt? Maybe you could also wait until after the RC for an answer to yr question, especially after 1 game v a less than impressive Scotland & also after that WC final. A few Saffas might have an alternative answer for you too.

  3. Largely , I agree with Harlequin. Let’s take he win, admit we were dim at times and move on to the Ireland game with two weeks to look at where we can improve. I sincerely hope that Ed includes either Dombrandt or AN Other number eight in that squad.

    1. Think this Is wishful thinking Acee. Believe Curry’s there to stay at 8. Dombrandt unlikely to feature soon.. If at all, or barring injury, which is where, ironically, Curry came in.

        1. Well, it’s no dream that England are at home v Ireland & Wales Acee. Don’t you think that this advantage is enough to give them the edge? I’m as unconvinced as you are about certain selections, however England still have enough power, ability, especially up front, to win their remaining games I think.

  4. I thought it was an arm wrestle. It looked as though England were playing to save Jones’ job. End excused by the means? I suppose so, but has anything changed in England’s ability to raise their game beyond R1 & then justifying it by stating ‘job done, it was wet’? Frankly it was regressive rugby & depleting to watch such a de-skilled match. Is this a team on the up with x3 WC players for every position, on its way to become the ‘best in the world’? If it was a means to an end, then England succeeded yesterday. If it was step aspiring to world domination, then it failed. For me the 2 are not mutually exclusive. England have much to improve & I don’t see this result as an indication that Jones has the nous or capability to take England to the top of the world game as he boasted. Who stood out? Well, I guess Curry with the MOTM gong, although he should still be at 7. Otherwise it seemed a collective heft from the pack which out hefted the Jock’s in the end. Farrell & Daly seem to be going down the dunny if their kicking is anything to go by, so neither would get my vote for the Colgate ring of confidence. It was harder for a back to impress on attack however, as England stuck in the sky for much day, although no mortal errors in defence. Similar for Scotland. Lots of frontal effort, but no real penetration at the back. They also tossed it in mentally by kicking what possession they had away, presumably looking for the miracle bounce that never came after England went ahead with their try. No one really stood out for me in their team & Hogg seemed a bit jittery at times. Townsend for the wooden spoon 1 removed? What has to change next? I don’t see that England need to or will change much if their ambition is to aim lower rather than higher by simply wining their following home games. After the other clash yesterday, I don’t see Wakes as a threat at Twickenham. They fell away, so Pivac’s honeymoon is already over. Ireland were relentless & pragmatic. They did better than I expeccted, but without looking particularly spectacular or really dangerous. See them being competitive for a time at HQ, but not enough to turn England over. Therefore Jones, with home advantage, will not need to change much, as aforementioned, if he is looking only at the 6N. It’s for the other teams to change, improve, with the jury being out on France. They may or may not have it in them to beat both Ireland & Wales away.. I think? Italy? Oh dear! So, is the 6N there for England’s taking ? Then the next WC? A fair way off with, or without Jones, I think.

  5. I actually enjoyed the game. A proper scrap with both teams really putting a shift in. I don’t think you can really make too many assertions from it though because the weather had such an impact. This game still hasn’t made me change my mind that Youngs, Daly and JJ shouldn’t be in the squad or that playing players out of position is a good idea. I still want to see the back of Jones.

    1. Agreed. Those three can walk. The sooner EJ plays Devoto the sooner we might have a centre worth something. With Slade, Tui and Coka back there might be a vein of riches and options available with a new attack coach to get them going.

      1. No idea whether Devoto can step up, and I think Tuilagi is nothing like the player he was. I fancy Marchant to be in the centre for England once he returns from NZ and Ibitoye to be playing on the wing within a year. Still doesn’t solve our problems at 8, 9 and 15.

  6. Was this an improvement on last week? Slightly mainly due to the win. Still a lack of creativity and on field decision making still raises eyebrows…..why did Faz go for 3 points with a kick 5 yards in from the touchline in such bad conditions?? Why did Heinz/Ford/Farrell continually kick for territory when the wind was so unpredictable and kept taking the ball out on the full? FFS! Basic stuff guys! EJ needs to go after this 6N i agree but some of our personnel are just not cutting it.

    1. Youngs actually made a positive difference by aiming his kicks infield. Not rocket science but Heinz couldn’t figure it out.

      New scrum halves please.

      1. Completely agree! But I put a lot of blame on Eddie for that. He’s a micromanager disciplinarian and doesn’t empower the players to make their own decisions. If Faz is to stay captain they should appoint a co- captain in the forwards.

        1. Launchbury? That’ll mean dropping either Kruis or Itoje though. Tricky one, but does anyone else have the credentials? Trouble is, if Eddie requires a ‘yes’ man, is there much point? Thing is too, for some on pitch freedom in decision making, it may require Jones’ demise. If he wins all of his nxt 6N games, which England can potentially do for him, then he’s likely here for c. 2 more yrs at least. Still, I may be wrong. Maybe EJ doesn’t require a ‘yes’ man?

        2. I agree Jones methodology borders on the fanatical but; once you cross the whitewash what can he do if you go off message? Bollock you? Big deal.If what you are doing is having a positive effect then having a go at a player just makes him look stupid.
          I would expect a man of his intelligence to acknowledge initiative,especially if it won “him” a game that may otherwise have been in jeopardy. If he bollocked me, i’d just give it him back tbh.

          1. What can happen is the Finn Russell scenario where he shows initiative win/draws games falls out with Townsend and is now in the wilderness

            1. Calls for contrition clearly not heard. Russel has instead gone nuclear, I can’t see how he plays again this 6N?
              I empathise with him on one level – he is one of their best players (Hogg’s form aside) and he probably feels having played at the highest level in Europe that he can be the one to drive the team forward. He is revered in Paris for his style of play and thinks it is the model for the Scotland team.
              However, his comments smack of pomposity and a sense of entitlement. If he wasn’t include in the leadership discussion (re limits of drinking, gameplan etc) then he should raise his concerns but still adhere to what has been set as the standards for the team in the meantime. What would happen to the moral and togetherness of the wider squad if he’d been allowed to carry on boozing when the others had been told not too.

              1. My comment was less about the specifics of the Russell situation more generic in response to the question whats the worse that can happen if players go off message on the pitch. The answer was given that the worse that can happen is you get a bollocking but each time that happens it builds tension between player and coach until you end up with the ‘nuclear’ situation we have seen between Townsend and Russell and alternate example could be given of Cipriani who has been in and out of various coaches thinking because they don’t trust him to stick to the plan

                1. Or they think he spent all his spare time in night clubs! Oddly enough & as mentioned before, Wasps had little trouble, well, a handbags with Abbott spat aside, with Cip who used to put in extra sprint training with Margot Wells whilst there. Maybe Gatland knew better how to handle DC who went on to dismantle Ireland almost single handedly when he was on the crest. Still that’s all history now & England’s loss IMO. Far better to have had F & F whom booted it, with a little help from their friends, only 47 times v Scotland I suppose?

  7. On another note, Tompkins had a howler on his debut….but he was also playing out of position at 13. Pivac and Jones must take the same medication.

    1. Yes, I had noticed.
      Even a few times against France though that’s not to detract from their worthy win. The obsession with the D blitz defence has caused it and the refs are allowing it (now practised effectively in France it seems thanks to an Englishman)

    2. Yeah it seems defenses have been allowed to creep forward, too often are they seen in front of the back foot of the ruck/maul and the refs seems to allow this. Surely there should be an effort by referees to keep defenses well behind the back foot – any doubt and award a penalty. Teams would hopefully err on the side of caution and would step back.

    3. Has the offside line been policed this 6N? Can’t say I’ve noticed.
      Seriously the encroachment past the back foot at breakdowns by defending teams has become a joke, with players routinely offside yet seldom penalised. This isn’t a difficult offence for officials to pick up and penalise so its a mystery to me why is is ignored so often.

  8. One tiny positive: Furbank coped with the apocalyptic weather and apocalyptic designs of his team mates equally well. The lad may just have a future in the 15 shirt.

    1. Agreed Acee, didn’t see his potential in attack but he did well in poor conditions.
      Thought Heinz didn’t perform as well as we all hoped. Again the conditions werent great but thought his box kicking in particular was poor. Pls pls pls can we see Spencer or Robson join the squad ahead of Ireland.

      1. Amen to seeing Spencer and Robson. Heinz’s box kicking is pretty poor full stop and this whole scrum half situation is beyond farcical.
        On a day of terrible kicking Furbank made one great clearance under pressure which was good to see.
        Thought the forwards played well yesterday and they must have felt like throttling the backs who kept kicking the ball out on the full.
        Apparently Slade may be back for the Ireland game, I sincerely hope so, because I am absolutely fed up watching JJ be anonymous.

        1. I can understand the game plan. England struggled with handling in Paris and the conditions yesterday were much worse. Playing in the right part of the field and trying to force a mistake was, imo, the right plan. Although it doesn’t make for the most entertaining game.

        2. England kicked it 47 times (as per above), so this must have under instruction. Trouble was they kicked it out on the full c6 times, I think. Didn’t allow for the wind. BTW, their defence held up. Scotland had more possession, territory (55/45 as I recall), but couldn’t make it count. Also, England turned them over 21 to 7, so must have won significant breakdown too. Scots won most other stats, but not line outs I think. However, I digress.

  9. Eng v Scot, the great snore fest of 2020. I don’t see how anyone can have the view that Eng have righted the ship. Really ? 3-3 at about the 70 min mark doesn’t speak to Eng turning the corner. As far as the critics eating their words a quote from Ludlam I believe, I don’t think so not on the back of that performance.

    1. Agreed. There was only 1 here who reckoned on England’s ‘righting the ship’. Lud is a greenhorn who’s never been to Scotland in his life. Naive, machismo? Still, better to have held his tongue, as another 6N loss, unlikely as it may be & his credibility in short pants may go down the toilet.

      1. And it was AlexD.
        To ‘right a ship’ means to re-balance, restore equilibrium, or in plain speak not drown by natural deduction.
        If they had lost (3rd in a row) you can bet your bottom dollar people like yourself would have been clamouring for a new ship and a new master – not EJ who would be court-martialled and stripped of his captaincy and naval bars.
        English: a great language, let’s use it.

        1. Don’t know if you were referring to me or Don P but the point I was primarily making is that I don’t think that performance provided sufficient evidence as it were to think that England had returned to their best. Aside from the horrendous conditions there were still examples of disjointed play and an inability to change course. I think a more measured response is in order because even during extended periods of winning England have exhibited worrying signs of being unable to change gear and go to a plan B.

          1. Pretty sure it was a reply to me Peter Mc. I gave you a couple of thumbs ups BTW. As a ‘neutral’, I agree that too much was made of the weather as an excuse for a modest England performance. If an AB coach’s team had staggered across the line like that, he’d be up before the headmaster & given 6 of the best.

        2. It’s known what ‘righting the ship means’, but did Jones actually do this ApexD? It was 1 game v the Scots whom have have rarely won anything since Bannockburn . More like righting the good ship ‘Lollypop’ in a storm, in a tea cup. Why would I personally call for Jones’ head? He makes bizzarre selections which make as much sense as yr equally bizzarre comments above, but they’re good for the opposition, don’t you think? A few here seem to concur.

          1. It all depends who uses the term “Right the ship” I would suggest Don. If an Englishman like myself then it of course means ‘recovery’ and ‘global supremacy’ in your mind. Nothing of the sort was meant. That was why I wrote:
            Quality of play 0/10
            Results: 10/10
            EJ had restored some equilibrium, albeit temporarily……fairly harmless stuff!

            Seems like your quality of interpretation of the English language could be improved. Most others understood. As said before you might be reverting to type Don. Hope not as you are capable of saner commentary yourself and had been on a good run until recently. i.e no ‘trolling’ so no need to re-light the fuse Don. haven’t. More interested in the rugby.

            1. You used it Apex D. And you didn’t use the word ‘temporally’ then either. You’ve only now introduced it. Unless you’re a mind reader, how do you know what’s in my mind. World domination is Jones’ aspiration. That being so, England’s narrow win v modest Scotland logically, hardly seems to have ‘righted the ship’ by winning 1 out of their last 3. To state otherwise at present is fanciful & contradicted by the facts of 1 win in 3. And you only can state on behalf of yrself, not others. ‘Saner’ & ‘trolling’ are simply personal & subjective name calling words. Unscientific & actually not to do with rugby. You seem to name call because I challenge & state an alternative view to yrs, but I haven’t called you names. Additionally, Peter Mc disagreed with yr ‘righting the ship’ comment, as did Andy. Are they also trolls, less sane, or are you simply discriminating against me?

              1. If you want to purely go on ‘thumbs up’ DP (a favourite of yours I recall) then I did better than you….that’s a fact btw!
                I meant what I said and said what I mean. Rather than add just 1 word, it does indeed seem that MORE is required rather than LESS when conveying precise meaning with you and believe me you’re not the most articulate though you have eradicated most of your text-speak of yesteryear.) This is clearly an invitation to direct ‘special’ messages for the communication-challenged of 1,000 words+ (aka essays) just for your attention. For everybody else will be short and concise ones that they all immediately get.
                I repeat for a third time that the Murrayfield win ‘righted the ship’. They got back on course, no deck-hands were fired or, heaven forbid, needed to walk the plank. Consequences would have been worse had they lost (possible clamour to sack EJ) and possibly a player cull. Who knows? But yes the ship is afloat and still sailing. My god you make the art of analogy usage and comprehension of it tough don’t you!
                Trolling was indeed the charge levelled at you on here by just about everyone including the head honcho Hutch if i recall. Besides if you counted your contributions to each and every article on here its 60-70% just one person – Don P. Perhaps monopolisation could be levelled too.
                Still prepared to talk rugby and move on sensibly as always.

                1. Come on Alex you messed up and now you are doubling down the ship has not righted, sure it hasn’t sunk, but it definitely has a lilt to it and a the team have some more water bailing to do before we are back to an even keel and plain sailing

                  1. Never denied it didn’t Leon. What was meant was that a win gets EJ back into calmer waters (that’s a better picture to paint – oil not water-colour). Storm clouds were indeed gathering on the horizon and I have been, of late, a vociferous critic of the EJ selection policy. I don’t put my head in the sand (another aquatic reference) and believe all is a balmy or red-rosy day – far from it!

                2. Actually I don t need or want to go on thumbs ups Apex D. You mention them, not me. You’re trying to judtify & keep squirming away from, yr original ‘righting the ship’ comment. Thumbs ups are a red herring, an irrelevance to the point of this narrative. You’re going completely off at a tangent again. WTF is ‘text-speak’, ‘direct special messages’, ‘deck hands’, ‘walking the plank’ got to do with rugby or yr ‘righting the ship’ comment? This is un-rugby gibberish. And what the heck does ‘communication challenged of 1000 words’ mean, esp when you then use a 1000 words in explaining yrself? And, I’M not articulate!? Pots & kettles? You bet. Invoking Hutch is simply inaccurate & irrelevant to ‘talking sensible rugby’ which you mention in yr original ‘ship righting’ contention. And I’ve told you 1000 times before, stop exaggerating; about my monopoly of 60-70% here. 1 solution to yr imagined contention? Blog more? Also, try reading Leon’s comment below. You’re digging yrself deeper & deeper into a hole of irrelevant side issues & subjectivity. Here’s an idea. How about sticking to rugby instead of stating you’re going to stick to rugby?

                  1. I did go with thumbs up. My prerogative it seems.
                    Language and the use of – I’m more descriptive and flowery is all – again my preference. My ‘bad’ as Americans would say.
                    Stick to the rugby absolutely – always happy to do that.
                    Onwards and upwards.

                    1. Well we have successfully navigated the stormy seas of the debate/discussion having “righted the ship” and emerged undamaged on the other side . Bring on round three !

                    2. ‘Flowery’, well you stated it AD. ‘Stick to rugby’, now there’s an idea. Hope you & Captain Morgan don’t get too pissed before you right the ship, otherwise he might find it difficult to make you walk that plank. ‘Onwards & upwards’? Are you also a rocket ship? Right.. oh, forget it!

          2. Blimey Don. I was worried about you remembering Dickie Jeeps! Bannockburn was in June 1314 if I remember rightly, and if you recall that I concede that you are older than me! Weather was probably better in June though. conditions were probably better at that timexofvyear

            1. I recall a few names Andy, like Bev Risman, Jack Kyle, Cliff Morgan too. My father taked about them, so read a little regarding their exploits. Also Jeeps, a dive pass exponent, like Danie Craven, I believe. Admired these guys & others. Didn’t necessarily see them though other than on film. BTW, maybe England could do with an alt 1/2back of Jeeps’ ability at present? Anyway, not being ageist are you?

              1. Saw Cliff Morgan play once v England in a 3-3 draw in 1958. First time my dad ever took me to Twickenham for an international. I was seven, and I can still remember sitting on his shoulders in the North stand, freezing cold and surrounded by less than sober Welshmen who seemed not to know that toilets had been invented. Saw Jeeps about three times but never Kyle or Risman. You are right we could do with a 9 of half his abilities. Thought one of the most depressing things about the Scotland game was the unsporting booing of the kickers of both teams. England have never been particularly popular but Jones seems determined to ensure we are universally despised. Very counter productive in my view.

                1. Maybe England could do with a Bev Risman too Andy? Recall similar lack of past Welsh potty training at Cardiff A Prk. Couldn’t be sure, but I think 1 of them looked a dead ringer for Eddie Jones!

            2. PS You must have a bloody good memory if you can still recall attending Bannockburn Andy! Especially so in your remembering that it was fought in Summer! Jeez! Putting me to shame.

  10. It was game to forget in conditions that would have tested any team.
    It’s difficult to draw too many conclusions from it. England won as they exerted a bit more pressure at the set pieces. Um, I think thats pretty much it. Neither side played much rugby and it was inevitable that errors would prove decisive – and there were plenty of those.
    A win for England is welcome after 2 defeats in a row but I don’t think the game helped us to evaluate where we are right now.

    1. A win away from home isn’t to be sniffed at however dour the match. Murrayfield is a difficult place to play and the conditions were atrocious.
      I really don’t like the Faz Ford Joseph axis and hope we get to see either Slade or Manu back against Ireland. Hopefully Watson will be back as well.

  11. Positives
    A win in tricky conditions
    First half performance playing into the wind we tactically kicked from hand well and to go in at half time up was a fantastic result
    Better performance from Furbank
    Eddie’s slot machine gamble on triple 7’s paid off in the conditions

    Second half performance was poor and failed to play the conditions with 10 kicks out of the full just handing territory back to Scotland.
    Inability to adjust to the conditions. We should have had them pinned in their own half most of the second half but the territory stats were fairly even
    It still takes a word from the coaching team to effect any change on the field. Evident that when Youngs came on the kicks stopped headign towards touch and were aimed infield. Where is the onfield leadership, decision making and communication?

  12. Personally not sure how you can praise or criticise a team playing in those conditions. The wind was stopping and starting making kicking and catching a lottery. One team won and one lost, mainly as a result of an arm wrestle up front. Didn’t make for a great spectacle but made for a fascinating test match. Ireland will give us a better idea of where we are.

    1. They laboured to a narrow. 1 try win.. v the Scots! What might SA gave done? If England aspire to rule the world, then stop blaming the weather. The weather was neutral. Workmen blaming tools? Teams have to adapt. Surely, sights must be aimed higher!?

    2. Well a good start would have been to stop trying to be accurate kicking to touch in the 2nd half and just pump the ball into the opposition 22 and make them have to work bloody hard against the wind to get out and they prey on mistakes and turnovers. Its the one thing Scotland was doing well in the first half

  13. DonP’s message of 12 Feb @ 11.07pm

    Reply: That’s mature Don. You are in danger of reverting to type and becoming troll-like again. Don’t do it DP! That’s genuine btw and will hopefully be interpreted in the same vein. I’d stepped back from this sh*t as my last two posts elicited in a measured response. Over to you!
    Still prefer the rugby.

    1. You’re all over the place Apex D. Full of unfounded contentions & hardly ever stuck to yr ‘rightling the ship’ point originally made. Peter Mc, Andy & Leon all disagreed with yr ‘ship’ comment as did I. OUR comments referred to yr ‘ship’ contention. In the light of England’s 2/3 recents losses it was an unfounded opinion of yrs, especially as England struggled for 3/4ers of the game to squeak a late, narrow win. You appear unable to acknowledge this reality. Instead you became personal, subjective & insulting when yr opinion was challenged & which had nothing to do with the match result or game itself. You then state that we ought to get back to sticking with rugby. This, after you did anything but with yr subjective tirades. So, who really is the troll? How do you account for the aforementioned others contradicting yr misreading of England’s situation following their laboured, narrow win? You remind me of a hyena that fell into a vat of Oxo cubes & made a laughing stock of itself. Yes. Why don’t you get back to rugby? You seem to be the only one who can’t see that you’ve shot yrself in the foot on this one, big time. Re-read others’ comments about yrs. Get a dose of reality fella.

      1. Your full of supercilious invective Don….once again. I’m just minding my own business on here, like many others who have gone before me (it has been observed), and you jump on their heads.
        In this case the reason is absurd: because of a turn of phrase.
        You just plain don’t like people who don’t conform to your rugby view. It’s Don’s way or the highway. Well excuse my French but bollocks to that! I’ve tried being reasonable and taken a back seat but I’m not being hounded away by you. The troll will have to make a choice:
        A) Behaviour more akin to everyone else’s
        B) Get taken off here as was threatened once before. I would suggest that getting away with it last time went to your head and you now think you are untouchable.

        1. Well I for one don’t want Don to be pushed off the site. I often disagree with him but his posts are sometimes excellent. The site needs a plurality of voices..

        2. Well, have if yr way Alex D. I’m sure I & I guess you & others here, have just about run out of puff now. Hands up! My real oblective was to push the comment total on this blog to 100. Just about succeeded! Only kidding. However, whilst there are more than a few here whom may not quite find my (lack of?) style their cup of Rosie Lee, I do make the odd pertinent & factual point I think. I also believe that, whilst everyone is entitled to their POV, we all ought to be prepared to justify it/these with some facts to back them up. Otherwise we may as well all become Prime Ministers. Oh, I do also have, IMHO, the odd dash of humour, sometimes laced with a sprinkling of the tongue in cheek. The odd thumbs ups, which you brought up, from some erudite, kind souls & which sometimes grace my comments, may attest to this. I’ll leave at that.. for now! Best wishes from me & the hyena. PS That’s a reciprocation of yr olive branches.. I think? PS II Thanks Bolter.

  14. Absolutely this can go on and on if necessary…..we will see indeed!
    Good to see you’ve dropped the childish name calling. ‘Apex Alex’ was your failed attempt at producing some kind of rise. I thought it rather complementary actually. The meaning of the word include: tip, top, crest, summit and peak. If you want to insult someone try: trough, bottom and base.
    The evidence DonP is the language as well as a tendency to troll (harass and monopolise the entire site) Many have taken you up on it before.
    Evidence and facts absolutely…..I seem to remember proving the PI argument (i.e that it was NZ and the ABs who began the import trade, encouraged it and practised it in the highest numbers and to the highest degree)
    I’m all for facts, just don’t do invective, harassment, BS and trolling. That you get away with for now……is a curious feature of this blog and the leniency of its administrators may have gone to your head.
    I think you just don’t do anyone who ‘bangs an English drum’! Though clearly banging an AB drum on an English site is fine! Bizarre!
    On an exclusively English rugby site (not that I had any problem with its former incarnation) we are all expected to tip-toe around you providing ‘special treatment’. Total double standards and that’s one thing Englishmen don’t like – double standards – hence Brexit! I remember you bitching about that one too!
    My crime, in your mind, is to have said “The ship was righted” after the Scotland game for which i was excoriated and lambasted.
    Have a Captain Morgan’s rum and calm down. Try and live and let live on an England site and yes…even to an Englishman!

    1. Apex D, I’ve printed off a copy of yr latest, over lengthy ‘critique’. I have it in front of me in the smallest room in my house, but soon it will be behind me.

      1. Trough Alex actually! Come on get it right! Keep up!
        I’m loving this, actually enjoying it now! You just couldn’t help yourself could you. Plain sailing from here on in! Stick to the rugby DonP. You’ve met your match this time just like in the WC semi-final.

        1. Stick to the rugby? Yes I think I saw the word mentioned in yr headmasterly telling off. To mention the semi is an invatation to remind you if the final I suppose. If only they ‘d fired off as many shots as you.

      1. Yeah, but I’m the noisily correct pea Leon, as you surely attest to with yr double ‘down comment’ regarding AD’s ‘righting the ship’ remark. He’s all over the ship with commentary digressing from threatening to grass me up to the ‘head honcho’ to the ancient chestnut of PI’s whom qualified to play for NZ because doubtless they all had English grandmothers. You know it makes sense.

        1. Grassing up means going behind someone’s back DonP. You really must get your definitions right.
          This IS THE FORM & MODE OF COMMUNICATION and its called the Everyone can read and see it like crystal or clear water! You’re doing this to YOURSELF Don! I just had the balls to call you out on it! An Englishman…………..oh the irony! It is sweet though! I can’t deny it! And i’ve been bl**dy moderate and restrained. The irony!

          1. The only irony would be a crowbar around yr head AD. Do you have an inferiority complex? You seem to have a primeval need to state yr nationality all the time. Smacks of insecurity. Admire yr machismo in ‘calling me out’ though. Nxt thing you’ll be suggesting that we go down to the rubba dub dub to have a mano on mano conversation over a pint on God knows what, as previously. That was before yr last enforced sabbatic though, remember? When’s yr nxt one? Tomorrow?

            1. The first line’s an interesting one on social media/blog!
              Moving on: If you would like to, no problem! It would be a pint of ‘Proper Job’! Maybe a pint of Spitfire for you! Hilarious!

              1. BTW this was a blog about English Rugby the last time I looked! Until it no longer is then I’d say its par the course to mention the oh so relevant factor of Englishness. It does exist; it is a phenomenon! If you don’t like it then there are plenty of other blogs.
                I can see where this is going though: the old chestnut of English=Racist! Oh so boring and cliched!
                We’ve done that; it was called Brexit. 17.4 m of them were called ‘racist’ (for a matter of scale that’s thrice the population of Ireland so wide of the mark is the inaccuracy and irresponsibility of the charge)
                Your angles of attack are transparent to me DP and all easily rebuffed. Come on, you need to employ an attack coach. My D’s too strong for you clearly. I suggest Wisemantel; he might be available.

                1. What age are you AD? Are you old enough to hold down a job yet? As you seem to spend much of yr ‘working time’ here, I wonder. And what Brexit’s got to do with the rugby you keep going on & on about like a nun’s knickers I’ve no idea, but the effects of it are yet to be seen. For the 3 yrs since the referendum though, the economy’s bottom fed, much like yr increasingly wild & speculative rants, at 0.1-0.3 %. As I don’t have the luxury of a crystal ball, as you appear to disillusionally dream that you possess, we’ll all have to hope that it performs a smidgeon better than last w/end’s Edinburgh result won’t we? Not mention THAT final of course. You’ll be overjoyed to note that the latter 2 sentences at least, are rugby related on er, a rugby site. The TRB you inform me. Thank you for that info tit bit. Also interesting that YOU mention the word ‘racist’. Have you been accused of being one before? I’m unware that I’m attacking you AD. Rather responding to & rebuffing yr Walter Mitty fantasy about yr actually being attacked. BTW, however much you’re paying yr psychiatrist, it’s not enough. Is he sleeping on yr couch in despair or out of boredom? In any event a 2nd sabbatical may be yr salvation rather than a, not undeserved, pint of Old Wallop (is there an echo in here?) around yr ears & to accompany that irony old crow bar. Oops, I almost forgot, don’t larf at yr own joke please. Poor form indeed. Very unEnglish ol’ bean. And no, it wasn’t ‘hilarious’. But well done though, it was Instead at least a yawn. Zzzzz.

                    1. Ok JK. I was on a roll. Like a gerbal in a treadmill. I’ll hop off & give my legs a rest. Can’t state on his behalf of course. Hope you won’t mind too much if I decline to exchange my mail address with AD though. I’ve this queasy feeling that I might get ‘trolled’ 24×7 then! I wonder if he’ll make that ‘righting the ship’ remark again though? Probably. Regds.

                  1. Yawn!
                    If one writes “hilarious” after mentioning a pint called Spitfire it doesn’t mean you are literally laughing at the time of writing DP. It is very English, tongue in cheek and satirical.
                    You do have a chip on your shoulder about the English. Come on admit it DP! Be a man, be honest with yourself for once instead of this masquerade on TRB.
                    A shrink, now that you mention it, might not be such a bad idea DP for yourself.

                    1. Unoriginal. Stop copying me. I’ve moved on to the next blog leaving you in my wake. Do keep up. Try & put some innovative thought into the potential disaster facing Englishophile rugby rather indulging yr ‘expertise’ in trivia. Tat, tah.

                1. Reply to DP’s last remark (unfortunately he removed the right to reply. Not for me that, as anyone can reply – its called accountability!) Bit strange that, anyway.
                  ‘Englishophile’ Sorry, no such word. Here for the duration.

                  1. LOL. 1stly I’m unable to remove the reply button! Jeez! Do let me know if you know how tho. 2ndly, they don’t call you bullet for nuthin’ do they AD? I know there’s no such word. PS Srry JK. Have moved on to the nxt blog tho, honest.

                    1. If you’ve ‘moved on’ why keep on coming back? You’re like a virulent rash which is the problem really if i’m honest. No one can get rid of you.

            2. Here forever DonP. Is that a thumbs up from you? Looking forward to converting you into an anglophile as opposed to an anglophobe (you might have to look both those terms up as your definitions keep on going hay-wire)

  15. Team to play Ireland?

    Mako Geo Sinckler Itoje Kruis Ludlam Underhill Curry Youngs Ford May Farrell JJ Daly Furbank

    Out of a squad containing:

    Forwards: L Cowan-Dickie (Exeter), T Curry (Sale), B Earl (Saracens), C Ewels (Bath), E Genge (Leicester), J George (Saracens), M Itoje (Saracens), G Kruis (Saracens), J Launchbury (Wasps), L Ludlam (Northampton), J Marler (Harlequins), K Sinckler (Harlequins), W Stuart (Bath), S Underhill (Bath), M Vunipola (Saracens).
    Backs: E Daly (Saracens), O Devoto (Exeter), O Farrell (Saracens), G Ford (Leicester), G Furbank (Northampton), W Heinz (Gloucester), J Joseph (Bath), J May (Leicester), O Thorley (Gloucester), B Youngs (Leicester).

    May start Marler if MV’s jaded, but don’t think so. Would have also started Tui but may not be 100% & don’t see Jones changing the rest. Slade, Devoto? Don’t see their starting as Slade’s just back from injury, so similar sit to Tui & Devoto’s too much of an untried risk for Jones in this must win. Watson’s also out, hence Furbank to continue. As no new 1/2, Youngs likely to restart. He didn’t kick out on the full.

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