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Six Nations reportedly moving away from free-to-air TV

It has been reported over the weekend that the Six Nations will no longer be broadcast on the BBC and/or ITV from 2022.

It has been reported over the weekend that the Six Nations will no longer be broadcast on the BBC and/or ITV from 2022.

It doesn’t sound like it’s a done deal, but the Six Nations are ‘not ruling anything out’, and they are apparently not allowing the BBC and ITV to join forces in a bid, as they have done over the last few years.

CVC’s private equity money is currently framing any conversation about the future of the game, and you would think that Sky or BT Sport or AN Other pay-TV broadcaster would pay more than the terrestrial channels can offer.

But, the audience would be reduced dramatically if this move were to go ahead, and surely that is not good for the future of the sport.

Rugby seems to be facing problems from all angles at the moment, and this is another to add to the list.

What do you think of these reports?

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WTF the better not be true, are the RFU deliberately trying to kill the game, firstly taking a massive dump on the Championship and grass roots Rugby they are trying to force the game away from an audience that can readily access the game and make it more elitist and hide it away on pay per view.

How the hell do they propose making the game available to youngsters?


Yes it’s all unions looking to cash in on the pay-to-view money at the expense of their respective audiences. Not sure why a joint bid from ITV-BBC isn’t allowed, money is money, but still not sure they could compete against a big offer from Sky or BT.


Absolutely ludicrous, here in SA few people pay to see games @ stadiums fewer can afford pay TV. I cannot believe that “AMATEURS” run professional sport.


Even just entertaining the idea of this flies in the face of “growing the game” totally and utterly.
Foe example , I live in one of the largest cities in the North of England, where football is by far the dominant sport.
How the hell do the respective Unions expect to recruit new viewers / fans to Rugby by doings something like this? Maybe they don’t, maybe they don’t even see the need to try.
How greedy and short sighted can you get?


Maybe there are just trying to squeeze more money out of BBc/ITV.
Certainly there is no advantage in the long term to move the 6N’s away from terrestrial broadcasters. That is one surefire way to diminish the game’s profile and dramatically reduce it’s appeal.
Anyone can surely see that the current arrangement is the shop window into the game for the majority of tv viewers. To lose it would be calamitous.


Agree totally Steve but haven’t the powers that be (CVC) said there can be no joint bid from the two terrestrial broadcasters? Talk about loading the deck…………


Are CVC connected to Murdoch by any chance? On the world list of terrorists that man should rank very very high…


Tickets for games are already difficult to obtain and are outrageously pricey. Without BBC/ITV coverage, it’s just another nail in Rugby’s coffin.


One obvious question is why they ruled out joint bids? If it’s a question of money and they can get it from the joint bid then why rule it out when that has the biggest viewing audience? Makes you wonder about their real motives.
6 nations and Wimbledon are sporting fixtures everyone.has grown up with since childhood and they are part of our cultural heritage. They shouldn’t be for sale; it’s cultural.and social vandalism.

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