Super Rugby Predictions 2018: Round 19


Round 18 wasn’t too pretty for me, having just picked four of the seven matches, and those four were picked by over 90% of people anyway. Home wins for the Reds, Bulls and Stormers ensured there were red arrows coming my way, but I’m feeling confident ahead of the final round.

Chiefs v Hurricanes
The home side has rested some key players, given that any log changes are highly unlikely for the Chiefs, whilst the ‘Canes are playing most of their big guns. I think they’ll edge it on that basis. Hurricanes by 2

Reds v Sunwolves
The Sunwolves beat the Reds 63-28 in the reverse fixture in May, but surely this will be a win for the home team? Reds by 23

Highlanders v Rebels
This should be a straightforward home win for the New Zealanders, even though the Rebels now need a victory to make the playoffs if the Sharks beat the Jaguares. Losing to the Reds means you probably don’t deserve to though. Highlanders by 18

Crusaders v Blues
The Crusaders are guaranteed top seeding, and there’s a reasonable chance that they’ll rest some key players ahead of the playoffs. I still think they’ll win as they’ll be keen to maintain momentum through to the final, but keep an eye on the lineups when they are announced. Crusaders by 13

Waratahs v Brumbies
A win for the Tahs would secure second seeding, as winners of the Australian conference ahead of the winners of the South African conference. They have to beat the Brumbies at home if they have ambitions of reaching the very latter stages. Waratahs by 16

Lions v Bulls
Their Gauteng neighbours did the Lions a favour last week, beating the Jaguares and they can do them another one this week – if the Lions are victorious, they’ll win the South African conference ahead of the Argentinians. Their rivalry is too strong for any real favours like that, but I still think the home team will win. Lions by 6

Sharks v Jaguares
A home win here would see the Sharks into the playoffs, assuming the Rebels don’t beat the Highlanders, which they won’t. With the Jaguares’ unbeaten run finally over, I think the Sharks will sneak in. Sharks by 4

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26 thoughts on “Super Rugby Predictions 2018: Round 19

    1. There’s nothing at stake and I think it will be a high-scoring, ‘run from everywhere’ game, so I’ve gone for a big margin.

        1. I’m with Hutch, Reds may be terrible, however, Sunwolves seem utterly incapable of replicating home form once on the road and despite being terrible Reds have won over half their home games. I’ve successfully (on superbru) backed Sunwolves at home a couple of times but can’t see them doing this one (famous last words…)

      1. Morras
        Do you think that Dave may not be English.. although not because of his spelling/typo error?
        Also, I may be wrong, but shouldn’t your statement have read ‘who’, not ‘that’? Tsk, tsk.

        1. Don P.
          Do you think that I may not be english?
          But I am the guy WHO rather shut up than post a comment like his.

            1. No Don I knew you were being sarcastic but I had to come back at you , could just leave it there.

    1. If you don’t have anything good to say, just keep quiet… I’ve been following Hutch’s predictions for the last 3 years and his predictions has assisted me to win a couple of bets and yellow caps on Superbru.

      1. I couldnt agree with you more, I only questioned why by such a great margin becauae it could either way, its a dead rubber after all.

  1. Most predictions seem reasonable, although I think the Canes will do well to win away. Reds’ scoreline seems a bit generous. Saders’ seems a bit skinny. Waratahs v Brumbies? Maybe. Lions v Bulls, scoreline a bit mean? Likewise Sharkies’?

  2. Interested to know how many respondents to this post are by English punters? It’s just that I recently opined that the lack of local responses surprised me, especially in view of EJ’s recent record & what he & others here, might have gleaned from S Rugby, particularly in the year preceding the WC . Last week 3 admonished me for my impertinence in expressing similar sentiments, but this also increased the blog uptake x3 fold! Mind you, that wasn’t hard, as the uptake then was initially 2..including mine! Things may be looking up?

    1. Haha maybe it was your comment that sparked them into life. I can never have too many people calling me an idiot and saying I know nothing about rugby anyway.

  3. Agree with most of them. Reds have had this game marked since the Sunwolves handed it to them away. It set them on a 4 game losing streak. Highlanders team is looking light in the backs but Hutch had this up before they announced them. Opposite to that is the Jaguars team is more or less their B team now so the Sharks will win by double digits. Thanks Hutch.

  4. Well the Cane’s game had a 2 point differential alright. Pity it wasn’t IN their favour though. Still, they have a home 1/4, but v The Chiefs again. And the Crusaders ran away with it. Looking hard to beat.

  5. Well the Tahs v the wild horses scoreline didn’t quite pan out & the Lions v Bulls result was marginally underestimated. Sharks v Bulls score nearly hit the bullseye though, but the Highanders, Rebs outcome, although onside, was also a bit off as was the Crusadrs, Blues margin. Blimey! Who’d be a ‘Magic Meg’? ‘Not I’, said the Little Red Hen. Anyway, this all leaves 4 NZ, 2 Saffa, 1 Oz & 1 Argentine side in the 1/4’s. So, Canes, Saders, Highlanders & Lions to go through?

  6. PS Although Dave’s post seemed almost as subtle as an Israeli bulldozer, did his comment contain a scintilla of truth? In any event, perhaps he also helped in keeping the jukebox turning over?

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