What Does BP Mean in Rugby?

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Are you confusing the acronym ‘bp’ for blood pressure? If so, you’re in the right place. Bonus points are a significant aspect of rugby. It can influence a team’s status in the tournament standings. 

In this article, we will introduce you to the world of BP in rugby and explain its benefits. We will also show you a popular instance of bp. 

Overview of Bonus Points

Bonus points are extra points that rugby players get for specific achievements during an event. In what condition do they receive these points? It’s when a team clinches four tries or more. However, losing 7 points or less is another reason a rugby team could get these complimentary points.

Note that a winning squad can earn a maximum of 5 points, including any extra points. As a rugby fan, you should keep the aforementioned points in mind. In this way, you can cherish the game’s mechanics.

Pros of Bonus Points in Rugby

Now that you know what BP means, let’s swing into its benefits. Here are the three most significant advantages of BP:

  • Embracing attacking techniques: BP encourages the teams to craft sturdy attacking tactics to score four or more tries. This leads to a dynamic and captivating gameplay for fans.
  • Incentivizes close efforts: We all know that the teams also earn bps for losing 7 points or less. It acknowledges the efforts of teams in coming close to victory.
  • Minimizes pressure and frustration: Bps curbs unnecessary frustration and pressure on the losing squad. They provide an avenue to secure some points even if they don’t win.  

Example of Bonus Points

Now, let’s check out the number of bps for each category during the 2003 World Cup.

WinDrawLoss (by 7 points or less)Loss (scores at least 4 tries)
4 bps2 bps1 bp1 bp



  • When is BP awarded in rugby? 

Rugby teams earn them when they score four or more stuff in an event. They can also accumulate them when they lose by 7 points or less.

  • What’s the maximum bp that the winning side can earn?

The winning side can earn a maximum of five points, including some extra points.


We bet this article has helped to figure out what the acronym ‘bp’ means in rugby. So, grab some cookies and enjoy the sport!

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