Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017: Final Predictions

WRWC Final

Women's RWC

England and New Zealand will do battle in the final of the 2017 Women’s Rugby World Cup to determine who will be crowned world champions in Ireland.

Here are the predictions for the final games of the tournament, which concludes on Saturday.


Japan v Hong Kong
Queens University, Belfast
KO 12:00

The two representative teams from Asia will square off with each other as both chase their first victory at the 2017 competition.

Japan held their own against Italy – trailing just 0-5 at half-time – before going down 0-22. The Sakura 15, though, will be favorites to win this weekend.

Hong Kong also fought hard with Spain before Las Leonas pulled clear in the second half and will be looking to end their debut World Cup with a memorable upset.

Prediction: Japan by 26

Spain v Italy

Queens University, Belfast
KO 14:30

Spain and Italy will go head-to-head once again as they did in Pool B during the group phase.

Las Leonas defeated Hong Kong 31-7 to claim back-to-back wins following their victory over the Italians and will look for a repeat as they seek a third success on the trot.

The Azzurre, meanwhile, picked up their first win in Ireland against Japan to set up another clash with the Spanish and will plot to avenge their 8-22 group loss to them.

Prediction: Spain by 8

Ireland v Wales

Kingspan Stadium, Belfast
KO 14:00

Hosts Ireland will be desperate to end a disappointing World Cup on a positive note following deflating losses to France and Australia.
The Irish were overpowered by the Wallaroos and have been criticised by some local media commentators for their preparation, coaching and tactics having failed to perform at their home tournament.

Wales also need a lift after suffering a humiliating 0-52 loss to Canada and will compete with Ireland for the final guaranteed spot at the 2021 World Cup.

Prediction: Ireland by 12


Canada v Australia
Queens University, Belfast
KO 17:00

Canada powered their way past Wales by scoring seven tries to set up a meeting with Australia for 5th Place.

In doing so, the Canucks also avoided conceding any points for the third time in four games as they continue their revival from a 5-48 humbling by New Zealand.

Australia too have rebounded strongly with two wins – including a 36-24 defeat of Ireland – following two group losses and will look to make it three victories on the bounce.

Prediction: Canada by 20


France v USA
Kingspan Stadium, Belfast
KO 17:00

France had to settle for a seventh 3rd-4th Place Final as they missed out on a first World Cup final following a tense semi-final with England.

Les Bleus huffed and puffed but could not breach a formidable English defence and now must compete to claim third place for a sixth time.

The United States were unable to prevent New Zealand from romping to another final, but will be confident against France having already achieved their best tournament finish since 1998.

Prediction: France by 16

England v New Zealand

Kingspan Stadium, Belfast
KO 19:45

So it comes down to this. For the fourth time England and New Zealand meet in the World Cup Final.
The defending champions, 20-3 winners over France on Tuesday, are facing the greatest challenge to their reign against the Kiwis – who they have never beaten at the tournament.

While the Black Ferns, 45-12 victors against the United States, are looking to reclaim the title they lost in 2014 and re-establish themselves as the number one team in women’s rugby.

Prediction: England by 5

By Aron Hegarty

14 thoughts on “Women’s Rugby World Cup 2017: Final Predictions

  1. Good to ‘see’ Aron H back from Vegas.. in the nick of time.
    Being selfish perhaps, but the final interests me (& most others here?) more. England by 5? Maybe, esp as it’s a ‘home’ game. However, it will likely depend, refereeing aside, on which team gets most possession. England will probably do what they traditionally do. Keep it up the jumper, maul it, concentrate on the set piece, kick for territory & try not to lose.. by not taking many ‘risks’, i.e, by running it. NZ will need to hold their own in the tight. That being so, they will likely give the ball some air from the get go, particularly through Woodman. However, they’ll know that England will expect this, so they may bring other runners into play, like Hohepa (?) & their f/back. Be tight, but if NZ score early, it’s likely to be even tighter for England. Evens, but the Kiwis will be up for win methinks.. by 5?!

    1. A fair assessment, except for the ‘Keep it up the jumper’ slur. The 2 leading wingers,Thompson and Wilson, have totalled 55 tries between them in 77 internationals. The Roses have developed a game on many fronts, but NZ keep on winning. So is it worth all the effort?

  2. (& most others here?), well that means only me thus far.
    PS Ever heard of the AB’s? They’re playing tomorrow am don’t you know. Might learn something for the Autumn Int’als!

    1. I know its like a ghost town round here
      I was expecting some coverage of the rugby championship even if this is predominately a British site

      1. Leon
        Agree. Bit like Stephen Jones’ attitude? If you ignore it (or slag it off as well if it ain’t English, in his case) it (the results) might go away.

  3. Yep sorry chaps, been a bit hectic over the summer and then ran out of time on Friday to do Rugby Championship picks. I had ABs by loads, and SA by quite a few for the record.

    NH season previews coming up shortly and we’ll be back into full swing this week.

    1. Hutch
      Also what happened to the WRWC final? If England had WON, would this have taken precedence over the yet to start (‘..best domestic league in the world’, eh?) Aviva Premiership?

  4. Aron Hegarty – You don’t know shit about Rugby.
    England by 5 – What an idiot.

    England looked good in the tournament because they had not come up against NZ.


    You are a halfwit Aron – Go back to pulling your weeeee penis.

    1. Dave
      Doubtless you’ll be pleased to know that, due to yr diplomatic prowess, you’ve been invited to replace David Davis forthwith in heading up the delicate Brexit negotiations! In awe.

    2. Thank you for your respectful comments. A pity you didn’t see the Rotorua game, where the Roses outplayed the Ferns on all fronts. 5 tries of varying degrees of brilliance.
      Game available on: livestream.com/i-filmsport/IWRS17NZvsEngland/videos/158325536

      1. Yes the poms won in Rotorua but that didn’t really matter in the end did it because when it come down to the won that mattered the Black Ferns were just to good.
        As it proved – Glem Moore was experimenting in Rotorua with the pending world cup in mind and he got it wrong – But he diodn’t get the won that mattered wrong.

        You can mention what ever you want about Rotorua – It just doesn’t matter – The Black Ferns clearly learnt more from that game than England did.

        My overall point was – The English girls thought their shit didn’t stink after beating other teams and clearly over estimated their own ability.

        Whe n it come to the true test against the very best in the world – England were found wanting and were not up to it.
        it was always going to happen – The loss in Rotorua clearly defined what the Black Ferns had to do to win the World Cup and England were fantasising about their own ability and how wonderful they were – When in fact the Black Ferns were always going to target and giv ethem a hiding.

        Clearly the English Girls had no understanding of the Kiwi Rugby Mentality.

        You can give whatever excuse you want – The Black Fersn were just far to good for England in the World Cup Final – Nothing else matters.

        The fact is – The Poms lost – Nothing else matters.
        All the bullshit excuses don’t mean shit.

        The comment – England won in Rotorua – Does not mean shit – What good did it do for them in the end – England were thrashed in the World Cup Final – The second half was all one way traffic when the Kiwi Girls really put the pressure on and England were found wanting and as per usual the Poms finished second in a 2 team game.

  5. England need to be more realistic about their abilitly.

    Thinking that their shit doesn’t stink when they don’t have a sustained history to back it up.

    They are just piss and wind……….

  6. The only reason why England won the 2014 tournament was because:
    NZ screwed it up against Ireland allowing England and Canada to manage a manufactured result to allow Canada to get through to the semi finals.
    This was designed to block out NZ.

  7. I loved the look on the faces of the English women at the end of the World Cup Final.

    Their body language confirmed that they were wondering – What just happened – We have just been sodomised………

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