dumpTackle is searching for Britain’s worst rugby team

dumpTackleThe ‘Fan’s Brand of Rugby Clothing’ – dumpTackle, is looking for a team to get behind for the 2012/13 season.

Usually when sponsorship opportunities come about, brands look for the most athletic, best performing and most popular teams to get behind, to try and propel their brand to new heights of notoriety. dumpTackle think differently…

The UK based purveyors of the finest rugby clothing banter are looking for a club whose past results might not have always been covered in glory. A team that usually gets beaten week-in-week-out, but their love for the game keeps them coming back for more. Players, who try hard on the pitch, but try harder in the club house afterwards. This is dumpTackle’s team.

To dumpTackle, rugby is about getting involved and having fun. By sponsoring Britain’s worst team, they’re acknowledging that even winning is important, it’s equally important to just get stuck in, love the game and party after each match like you’ve lifted the Webb Ellis World Cup! It’s these people who make rugby so darned great!

If you know of a team that fits this description, get in touch! Show us why you think that the team is the worst team in Great Britain and they could be in with a chance of bagging themselves the most unusual sponsorship deal?. Send in your argument complete with accompanying photos to sponsorship@dumpTackle.com.

DumpTackle will be shortlisting their favourites and fittingly, when finding the most social team in GB, leaving it to their social media followers to decide which team is most worthy…

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*Sponsorship package includes; team dumpTackle t-shirts, sponsorhip money, dumpTackle promotions and more… Competition entries close August 10th 2012

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