Rugby Skills: Scrummaging, Lineouts and Tackling

England sponsor QBE has created these three rugby skills videos with Tom Wood, Dan Cole and Tom Youngs.

They are all worth a watch for any aspiring rugby players.




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6 thoughts on “Rugby Skills: Scrummaging, Lineouts and Tackling

  1. This is real handy, seeing how I am still one of the worst technical tacklers of the team after 4 years!

    And maybe we could learn our hooker how to throw straight, would be awesome!

  2. I need to learn how to throw straight. I’ve been a hooker for a while and we’ve lost games down to my throwing. Luckily they’ve decided that the 8 is going to throw in from now on…

    Why in the professional age is it purely up to the hooker to throw line outs? A logical way of doing it would be the whole front row should be potential throwers, being the shortest on the team.

    1. Our props are even worse then our hooker, our no. 8 used to throw, but he became a centre, so he can’t throw it anymore. So we just resolved to steal all the oppositions line-outs, and hope for the best with ours.

    2. Interestingly Matt, I read an interview with Tom Youngs who asked exactly the same question. He pointed out that given the hookers work in the scrums, and their upper-body efforts therein, they should be the last people expected to produce an accurate throw-in.

  3. Indeed they did. Not only that, but they used the over-arm “bowling” throw, which would be fascinating to see again.

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