The Rugby Blog team takes the Bournemouth Sevens by storm

Well, they reached the quarter finals anyway, and gave a terrific account of themselves over the weekend.

Emerging second from a very tough group in the ‘Open Cup’, Jon Hobbs’ band of very merry men combined skill, strength, pace and flair to reach the latter stages before succumbing to the Argonauts in an honourable defeat.

As proud sponsors, The Rugby Blog would like to thank the whole squad for being a credit to the site and to their other sponsor, Our Rugby Club.

I’ve actually got a few spare shirts if anyone would like to buy one?!

8 thoughts on “The Rugby Blog team takes the Bournemouth Sevens by storm

  1. Wow – if there had been an award for the best looking team, they certainly would have won.

  2. Your Rugby Blog team kit for Bournemouth 7s 2009 competition was brill – cow strip stood out very well….
    I’m intrigued to find out where was the strip from…..

  3. The 2009 kit was provided by Tsunami – click on their logo on the left.

    Stand by for photos and report from this year’s event…

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