Video of the Week: The longest penalty ever kicked

An astonishing kick, made all the more the more special by the fact that it’s 1986 and the kicking tee is yet to be invented!

11 thoughts on “Video of the Week: The longest penalty ever kicked

  1. I love the fact that he hardly stood still once he set the ball up either. Just a quick look at the posts and then hoof!!

  2. I was in the West Enclosure sucking it in. I remember telling my brother remember this when he lined it up. 28 years on and still the longest ’twas Humungous !!

  3. De Wet Ras (Freestate South Africa) …. he did a kick like that from the corner of his own 10 meter line, Eastern pavilion side, in the 1983 Springbok trials at Ellis Park or Loftus , his however was center through the post

  4. That was extremely impressive considering it was a leather ball off a soggy pitch, however to be technically correct I dont believ that is the longest test match kick. Francois Steyn of South Africa put over a 65M plus kick against the All Blacks in I think 2011/12.

  5. Hendrik Truter – Free State , De Wet Ras – Free State and Frans Steyn!!!!! If you had a world ranking for longest penalties they will be 1 ,2 and 3 …..

  6. I would love to know how long Steyn’s drop goal against Clemont was from start to finish. I’m guessing 70-75m.

  7. Impressive!

    Sadly I recently read (‘funnily’ enuff in the S. Times) that Thorburn was likely excluded from a Lions tour as he’d invited Stephen Jones of the aforementioned S. Times to leave the room at an after match rubgy dinner that they were both attending.

    In doing so Thorburn described SJ as the ‘scum of the earth’ following the latter’s putting the boot into their national Welsh team .

    Pity. I always (usually, anyway) thought that honesty was the best policy.

    Pierre Villepreux kicked the longest penalty I ever saw @ Athletic Park, Wellington on the 1968 French tour of NZ. It went on forever & from memory, it travelled some 70 yards?

    I was disappointed that the crowd booed his attempt as, for me, it was a wonderful & enormous kick… & besides the ABs were winning anyway.

    The French backs, including Jean Trillo, Jo Maso & Jean-Pierre Lux, ran the ABs ragged that day… when they got the ball. Most memorable & ‘total’ rubgy back play I recall.

  8. This will always be the greatest kick ever in terms of distance because of modern technology used in materials for balls and boots, and improved technique. He really got through that, and it’s a perfect line to the near post. Amazing kick! Back then!!

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