WIN a Rugby Nutrition Bundle from Multipower

The Rugby Blog has teamed up with Multipower to give away a Rugby Nutrition bundle, to meet your nutrition needs before, during and after exercise.

The winner will receive one box (of 24) of energy bars for a pre-workout or pre-match boost, one box of energy gels to keep you going during exercise, and one box of recovery bars to help your muscles after a workout.


To enter the competition, simply answer the question below:

For which Mutlipower-sponsored French club does Jonny Wilkinson play rugby?

Email your answer to before the closing date of 12pm on Friday 10th June, and we’ll pick a winner at random.

Stronger for longer with new Multipower Endurance Range

Leading European Sports Food Company, Multipower, has drawn on over 30 years experience in the industry, to launch an all-new range of cutting-edge, finest quality products for endurance athletes.

The bars, gels and powders contain innovative, high quality ingredients including Palatinose, the only low glycemic carbohydrate with prolonged energy supply, and Peptopro, which significantly accelerates recovery after a strenuous training session.

Developed in close collaboration with athletes and the Olympic Training Centre in Cologne, the products are optimised for every stage – before, during and after – to enable detailed training build up, maximise performance and speed recovery.

At the heart of the range is the new Multicarbo Energy Gel (RRP £1.10 for 40g), which comes in two versions, one for pre and another for during exercise. The pre-exercise gel (Lemon and Orange flavour) boasts a combination of maltodextrin, palatinose and fructose, which provides an effective supply of sustained energy before exercise or competition.

The Multicarbo Energy Gel taken during exercise is easily digestible and provides muscles with quick release energy and an extra boost to training or competition. The gel comes in four exciting flavours, Apple, Cherry-Banana, Cola with Guarana and Strawberry-Lime. The sodium content for both gels assists effective storage of carbohydrates and supports liquid intake.

Another highlight is the new Multicarbo Energy+Fruit bar, (RRP £1.29 for 50g). With a carbohydrate to fat ratio of 16:1, the bar both provides your body with an energy boost during exercise and contains a high quality milk protein to help protect muscles. As well as its functional enhancements, the Multicarbo Energy+Fruit bar is also great tasting. The new bar comes in three delicious flavours: Apple, Banana-Twist and Strawberry-Vanilla.

An old favourite which has been slightly reformulated for the new range is the Re-Charge drink (RRP £12.49 for 630g tub, available in Orange flavour). Perfect for post-exercise hydration, the drink contains Peptopro, with ‘pre digested’ proteins, which is more easily absorbed by the body, helping to prevent muscle breakdown.

Multipower are the nutritional sponsors of Mark Cueto, RC Toulon and Leeds Carnegie. For Sports nutrition tailored to your individual needs visit Follow Multipower on Facebook at www.facebook/multipowersportsfooduk

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