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Hi guys – it’s been a while and appreciate there is limited conversational subjects but just wondered if you could start a few threads around some current talking points such as the global calendar, Burgess’s rant on Ford Senior and Junior or even just a few ‘what ifs’ for the banter??


Hi DM. I’m so glad to see the Rugby blog up and running again. I sincerely hope that all contributors are well and that we can all find a little time to post some food for thought.

I will start…Tuilagi? Is this a case of two fingers to a club that fully paid him and supported him through several seasons of which much was on the sidelines yet suddenly he is asked to take a pay cut and he has a short memory? Or do we think he was going to go anyway given 2019 was realistically his last chance of World Cup glory with England so France(?) was always on the cards given the dire season Leicester had?

It’s complicated!
On one hand I can see why Tuilagi’s apparent desire to up sticks has angered the club and fans,especially, as you say,given they have stood by him through some pretty dire times injury wise.
Having said that,he may feel that he’s approaching the twilight of his career and needs the excitement of one last new challenge before retirement.
He also needs to consider his red rode status too, unless he’s not that bothered anymore.
I would like to think it isn’t all about money (again) but since Sarrygate,it’s hard not to wonder.


Yeah didn’t consider that he might need a new lease of motivation – suppose only human really. No different to your average Joe wanting to change jobs after 5/6 years for a new challenge, not always about money…well within reason.


Talking of sarrygate, I think allowing them to loan players for a year is wrong. They should either have to retain them in the squad or loose them. To me it feels like they are escaping half the punishment.

Yeah can see your point here, they are just off-loading chunks of their wage bill. That said if they plan to secure promotion (likely) and take the playerd back surely back in the same situ unless players take a cut to return?
Tuilagi has signed for Sale….I didn’t expect that, expected him to move aborad and cash in. Maybe he has unfinished business in the Red Rose shirt!


Yes, looks like we can expect to see him scattering the opposition in a Red Rose shirt a while longer.
Wonder what Umbro will come up with kit wise?

Yeah wasn’t sure about this one.

I would say the punishment is being relegated from the Prem and receiving a hefty fine. I don’t think they should have to jettison some of their talent, specifically the ones they have nurtured through the academy; I always took issue with that complaint from oppo clubs/supporters and it always struck me as jealously.

They have gotten rid of a few player – Kruis most notably – but it will be interesting to see how they cut the cloth going forward.

The world of rugby is giving us plenty to discuss right now it seems: The Lions, a revised AI schedule and format, Sarries keeping hold of key players and Eddie’s continuing preference for Southern Hemisphere back rowers over the home grown variety………………

Okay so are we going to get a bit more chat up and running now? I see Gabriel Ibitoye has left Quins for Agen. Bit gutted about that as I felt he was showing some real promise and could have been on the radar for England at some point if he kept up his form for another season. Suspect it’s a money move given Agen were struggling in the French league?? Maybe he was already on an average wage at Quins and taking a further cut wasn’t that motivating! Suppose he is still young so could do a couple of seasons in France and come back a better player?

Yes, just saw that on BBC Rugby site. It’s a weird one. I don’t know a lot about Agen as a club,I assume they must have some sort of attraction for a young player that has a lot of potential?

How is everyone coping with rugby officially back? I see Jack Clifford has had to retire at 27, realy shame he had great potential but just littered with injuries when it really started to matter.

Yeah really gutted for him. Quality all-round backrow who seemed to be breaking into the England setup before injury hit.

The talent England have at backrow is scary though; Currys and Willis picking up where they left off, Vunipola rediscovering some form. Think Underhill has been below par and Dombrandt needs to show why he deserves a shot with England – not seen enough yet imo.

Loads! Eddie’s second consultancy role, Exeter seemingly unstoppable, the revised format AI’s, SA joining the six nations,the return of spectators to HQ,……………..Take your pick!


Ha ha – I meant on when TRB would be back, but I think that you knew that. I think that Farrell would have been a hot topic over the last few days

Err, the last articles on here are all March. Unless my computer is playing up, TRB really doesn’t look like it is back yet, despite a couple of comments on this home page.

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