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Hi guys – it’s been a while and appreciate there is limited conversational subjects but just wondered if you could start a few threads around some current talking points such as the global calendar, Burgess’s rant on Ford Senior and Junior or even just a few ‘what ifs’ for the banter??

Hi DM. I’m so glad to see the Rugby blog up and running again. I sincerely hope that all contributors are well and that we can all find a little time to post some food for thought.

I will start…Tuilagi? Is this a case of two fingers to a club that fully paid him and supported him through several seasons of which much was on the sidelines yet suddenly he is asked to take a pay cut and he has a short memory? Or do we think he was going to go anyway given 2019 was realistically his last chance of World Cup glory with England so France(?) was always on the cards given the dire season Leicester had?

It’s complicated!
On one hand I can see why Tuilagi’s apparent desire to up sticks has angered the club and fans,especially, as you say,given they have stood by him through some pretty dire times injury wise.
Having said that,he may feel that he’s approaching the twilight of his career and needs the excitement of one last new challenge before retirement.
He also needs to consider his red rode status too, unless he’s not that bothered anymore.
I would like to think it isn’t all about money (again) but since Sarrygate,it’s hard not to wonder.


Yeah didn’t consider that he might need a new lease of motivation – suppose only human really. No different to your average Joe wanting to change jobs after 5/6 years for a new challenge, not always about money…well within reason.


Talking of sarrygate, I think allowing them to loan players for a year is wrong. They should either have to retain them in the squad or loose them. To me it feels like they are escaping half the punishment.

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