Six Nations 2024 Prize Money Analysis

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One of the richest rugby competitions in the world, the Six Nations tournament will see participating teams vying for a sizable prize purse. This annual competition differs from others, even though they could be prestigious too.

While some tournaments have substantial prize pools, the Six Nations places an emphasis on financial rewards for winning individual matches, overall performance and other areas in addition to the winners’ share. Hence, the Six Nations has gathered a supportive, passionate  and vocal fan base. The tournament has a unique atmosphere with fans traveling to support their teams, creating an intense and exciting environment at the stadiums.

The 2024 tournament is anticipated to have a prize fund of €16 million, with a substantial chunk of that amount going to the victorious team. The teams are highly motivated to perform well and compete to the best of their abilities by the prize money.

The Six Nations tournament’s prize money is distributed in a variety of ways. In addition to incentives for individual match wins, tries scored, and other performances, the victorious team takes home a sizable percentage of the prize money.

There is also money set aside for other things. These include grassroots projects and player development, among other things. Therefore, the prize money supports rugby’s overall growth in the Six Nations countries rather than just the winning team.

There is also the grand slam, a bonus given to the winning team if they win all five of their games in the tournament. The additional £1 million in prize money for the Six Nations. The remaining five nations will split this additional £1 million if no team wins the grand slam, with each receiving an additional £200k.

Six Nations 2024 Prize Money Analysis

 Prize MoneyPosition
€6m1st place
€3.5m2nd place
€2.5m3rd place
€2m4th place
€1.5m5th place
€1m6th place
Total: €16.5m



What is the prize money for the winner of the Six Nations?

The prize money for the winning team is expected to be around €6m. The last edition had the winner go home with €5, making this year’s prize higher. In total, the six nations will share between €16-€19.

Who won the 2023 Guinness Six Nations Player of the Championship?

Antoine Dupont was chosen as the 2023 Guinness Six Nations Player of the Championship. He represented and captained France which finished as runners after narrowly losing to England the eventual winners.

Will the Player of the Championship win a prize?

In the Six Nations rugby competition, the man of the match receives exceptional performance throughout the competition. This can help the player get greater fame. Therefore, there is no special award or medal given to the man of the match.

Final Words

The significant prize fund heightens the excitement surrounding an already exciting sporting event as teams and fans eagerly await the championship. You will also wish that your team finishes as winners to go home with this whopping prize money. So, you know why the fight for top shot is increasing.

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