What Is A Grand Slam In Rugby?

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Ever heard of the rugby grand slam? This championship victory is one of the most coveted achievements in the world of rugby and has been since Wales first accomplished it in 1908. But what exactly is a rugby grand slam, and why is it so highly regarded? In this article, we will cover all the details. 

The ‘Grand Slam’

The Grand Slam has cemented itself as the ultimate goal for any team participating in the Six Nations Championship held annually. Over the course of six weeks, six different countries compete in this prestigious tournament, with each team aiming to come out victorious as the strongest side in Europe. The winner, of course, is awarded the coveted Six Nations trophy. However, in certain situations, competing teams end up winning a famous title known as the ‘Grand Slam’ after a flawless streak of wins.

The table below shows the nations involved in the Six Nations Championship and the number of grand slams won:

NationsNumber of Grand Slams won
France 10


How is a Rugby Grand Slam Achieved?

To achieve a grand slam in the Six Nations tournament, a team must win all their matches by beating every other team both home and away. Completing a grand slam is a remarkable feat that indicates a team’s dominance and skill, and it is the highest achievement in the Six Nations Rugby Championship.


  • Can a team still win the championship if they don’t achieve a Grand Slam? 

Yes. A team that wins all of its matches except one can still be crowned the Six Nations Champions.

  • Can a Grand Slam be achieved in other rugby competitions? 

While the term is commonly associated with the Six Nations and Rugby Championship, variations of the concept exist in other regional tournaments, each with its own name and significance.

  • How many times has a grand slam been achieved in the Six Nations tournament?

The grand slam has been achieved 42 times in the Six Nations tournament.


The rugby grand slam is a significant achievement in the world of rugby, and it remains one of the most coveted titles to this day. Although a grand slam is not necessary to win the Six Nations Championship, it is still a significant accomplishment that rugby fans all over the world appreciate.

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