VIDEO: Rugby Fitness and Nutrition with Will Greenwood

Will Greenwood

Will Greenwood takes the winners from the Aviva Win an Expert competition to Twickenham Stadium to talk to them about health and fitness.Check out the video below for some tips on fitness training and nutrition for Rugby as pre-season training gets into full swing! NutritionGreenwood touches on the importance of

Rugby Nutrition: Eating for England

Manu Tuilagi

Much of the focus of the 'New England' era has been on team selection and performance on the pitch, but here we can get a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse at elite rugby has analysed an 85-page document created by the Nutritional Team at the RFU for the England team entitled,

The “Biggest” Rugby World Cup Ever

Statistics show that this year’s Rugby World Cup could be the biggest yet; featuring 6ft 4, 120kg giants like Georgian born Mamuka Gorgodze or England’s own 110kg centre Manu Tuilagi. But how have players of the modern game become supersized versions of their predecessors? looks into the latest developments