How Long Is a Rugby Game

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The strong tackles and excellent strategic plays are testaments to the fact that Rugby demands physical and mental strength. The thrills produced by Rugby matches across levels have attracted more global followers to the sport. Meanwhile, you may wonder how long a rugby match lasts. Today’s post will answer this and other common questions concerning this adrenaline-fueled sport.

How long is a Rugby Game?

Like most team sports, Rugby is played in two halves of 40 minutes each. You would spend only 80 minutes for both halves in international and professional matches. Further, there is normally a break between the two halves, which lasts for 15 minutes, making 95 minutes of playing time. However, Rugby matches last more than 1 hour and 35 minutes as some factors influence the length of each game.

Factors Responsible for Extended Rugby Game Time

Generally, calculating the possible time a rugby game will end is always challenging. This is because regular matches have diverse factors that extend the time. The following are some of the factors.

Stoppage TimeOne of the factors responsible for the length of rugby games is the number of times the game is paused. This can be for consultations, substitutions, injuries, etc. This further affects the entire game time as the wasted minutes are added.
Extra TimeAnother factor responsible for extended time in this sport is extra time. Some rugby matches in the draw, and some clashes in knockout stages must produce winners. Extra time is often played after such a match, which eventually adds to the time spent in the game. However, the length of the extra time often depends on the competition.
Penalty Kicks and ConversionPenalties and Conversions are part of rugby games and contribute to increased time spent on clashes. Setting up before playing by some players adds time to the regular game time.
Scrum Resets and LineoutsScrums, lineouts, and similar set pieces often require time for the formations. Sometimes, the referee will call for resets, which thus results in additional time.




How long is a rugby field?

The rugby pitch is similar to the football pitch, as they are both rectangles. Meanwhile, the standard playing area length is 120m, and the width is 60m.

How does the scoring work?

Scoring in Rugby can be either:

  • A try
  • Penalty kick
  • Drop goal

And they have different points of contribution. Try using the ball to touch the ground in the opposition end zone, and it is worth 5 points. A penalty kick is kicked through the opposition post, attracting 3 points. The drop goal involves kicking the ball between the opposition post during action, giving 3 points.

What is scrum?

To start a rugby game, players use this. After forming the formation and the ball touches the ground, the players fight for the ball.

Final Word

Although Rugby has two halves of 40 minutes and 15 minutes of halftime, matches often last longer most times. We have discussed scrum resets, penalty kicks, stoppage time, and other factors responsible for late responses. Regardless, Rugby is fun, and you will enjoy the thrill of watching their competitive and friendly clashes.

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