France gamble moving Parra to 10 against New Zealand

France head coach Marc Lièvremont on Tuesday announced his team to play New Zealand in their third Pool A match at Eden Park, Auckland, on Saturday, 24 September.


1. Jean-Baptiste Poux
2. Dimitri Szarzewski
3. Luc Ducalcon
4. Pascal Pape
5. Lionel Nallet
6. Thierry Dusautoir (c)
7. Julien Bonnaire
8. Louis Picamoles
9. Dimitri Yachvili
10. Morgan Parra
11. Maxime Médard
12. Maxime Mermoz
13. Aurélien Rougerie
14. Vincent Clerc
15. Damien Traille


16. William Servat
17. Fabien Barcella
18. Julien Pierre
19. Imanol Harinordoquy
20. Francois Trinh-Duc
21. Fabrice Estebanez
22. Cédric Heymans

9 thoughts on “France gamble moving Parra to 10 against New Zealand

  1. Two sides to this. Firstly, it works. Parra can easily play 10. He just has no experience, and will make his first start for his country in that position against the best team in the world, in the Rugby World Cup.

    1. well put BC!

      but look at the bench.Servat, Harinord and Heymans. wow.

      I cant not believe why bonnaire is playing instead of harinord.

      Any chat from Nz as to why this is??????

  2. If you look at it realistically why would the French want to win this one it would put over to the tough side of the draw. If it were a final or semi I think the team selection would be completely different

    1. Could New Zealand sacrifice the match to switch sides in the draw and get an easier route to the final? Never!!!!

  3. Why does everyone automatically assume the southern hemisphere teams are better than the northern hemisphere? Wales were a gnats whiff from beating sa and Ireland beat aus. Last world cup saw aus and nz lose to France and England. I reckon the northern hemisphere side of draw will be tougher. I’m hoping France beat nz so that England don’t have to worry about the French until the final.

  4. I don’t assume that the southern teams are better but I don’t see any reason to believe that New Zealand would not perceive themselves to be superior to Northern hemisphere teams. On the other hand you are the arrogant one in presuming that England will make it to the final. They will have to worry about the Irish now and I reckon the Irish will hockey them next time out. England are one dimensional. I think they played a test match against the Irish in August while the Irish showed up for a world cup warm up. They won’t show up for a friendly next time. They have had little problems stuffing little England in recent years. Check the stats. England robbed the game agaainst a better Argentina side. I do admire the fact that the english still consider themselves world beaters even when they have a crap team. The self delusional arrogance has to be admired.

  5. I should add that not only do england consider themselves world beaters with a crap team but somehow can manage to win ugly with crap teams playing one dimensional crap rugby. One can only admire that confidence and arrogance. The irish on the other hand have since the last world cup three Heineken cups, numerous league titles between Munster and Leinster and a grand slam yet seem to lack the same self belief/confidence/arrogance when they should have it. One has to admire the english.

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