25 thoughts on “Greenwood: “Wales will be driving back down the M4 beaten men”

  1. Yep, it’s in the bag for England. As well as what Greenwood says here I’ve just read that man for man England are better (info from Austin Healey) – our halfbacks, one of our wings, our fullback and our front row come off particularly worse in the comparison (http://bit.ly/1cd5mRN); Danny Care is the best SH in the Northern Hemisphere. We possibly have one player better than the English option – North v Nowell.

    England’s 2nd row is one of the best pairs in the world, def the best in the NH. Warrenball is a busted flush as Andy Farrell knows all about it from the Lions and already has it sorted. Steve Walsh was a massive influence last year, penalises anyone in a White shirt, whereas Poite is fairness personified so the Welsh won’t get that lucky advantage this year (again, info from The Telegraph).

    Bookies clearly agree.

    We’re doomed. Still, a nice day out for us in London at least.

    1. Wow you really are desperate to be the underdog.

      Prop scores aside (which are completely bizarre) he gave us superiority in the second row and the half backs. Wales a clear superiority in the centres. Most other units (back 3, back row) are even. Reverse the front row scores I’d say it’s not far off as to get so excited about. Jeez.

      1. Hang about Benjit – he gives Eng superiority in front row, half backs, full back and number 8. That’s half of the team already (some ties in there). However it is significant superiority in terms of scores e.g Farrel 8, Care 9, etc. In centres he gives us a marginal edge, wings are slightly in our favour.

        I didn’t discount the bit of the scoring that you have – I’m talking about the whole thing. He also mentions Steve Walsh as being a sig. factor last year. He rates one of our players as better than the English option. So I can’t see how I’ve gone overboard with any interpretation here. Yes, if I discount some of the scores then it’s more balanced but then that wouldn’t be the point would it. I tell you what, I’ll discount everything except his score on North and then say he has Wales as faves, shall I?

        1. Look based on form in the championship Brown, Care (who I can’t stand btw) and 2nd row are in the form of their lives. I think the edge in the scores are justified. Front row is the only area that is mental. Falatou has been ok but not up to his usual high standards ditto 1/2 penny. But when looking at the units/ partnerships I think it mostly evens out. Ultimately though who cares.

          And if an expert as reasoned and impartial as Healey can see Walsh’s bias surely you can no longer ignore it.

  2. To gain a huge psychological advantage England should run out in green and gold, then it would be in the bag.

  3. My word. I like Healey a lot more than most but this is just stupid. Am I right in thinking that JD2 isn’t an inside centre? Ruins any validity his views would have had if he can’t get positions correct.

    1. You are right.

      I can only think he was drunk. Davey Wilson as a better prop than Adam Jones???

  4. Davey Wilson has been scrummaging better than Adam Jones this season though. Ok historically Jones would win as best prop hands down but he hasn’t been doing too well lately.

  5. I think that Austin may have found his true following across the bridge. It is sweet, as most right minded people I know pay little attention to him.

  6. Come on mun Healey,s obviously still got concussion from that diving programme best thing he ever did was land on his head from 30 feet.

  7. yeah . same old same old, i hope that benjit was being ironic when calling healy impartial . .he and his ilk thankfully are getting smaller in number..small man syndrome . seem to look down on the working men of wales (historically) with contempt. .England are far less disliked since the likes of Farrell etc are coming into their team , but please to call a ref bias as an Englishman , check out the likes of Quentintons remarks about him reffing Welsh games . .an english ref who openly said would assist the other teams. .

  8. i must admit after watching school of hard knocks i can’t help but like greenwood , seems a top bloke , just like to add that in case people thought was slating him. always found his comments fair even if don’t agree ,

    1. Greenwood loves rugby. Clearly as an ex-England player he will be biased towards them, but you can guarantee if Wales win he will be offering congratulations to their players. Healey on the other hand, despite actually being able to offer an excellent insight into the game (I know others may disagree), is just a WUM.

  9. Interestingly who has got most to lose from this game?

    Both will suffer a psychological disadvantage for RWC15 if they lose, but Wales are at full strength, and now playing well and probably haven’t got any more to give or another gear. England are still developing, missing players, etc so it might not be as damaging if they lose as they can still improve as a team.

    My heart says England for this one but sadly my head says Wales, as they will be absolutely on top of their game, with a settled team and a settled game plan. Obviously hope not!

    1. It’s on a knife edge Staggy – I think that is why so many Welsh I know think England by 5 and so many English think Wales by 5. We’re stealing ourselves for a loss from a tight game, we’re in that “yeah, but in a tight one it’s always my team that come away with nothing” defensive mentality. Can’t believe we have to wait until Sunday for this one.

    2. Agree Staggy that this will be a huge psychological blow for either side, but disagree that it will be any less for England because we have some players out injured. Marler and Wilson are more than decent replacements and SL could’ve put Manu on the bench, who is the only other big 1st team pick not there, but chose not to. Realistically England need to beat Wales this year and next season away to get this celtic monkey off our backs. Not beaten Wales or South Africa under SL, and we really need to reverse that before the World Cup.

      1. Benjit, agree that this would be a big psychological blow to England if we lose, but what I am saying is that if Wales lose, they don’t have anywhere else to go as they are playing well and pretty much at full strength whereas England are still developing as a team and aren’t at their best yet.

        Brighty, and I say this with head in hands, I have gone for Wales by three in my prediction. You will laugh to know that this was also my prediction last year!! Just think Wales are more complete at the moment, more settled and have a simple game plan that all the players completely understand. Can’t say the same about England! As far as units go I would take the Welsh front 3, the English locks, can’t split them in the back row, the English half backs and the Welsh centres and back three, which equates to more Welshmen sadly. Might be different in 12 months time though!

          1. Backrow will decide the match and I agree that right now both units have got reason to believe they will come out on top. I just hope that we have one of our better days. Win the ruck, win enough ball and I think we will come out on top as I think we have enough defensive power to keep England mostly limited to penalties.

            At least I am sure that is the gameplan. If we can execute it is another thing.

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