Heineken Cup Memories: epic Cardiff v Leicester penalty shootout

An unbelievable turn of events in the 2009 semi-final saw the game between Cardiff and Leicester go to a dramatic penalty shoot-out after the Blues scored two late tries to draw the game in normal time. Relive the tense shootout below:

Video credit: Rugbydump.com

6 thoughts on “Heineken Cup Memories: epic Cardiff v Leicester penalty shootout

  1. Jesus… that was emotionally exhausting to watch- and I knew the outcome this time! Brutal way to resolve a game.

  2. As I said on the FB, you’re a bunch of utter, utter sods ruining my Friday morning by dragging this bereavement up like this…

  3. Thanks for this, I’ve never actually seen it. I remember listening to it on the radio and being on tenterhooks

  4. Ironically the one forward you would have backed to take a kick would have been Martyn Williams .

  5. At least the Leicester open-side didn’t blatantly knock the ball out of the opposition scrum half’s hand just b4 the match ended-oh sorry that what they did in a previous final wasn’t it!

    This time they only sent a guy back on after he’s been subbed and when they knew a shoot out was coming.

    Really sporting team, still when you have the statue of a Medieval hunch-backed child killer in your city……………………………………….

    Next we’ll have an ex-Leicester hero using blood capsules to get a sub back on for a drop goal attempt in a tight match.

  6. As I recall this can’t happen in quite this way again – they’ve changed the rules?

    Pub quiz question anyway – the only team to not lose a match of rugby and not win the European cup?

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