5 thoughts on “Quinnell: “France are the worst side to ever reach a World Cup Final”

  1. “South Africans never do anything that’s funny” True Mr. Carling.
    And if they did, it would be so surprising it wouldn’t be funny anyway. They can be funny in an Arnie Schwarenigger kind of way possibly

  2. Quinnell: “France are the worst side to ever reach a World Cup Final”
    France are arguably the best team never to have won a final also, so you can flip that.
    If someone were to ask me (having no prior knowledge of this world cup) which team would have won the thing having lost 2 pool games and been generally unconvincing throughout, I would answer that that team was France. But they have a gigantic task ahead of them this time.

  3. I think it’s true that France is the greatest rugby nation to have not yet lift “Bill”. But I also think this is certainly the least-entertaining French side to make a final. It still amazes me that a team that lost to Tonga and labored to wins against Japan and Canada could make the final. They beat England fair and square, and if Wales-although brave-had ANY kind of kicking game, we would be talking about a Wales-NZ final instead of this game with France. Given the history of France shocking the All Blacks in 1999 and 2007, I think for the All Blacks, this a serious chance for some payback.

    1. I know I might sound crazy, but I think France might win it, and then seeded #1 in the world lol!!!! :) Only France could be so up and down!

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