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What were the main talking points from the match? Did Ireland take their foot off the gas in the second half? Can Brian O’Driscoll keep producing performances like this? Why were Wales so bad in the first half?

39 thoughts on “Rate the match: Wales v Ireland

  1. Fantastic to watch as a neutral! Wales were far too one-dimensional, North, Roberts, Cuthbert and (to an extent) Davies all do the same thing. North was particularly abject.

    And THAT skill from Zebo… wow.

  2. Fun game for the neutral. Wales are the new France. Can play some great rugby when they want to, but can defeat themselves.

  3. Fantastic fight back from Wales, another 5-10 mins they’d have had it. O’Driscoll has def put his hand up for Lions Captain.

    And yeah, that footwork from Zebo. If he’d managed to cross the line, it’d be the front-runner for try of the year.

    1. Ireland never looked like losing it as a late penalty was all they really needed to kill the match off. ireland remember had two men in the bin in the last 20 mins and this had a big bearing really on the late wales rally . Ireland had the damage done in a dazzling first 40 mins. But wales are not a bad side at all and will have a big bearing on the title yet. If ireland can get past england then they could go all the way i feel.

      1. I don’t think the sin bins were the start of the welsh rally, the rally started before that which then lead to the sin bins. The welsh pressure was forcing Ireland to cheat to keep them out – that’s not a slur, if you are sin binned it is because you cheated. Ireland did then defend really well, Wales were poor to not get over against 13 men. Too much to do though after the rubbish first half defence and the excellent Irish attack.

  4. poor 1st half by the welsh (credit to ireland for putting them away) however wales are the true comeback kings, which made the game exciting, just watching scotland v england, that first try by the scotts shut the english up hahaha

    1. That’s the trouble with the English you can’t shut them up for long. I’d wait for the final whistle in future.

      1. To be fair Kyle made a bloomin stupid comment! I can imagine what you lot would have said if I’d made a comment like that when Zebo popped over for his try. I actually enjoy watching Wales play as when on form as in the second half they play some fantastic rugby. I just felt that comment needed a reply!

        1. Staggy, I think vespasian was agreeing with your comment – Kyle should have waited until the final whistle before starting gloating. I should have left the pub after Maitland scored and could have deluded myself that Scotland won.

  5. What If – If my aunt had a d**k she would be my uncle. Ireland defended heroically with 14 men for 20 mins.


  6. Argentina/ Samoa vintage in the first half, RWC vintage in the second half. Really needed Tipuric to be on earlier as breakdown went much better with him on.

    Ireland brilliant in attack, superb in defence. Amazing game.

  7. What a game of two halves, Ireland did fall asleep in 2nd half, but what about BOD as Lions Captain. He’s still the most magical player to grace a rugby pitch.

  8. You said “a game of two halves” Brilliant!
    Was it a bet? Do you have to down your drink in one?
    “You can not be serious – YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS!”
    Lets see which French team turns up tomorrow.


  9. Ireland were ruthlessly efficient in the first half although the Welsh continued to play sideways ball to static runners which provoked awful contributions from the likes of Davies and even Roberts. How Tipuric didn’t start was mind boggling, what a difference he made. Belter of a second half , the tempo and physicality unseen in a 6N opener for a long time

    1. Not been a fan of Tipuric really, but I have to say, he popped up everywhere in the second half. Warburton looks a shadow of the player he has been, but North and Cuthbert suddenly started realising that they can play rugby.

  10. Yeah – not sure what has really happened to Warburton. At his best he is the most dynamic open side going but it’s been too long now since we saw his world cup form. Lots of selection decisions for Howley and co for next week. By the way, Howley is getting an awful press at the moment but I can only assume he had a pivotal role in the half time changing room talk. Fair play for making the tactical and personnel changes to almost turn the game to what would have been the most extraordinary turnarounds for many a year.

    1. Very pleased with the ireland performance ,even the second half one. They attacked well and defended well as a top team like Wales were always going to get their game going. Funny thing is i actually think wales were almost as good as in previous encounters , but ireland got their team selection right this time,i.e. no o ‘ gara. or trimble. and all their top players really stepped up on this occasion. Going to have a real crack at england now .

  11. Ireland did put away wales mistakes (credit to them) but at one point i thought the comeback was on and only a classic team like wales from losing by 20 points and their team down to thew very bottom, would rise to play a better 2nd half and rip ireland to pieces but they gave themselves to much to do!

  12. Ireland did put away wales mistakes (credit to them) but at one point i thought the comeback was on and only a classic team like wales from losing by 20 points and their team down to thew very bottom, would rise to play a better 2nd half and rip ireland to pieces but they gave themselves to much to do!

  13. Howley is deservedly under pressure. The team that finished the game should have started it. At the match you don’t always notice the subs so we were mystified at about 50mins why we suddenly seemed to ave started playing rugby but then we saw the blue scrum cap and realised Tips was on.

    Ireland backs were magnificently direct and precise in the first half. BOD for Lions captain.

    Hard to read much from the second half – Ireland can be forgiven for taking foot off gas but Wales did play some good stuff – Ireland having to cheat to keep them out showed that. But our lack of confidence meant there was no attempt at guile, just smashing up the middle. Jamie Roberts was particularly bad yesterday. Zero skill.

    I can only hope that Howley starts with the right team next week. The quality is there but he needs to unleash it.

    1. In fairness Brighty, it’s for us to talk about mistakes in the starting 15 selections after the match has finished. I however do agree with you in that there were some strange decisions though. I said to my mate at kickoff that Tipuric needed to start the game in particular to negate O’Brien a little and in the general to give the Irish back row some defensive headaches. I wonder what people thought of Dan Biggar? It was always going to be a tough ask particularly given the lack of decent ball but his game management decisions baffled me. However, like a lot of the team he did improve greatly in the second half and I would still start him over Hook next week? Thoughts??

      1. I would stick with Biggar – he was ok and needs a run to see how he gets on. Dropping him now would achieve nothing but ruin his confidence.

        Hook in for Roberts. Walker in for Cuthbert. Back row of Ryan jones, Fale and Tips. Hibbard, James and Jones in the front row. Owen Williams at scrum half.

  14. I fear this Welsh Team as it is fast becoming the worst Welsh Team ever, not looking forward to playing France in Paris nor England in Cardiff, if Wales give either Team a 20 point lead they will rip us a part, they won’t step back, take the foot of the peddle and Wales may be looking at a 30 – 50 point slaughtering. Seems we are back in the 90’s once more with Wales playing catch up rugby and playing for 40 mins – when you lose 5 straight games at home you deserve a 2nd tier possibly 3rd Tier status

    1. “fast becoming the worst welsh team ever” – apparently this is the first time that any welsh team has lost 5 games in a row in Cardiff… therefore it could surely be argued that they in fact ARE the worst welsh team ever…

      having said this, if they get the selections right, and a few people start pulling their fingers out, then they could be back to be a decent welsh team. especially seeing as they are defending 6Ns champions, who got a grand slam! (this still amazes me based on how they are playing now…)

      i would start hook, but not for biggar. I would play hook at 12, bench roberts. its an extra dimension to the game, with the like of north, cuthbert and, as someone already said, davies just crashing it up, you need someone other than the 10 to play with the ball. Roberts has been pretty shoddy recently, and clearly he has been found out to be a one trick pony.

      not only will hook at 12 add an extra dimension to the attacking play, but he can help take some of the pressure off of biggar.

      tipuric has to start, warburton was useless in my eyes. he went in to plenty of rucks, and the old him would have got the turnover, but he was then cleared off by the irish. i think warburton is the human personification of welsh rugby at the moment (someone completely off the boil.)

    2. Well the facts might suggest that they are the worst Welsh team ever, but memory suggests that they would have to sink much further to equal (is that the right word in this sense?) the teams of the 90’s

      1. hence why i said “it could surely be argued”.

        keep in mind that 12 months ago this same welsh outfit won a grand slam… so even though they are not playing so well at the moment, i think things are just balancing out.

        the main thing about this welsh team that is very frustrating (and i say this as a rugby lover, not an englishman!) is that they have SO much potential, but they are just not fulfilling it at the moment.

        changes have to be made, and for me i would drop jenkins, rees, and probably roberts for hook. this backline lacks creativity, they are all just big lad trying to run over people, and they have been found out. time to get some creativity in there.

        1. Simo,

          I agree with your suggested changes. Would also hope that Eli Walker could come in for Cuthbert next weekend, also backrow should be Ryan Jones, Fale, Tipuric.

  15. Ireland were always going to turn up for that one. It’s a side with a lot of new players so they’re looking to establish themselves. To counter this, much will be made to hype up O’Driscoll’s role by the haters although he was magnificent. It was the performance that solidifies Ireland’s potential going into the future. Regardless of who was in charge for Wales and what endless excuses are made, very few teams in the world can do what Ireland did in that first half v Wales (a top side). It’s rare that you can say that the second have is impossible to gauge in terms of performance against Wales because it almost never happens that Wales are beaten by half time. Or were they? We will never know. Since delusional people across the water are incapable of accepting reality, I’ll say “Well done Ireland. Bravo!”

    1. Oops, typo in name. But also maximum respect to Wales. To come back from 30-3 down is still miraculous, regardless of the circumstances.

      1. What delusional people across the water? I’m welsh, so I assume I am across the water from you, so I have to say I can’t see anyone doing anything other than praising Ireland and slating Wales?

        You can’t however dismiss the fact that BOD was Ireland’s best player. It’s not hating Ireland to say so and to say they will find it hard to replace him but then what team could replace him? BOD is like Shane was for Wales, a once in a blue moon player that anyone would be lucky to have but when they are gone there won’t be the same quality replacing him.

        Saying Wales selection was wrong and their coaching was so obviously poor is not making excuses, it is a fact. Also I’m sure the Irish coaching setup are not as happy with their performance as you are. It finished with only eight points in it and Wales came really close to making it a 1 point last ten mins. That will have annoyed the Irish coaches given their dominance for the first fifty.

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