Rugby World Cup 2011 Predictions: Round 4

The predictions seem to be going quite well at the moment, and somehow I’m in the Top 20 on the SportGuru global leaderboard.

Here are my picks for the matches this week:

Italy v Russia: Italy by 13
Tonga v Japan: Tonga by 10
South Africa v Namibia: South Africa by 53
Australia v USA: Australia by 39

4 thoughts on “Rugby World Cup 2011 Predictions: Round 4

  1. Hi, will Italy score 4+ tries? what do you think? Is there possibility we (Italy) play Ireland with same points?
    BTW: great blog!

    1. I saw the look in Parisse’s eyes as he went over for the first try against Russia. “This was too easy. Ireland will steamroll these guys” – seems to be the look – and they will. Italy looked great and flowing, but that Russia team is a joke – really. It already demeans Ireland that they were in with a shout against the US. That’s how bad Ireland’s performance was against the them. Russia have been beaten heavily by the lowly likes of Newport Gwent Dragons, Gloucester rugby, and Argentina Jaguars. They were even beaten marginally by Portugal. I would fancy Japan to get a bonus point against them. Japan aren’t bad at full strength, and I’m not joking. If Ireland can’t get a bonus point against Russia, they should take up ballet. Ireland’s bonus point against Russia would nullify Italy’s adding yet more pressure to them for the final game.Italy just got shafted by piss poor IRB planning, same as Samoa. The rugby world cup is a joke in their hands. There’s too much backwater. A Welsh guy co-manages Russia so that could help you, that and the fact that English and Welsh teams have been more than accommodating of Russia in preparation tests. So, I expect them to put up a fractional bit more fight against Ireland but I still see them being completely overwhelmed. I think Ireland are just getting into top gear. I still think the Ireland Italy game will be a cracker though. Italy are a quality side.

  2. Ha! I posted almost identical sportguru predictions (before coming on here that is). However, I’m nowhere near top 40 so hope that doesn’t put the kiss of death on yours.

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