Super Rugby Predictions 2013: the Final

Super Rugby logoAll those weeks of toiling, travelling the globe, playing the fastest brand of rugby in the world – it all comes down to this. Chiefs v Brumbies, winner takes all.

Spare a thought for the Bulls and the Crusaders, losing semi-finalists by the narrowest of margins, whose seasons were cruelly cut short by one week.

But that’s knockout rugby, and the final looks set to be a thriller. Can Jake White’s Brumbies pull off back-to-back upsets to lift the trophy? Only 11% on SuperBru expected them to beat the Bulls last week and the prediction stats this week are not dissimilar.

The one factor that is proving decisive in my thinking for this game is travel – the Brumbies have been to Jo’burg, back to Canberra and across to Hamilton all in the space of 10 days or so, and that has to have an impact.

Home advantage could have been enough anyway, but the Chiefs are clear favourites for me. Chiefs by 10.

The caveat to this is where you stand in your SuperBru pool. If you’re within touching distance of the leader, you need to pick the opposite of what they pick to stand a chance of winning – so perhaps you pick the Brumbies and hope for the upset.

But then what if they pick the Brumbies, knowing that you’ll be forced into doing that? Could you double-bluff and pick the Chiefs, and suddenly you’re the favourite to win? What if he expects your double-bluff? What if what if? Mind games.

Does this situation sound familiar in your pool? Let us know the situation and we’ll give some collective advice!

Good luck for the final!

4 thoughts on “Super Rugby Predictions 2013: the Final

  1. i am 1.83 behind the person in front and 1.66 from the person who is currently 2nd. I think they are going for the Chiefs, so the obvious thing to do woul dbe to go for the Brumbies…Just hoping that one of them does not also go for the Brumbies…iiiiishh

  2. I am in 2nd place on 126.75 and leader is on 130.08. Third person is on 114.00 and will probably go Brumbies, he did last week and got the yellow cap for his efforts! Can I still catch the leader and can the third person still take my 2nd place if he goes Brumbies and I go Chiefs or vice versa? Thanks – hectic decisions.

  3. I am 0.33 points behind the leader in our pool… 0.33?!?!?! And like 10 points ahead of the next person. He was cocky enough to tell me he chose chiefs by 8. 1 Hour left… What to call, what to call?!? … … …

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