The Aviva Premiership: a pre-season poem

The rugby is back from its summer long pause, though some players hardly have rested
With tours non-stop all over the world, huge amounts in this break were invested.
The cream of the crop, our heroic Lions, wrote their own everlasting story
But club matches are back, sit tight, get strapped, for our staple of guts and glory.

Can Tigers retain the league once again, or will Sarries pip them to the post?
Will Gloucester push on, will Worcester go down, will those in Newcastle boast?
Chiefs look strong, so do the Saints, Quins will be right near the top
But Bath, Wasps and Irish may struggle again, and Sale surely will flop.

Can Dylan lead Saints from his place as a sinner? Can Goode sting the Wasps in to action?
Deano v Deano at the foot of the league could well be this year’s main attraction.
Cockers is angry (but when is he not?) and a ball has yet to be kicked
Will the scrums hold up any better; will the game be that much more quick?

From Wales we welcome two different men, orange Gavin and gorgeous George;
Each a fine player, in their own different way, but how quickly will they learn to forge
The relationships needed to play in their teams, without acting as a distraction
George a real star, a king on the wing, Gavin a one man walking faction.

Is George Ford ready to lead a team every week? Is Kvesic what’s missing at Gloucester?
Can Matt Tait continue his end of year form? Will Lamb fit in down at Leicester?
Can Jackson replace the monstrous Billy? Can Sackey still do it for Quins?
And who from Sale is going to ensure that they get the requisite wins?

By Chris Francis (@mckrisp)