10 thoughts on “Video of the week: Epic Autumn Internationals montage

  1. I saw the Wales v South Africa game after a fair few beers, so didn’t appreciate it fully – that du Preez score was exceptional.

  2. Anyone notice that the pass for George North at ~4m is, by the same reasoning that people moaned about the aus try for, very forward?

    1. You’re absolutely right – the pass is made just in front of the line, but received further forward than that. They always say these decisions balance out, but the more one-eyed fans choose not to see it I guess.

      1. Take away both tries and it doesn’t change the result. Cracking game, never thought I’d see Adam Ashley-Cooper make such a bad mistake

        1. I get your point, but replace a 1st-minute Wales try with an Australia scrum on their 22 and the game would almost certainly have unfolded differently.

          1. Ah yeah I wasn’t saying they were not scored, I was more saying that it wouldn’t have materially affected the outcome of the game if Wayne Barnes. Had swung the other way and called them both as forward passes. I think the momentum rule makes sense and Warren is a bit gobby, but we knew that already

      2. Have you watched the video the Aussies made a decade or so back that explains the forward pass rule?
        If you haven’t, you probably should…because the pass to North was certainly legal by that explanation.

        1. Yep, as above, I think The rule makes sense, I was more saying that for all the fuss some people made about one try, there was no notice of the pass that started off the Welsh counter attack, and even if the momentum rule want in place, the end result would not have been different. Although maybe it would have been more in Australia’s favour, as, as Geat said above, they would have had an attacking scrum

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