7 thoughts on “Video of the week: Streaker gets smashed by security guard

  1. Unnecessarily brutal tackle for me. Not condoning the streaker but that could have done serious damage.

  2. You know what, i have read all your comments and for a fan it is amusing that a guy gets so drunk that he feels that he has the right to invade a pitch naked. First off i have seen many a streak and have laughed along to them all however, i will not join the band wagon and condemn the security guard for this, who happens to be a trained rugby player. It was a good tackle and if the guy did not want to be tackled or thrown off then why did he do it in the first place? Sry but guy was right to take him hard and fast or he would of just kept on running around like a buffoon. It also sends a message out to all other fans that if you wanna strip then be prepared to take the hit. Funny as though.

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