Wales unveils new kit

It’s quite red…


What do you make of it?

8 thoughts on “Wales unveils new kit

  1. Makes them look as though they have abnormal Trapezoids due to ridiculous shoulder patches. Other than that not too bad.

    1. No doubt some marketing investigation has found that for those who buy replica shorts, they don’t feel the need to buy new ones each time a new kit comes out, as they all look roughly the same.

      I’ll bet that the next kit comes out with white shorts again!

      Looks like Toulouse to me.

  2. Isn’t Henson missing from the launch pictures?

    I don’t mind it, at least it’s red. Gutted though that I missed out on getting a limited edition WC one (which was more or less identical except no Admiral sponsor logo). The Admiral logo is an embarrassing thing to be wearing on ones chest. There is ONE thing England have over Wales right now and that is that the O2 logo looks much better and is less naff.

    The shoulder area reminds me of the monster from The Keep –

  3. The England kit was white, the Wales kit is red, at the next exciting kit launch we’ll be shown Irelands exciting green and left in suspense as to what colour New Zealand might choose.

    I really can’t bring myself to care.

    1. You cared enough to write!

      BTW – Why is Leigh Halfpenny standing further away than the other players?!



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